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In the season, they will face the Aaron Rodgers and the most excellent offensive group of the Union, which is a difficult first step for the young defensive group of the Americas. Yes, Rogers played last season than ever, but now the packaging work welcomes Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, finally restores health and Eddie Lacy. Reproduction.

McCoo said: “I am a sea stolen fan, know it until we meet, I will always support the pirate. I even hoped that they regularly, and lost to us in the playoffs. & Hellip; & hellip; Lavonte David is one of my best friends. I believe that he is worth a TV. People are too underestimated. I am looking forward to getting more exposure, I believe Tom Brady (Tom Brady) It is what they need. I hope that they will try to achieve everything, but the super bowl is returned to us. “

The steel man has just signed a long-winning Greg Warren in the past. Warren has arrived at 35 years old, while Janadi is 23 years old. Even if Ja Nadi is currently useless, it is also good when it makes the future.

The eagle currently recorded 6-7, theoretically there is published a blog post hope of entering the playoffs, but losing Wenz will definitely be a major loss. If the Wenz is really lack, the four-point 卫 卫 卫 (Nick foles) will have a burden. The Falls appeared in the first two games in the season, the pass rate of the pass rate was 65%, reached once, and was copied once, and the team recorded 1-1.

Fitz Patrick is the first round of high-ranking experts who are optimistic about this year. He is generally smiling in Alabama, but it is capable of competing all the positions of the second line. He said that in the team of our own interview, he has only hope that he is angry, and he has hope that he is safe.

According to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, Wenz is expected to participate in this week’s match for rated rams. La Portport also added that the current eagle is still collecting more injuries, Wenz’s season may come here.

Steel people add new elderly players and abandoned handsOn Tuesday, the steel man announced that the long-player card Melon – Kameron Canaday and abandoned the player A.j. Mr. J. Hughes checked in a big list. Last summer, Jadi won a place in the Red Tit, but it was then drained due to the poor performance of the regular season.

This happens to be any corner guard, whether it is a rookie or others, and the mentality of every week. Maybe Rogers will test Ramsea in the early days of the game. Maybe he even specifically for Ramse. Rams can only worry about this attack and defense in front of them, otherwise he will be defeated.

In the nine years of piracy, in addition to the Thursday night, McCoo only played four golden time competitions, because of the injury, the remaining four areas. This aspect is very attractive. Since 2006, NBC has won the power of Sunday, the NFL has started to hold on Thursday night, and the cowboy is the only team that can play five golden trends every year.

Last week, 49 people were fresh in the pass attack in the game. Some people are attributed to Davis’s lack. There is no doubt that if Davis and McDonald can be hurt, it will provide more choices for 49 people’s offensive. Davis is considered to be one of the best near-ends in the league, but many people still think he is underestimated. When he passed the attack, he crouched with Colin Kaepernick, which is the target of the offensive group worth relying on. His speed and open capacity are both teams currently. This week’s pair of eagles, the team is looking forward to Davis to help the offensive group to take the score.

The Winz monted season has been troubled by the back injury, and now it seems to be an old injury. The head coach Doug Pederson said that the back soreness did not appear when the Wenz Weidian downtime did not appear.

Eagle 4 points Wei Wantz is expected to play this week On December 13, the US Time was trained in Wednesday, and the Eagle 4-point Guardon-Wenz (Carson Wentz did not participate in training due to the back injury, and he can continue playing with a shadow of this season.

49 people’s two close-end Davis and Vans McDonald were currently listed as “doubt” by the team. In the previous interview, McDonald reveals that they will play, but Davis’s current situation is not so optimistic. NS. He only participated in very little basic training this week, and he also told the team to feel pain when running. For the weekend competition, Davis said: “I am uncertain. I want to play every game and want to work. But now I am really uncertain, but I am looking forward to a wonderful game.”

“I hope that this weekend has successfully demonstrated my lower extremity. This is what the corner needs. I also hope that the ball merchants and hugs needed by the safety guards can be reflected at the same time.” Fitz Patrick said, “I hope I am Not only can you make a second-line defensive all position, but also to play high quality performance. “

Fitz Patrick has taken time to take a time and the patrick peterson in PATRick Peterson. He recalled: “I have been waiting for three days in Arizona, trying to learn his experience. I asked Peterson’s basketball problem, training with him, see why he passed every day. It is very happy with him. I showed me a daily arrangement. I was working with him for two hours, and then trained. When I was fit, I urged me, my feet would study abroad. I can feel that I am getting better, I have got in these days. More. I will use what I have learned. “

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