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Raiders coach Gruden: There must be a better coaching performanceIs about to usher in the return of coach post third season, Joan – Gruden (Jon Gruden) no longer know if the Raiders performance improvement, the team he might be a little patient.

Carson Palmer said: “His style is like Galley, the speed is very fast when there is a vacancy, and the body is very strong, it is difficult to hold him down. He is born to pick up The ball capacity, and it has been progressing. His ball is very good, very understanding our concept, can control your body very well. “

At present, David Johnson has become a team of score in the team. He is also the first in the history of Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China to complete the squad of the ball in the first two games in front of his career, the ball is reaches and the ball is going back to the player. This week’s confrontation will be a point of view with Galley.

This is the father of Manning, Achi-Manning. He said that the media said the Miami Dolphin Damo-Gas Gase (in 2013 to 2014 at Denver Wild Horse, the Coordinator) in the Dolphin Standard, Ryan Tannehill, due to knee injury season After the reimbursement, Pedon was contacted.

Palmer: David – Johnson is like GalliSt. Louis ram defeats Arizona Relley in the 4th week of the wonderful performance of Todd Gurley. This week, the two teams met again, and the rickets lost Chris Johnson in the backfield, but the team was full of confidence in David Johnson.

Beijing time on Tuesday, November 6, 9:20 early, the ninth week of regular season welcomes the dowel of Tenna Xitan and Dallas. The two teams currently have 3 wins and 4 losses, and they have spent the wheel last week. In terms of historical records, the two teams played in the 2014 season last time, at that time, the denim was defeated. This season, the two teams are currently the second place in each self-partition, fighting the quota of the playoffs.

Gronoski will be absent from the patriotTom Brady is not the only new England Patriot star that cannot be played at Arizona Tsem. Rob Gronkowski will be the same absence this Sunday Night Race. In addition, Jonathan Cooper, Jonathan Cooper, and Nate Solder, are also unable to appear.

The new season will be the Raiders moved to Las Vegas in the first year, so expect to be Gruden team made a good start. Gruden knows the Raiders need to improve the efficiency of offensive red zone. Raiders last season, advancing an average of 5.88 yards per possession, ranking eighth in the league, but scored only ranked twenty-fourth league. They offensive touchdowns in the red zone in the ratio was 52.8%, ranking second in the league XII.

The red ramp old will ridicule quiz question: let Warner comeKurt Warner has retired for 5 years, but when Arizona’s Red Tit appears four-point guard, people still couldn’t help but remember the four-point guard of the name of the famous Hall. Even if it is just out of ridicule, it is difficult to cover Warner’s position in the heart of the squad. Red scitch defensive end Darnell – Darnell Dockett shouted in Warner this week, ridiculed Hua, who can return to the four-point guards who serve as the team.

Since Joining the Alliance in 2010, Gronoski squatted 5555 yards, won 65 battles, and the two data ran together with other players. His 66 reached the players who won the most of the number of more than the total number of alliances. The 27-year-old Gronoski career is absent from 15 games.

“Keep healthy, some of the rookies and second-year players will come to the fore to help us,” Gruden said Thursday. “We have to let the defense group opponents mistakes to hand over the ball, we have to reduce the foul, we have to ensure a touchdown at the time of the attack to the opponent before the end zone. This is what I’ve been talking about things.”

Warner responded to Dukot’s petition on the twitter: “You are simply to be a life, don’t make a joke!” If I think I have the ability, I will not help! “Just kidding, red tick I really need to consider their quadrant. Although it has been determined to rank among the playoffs, the competition is not over, and their opponents next week is Seattle Hawks.

Gates did make a good attempt. When Tannesell injured, the dolphins were 8 wins and 5 losses, and they were competing for the United States. Matt Moore is a competitive substitute. He led the dolphin since 2008, I entered the playoffs since 2008.

The sauce is not alone in the season, and the first four-point Wei Kakans-Palmer is reimbursed in the left knee injury season. This week’s Thursday night, the No. 2 quadranton was injured again. The team had to temporarily use Ryan Lindley to act as a quarter-saving. There is a message shows that Stanon will take at least 1 week.

Achi Manning also took out the SMS to support himself. “It is Gous to contact,” Achi Manning said. He said, & lsquo;, 18, Tannesell injured, & rsquo; he said, & lsquo; I think he will absent a while. I got the first question in the morning press conference will be I will Bring you to Miami. Do you want me to answer them? & Rsquo;

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