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Bill is currently 7 wins and 8 negative ports, the third place in Mandarund, and there are many players in the team present their own opinions, of which the team’s number one runs David Shanen McKean McCoy said: ” The discipline of the season team has become a big problem. The players are late, do not know the responsibility allocation on their own field, McCoo said that he does not want any severe coach to replace the Rilan. “

Former Arkansa University coach Bilesma served as a patriot coach consultantBeijing July 25th, Bill Belichick added a new position for the coaching group this year and hired one of the most famous coaches of university rugby to serve as a new job.

Dolphin coach Adam-Gez (Adam Gase) said that the Matt Moore will temporarily become the primary candidate, which is the same as the first time Tam Hill last season. But Gain said that it would not be sure that Tamnel will ablate how long it is, and the dolphins are still hesitating. Don’t sign another quarter.

Metenberg talks about Beckham’s ball: This is not his limitThe shocking ball cheap jerseys from china Odell Beckham has been two weeks, but there are still many people still talk about his performance. As a four-point guardian in the University of Beckham, Tennesi Titan Siguzu-Mettenberger also has its own views.

Jay Cutler has retired, and the transaction of BROCK OSWEILER is not likely, signing Colin Kaepernick seems to be effective. . But last year’s Moore’s performance is still, the dolphins are still hoped to be hoped in him.

Darer Rewick will absent the patriot ring ceremonyIt is reported that the US time, Darele Revis, has more important things that need to be dealt with, and this day is a new England’s champion ring award ceremony.

Texas people coach: I believe that my transaction decision has effectivelyAt the Houston Texas Coals, a series of transactions made a series of transactions in the season and the mid-season before the season, the goal allows the team to win the super bowl of champion. They did not achieve their goals, but O’Brien believed that their transaction decisions have achieved results.

Rewick now returns to the New York jet, will not participate in this ceremony, this professional bowl level of corner guards, the previous speech may also lead to his inconvenience, when his mother will receive a ring for him.

Metenberg said: “He has completed more exciting balls. Not light is him, and it is effective to Miami Dolphin Jarvis Landry. In the past three years, their performance makes me unimaginable I will definitely continue to let everyone surprised. “We can’t prove it for Metenberg’s speech. But I believe that everyone will agree with him, Baker Him and Randre will continue to continue their talents and convert them to a more exciting manifestation.

“There is currently these things to be contained. We will talk to many people,” Gates said, “there is no clear schedule. Now Matt is our quarter-saving. I have to determine how Len is in the case, then I can do it. Further planning. “

On the other hand, Mettenberg has been attributed to the daily training of Beckham: “I believe me, if you go to Louisiana, you can know why they can be so good. I said It is true, you can find the answer there. “

Due to the “venting door” incident, Rewick’s words played the role of promoting the flock, he said that the patriots’ logistics groups have been the traditional tradition, resulting in the contradiction between the two sides. Rewick returned to the jet in the 2015 release season with a free player and completed a 5-year contract.

O’Brien traded, Jade, Jade, Clowney, got the third round of draft, line Wei Ya, Martin (Jacob Martin) (Get 3.5 擒) and Bakwewu Barkevious Mingo. Ming Ge blocked an opponent’s abandonment kick in the play play. Then Texas people use this exchange for the right to deal to get angle Gare, Gareon Conley. He first issued a 6 game for Texas.

“I think we have made any decisions, we have worked hard. Now, you may think that some decisions are not long-term considerations from the perspective of contract, but in the team, in the conference room, we have more It is a long-term consideration of the team in the future. I think all of these people come to the team and contribute. “

Texas has been exchanged to Duke Johnson, and he has promoted 820 yards in this season and achieved 5 times. In addition, O’Brien has exchanged the Carlos Hyde with a conditional fourth-round draft. He became the team’s number one running guard, and the rush was broken.

However, these transactions in O’Brien have made Dezhou people currently only 5 draft rights, although they may also obtain compensation draft. If you want to rely on such a choice of videos to rely on the defensive group to make Texas people’s management faces arduous challenges.

“I think these decisions have played the effect,” O’Brien said. “These people come to the team, I don’t especially mention the names of each of them, but I do to believe that they come to the team, really integrate into the culture we have worked hard, they learn the offensive and defense system, try to appear, and performance. I Verify that each of them has the hope that they can have different attacks, but I think these people have contributed to our victory this season. “

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