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Patrick – Mahomus believes that the new contract will be completed on timeThe big contract of Patrick Mahomes has not arrived yet, but he is not urgent because there is still two years left in the rookie contract.

It is reported that the team’s head coach Pitt-Carroll hopes that Kelps would tell the attack offensive group to adjust their competition, and Ballwin immediately pushed Kemer, because he hoped to Swan Wils Wilson ( Russell Wilson is the only voice of the offensive group.

Bauer was interviewed: “I lost my patience, this 100% is my fault, I was dissatisfied with the team’s performance. But not for the trainer, we have reasonable tactics. Execute a password, but we have not done. “

Cleveland Brown will take this running guard to the Houston Texas. Texas will take the fourth round of 2020 as a trading chip, and if Johnson has 10 games to enter the list, then this chip can become the third round of draft.

Now Johnson has joined the eighth of the eighth in the last season. Only 3 teams of the team are more than the people in Texas. On the other hand, this transaction makes Brown to have 10 draft privileges in 2020.

As for other key draft related activities: January 18th is the deadline for the draft of the draft in advance. The list of players who agreed to participate in the draft will be sent to each team on January 22.

Mahms said: “I certainly want to stay in the chief long, I hope to have a contract that makes me playing with myself. I understand and believe in the Chief Club, I believe all staff, I believe they will handle this.”

The Alliance announced in 2016 to hold on April 28th to 30th. The chartered site of the draft next year has not been determined. This year, this year’s draft is held in Chicago from April 30 to May 2. This is the first draft of Chicago since 1964, in 1965-2014, the draft has been held in New York.

The transaction completed the end of Johnson’s controversial day in Brown. He is in a deadlocity in the relationship between the break and Brown management (and the first four-point Bakefield). Despite the training camp, Johnson has been asked to trade after Brown Kareem Hunt.

Last season Johnson only walked 40 times, this is his career minimum data. He gradually decreased in Brown more emphasis on Carlos Hyde and Wholesale Jerseys Xiu Nick, Nick Chubb. Johnson took care of his career in the 2017 season, he pushed more than 1000 yards to achieve 7 times.

If the Briscation wall, unless McCan can vain the team’s bad offensive group in the game, the saints will start with three losers. In summary, this is a nightmare for the Saints who look forward to the rebound in Guonnan District.

Beville has a lot of flash points in the Sea Eagle, but there is also a long-awaited hidden danger. He helped the Hawks to win the 48th Super Bowl champion, helped the four-point Wilson Wilson and the growth of multiple offensive players.

However, although the Hawks and big hand puts the replenishment of the offensive front lines. Especially in the 2017 season, the offensive group often can only rely on Wilson. Wilson became the only player who made the team’s total passed number and at least 30% of the scorpion code. In addition, Baiville has been criticized by players who have not allowed Percy Harvin and Jimmy Graham to integrate into the team attack through the high-selection of deduction.

Quartz Weiberies self-confidenceThe New Orleans Saints have been silent for the status of Drew Brees, but this star four-dimensional guards believe that they will not ablate the National Liannan District of the Black Panther’s Black Panther.

Bris Confirmed that he would decide whether to play against the Black Leopard. This decision may have to do it on the morning of the game. If Bris is unable to play, the Luke McCown will be the first time for the first time since the two seasons.

“I really want to go to the field, but I have to check it every day. I have to treat my own injury, so this is what I am doing,” Bris Wean said to reporters, he followed himself “very confident” to play competition.

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