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Both the two teams are the country’s seed team. Since this is the first time with the first time, the first time in the rapids since 2009, but in the face of the challenge of the previous championship, the quarter of the red ramp The weather has to enable the third fourth part of Wei Ruien, Ryan Lindley. The first confrontation of the two teams this season, eventually won the Hawks 19 to 3, and the Hawble currently won the battlefield, the relative red tones are currently 7 wins and 0, while the Haiying is only 4 Win 3 negative. Since the invigilation of the national west name, please look forward to.

“This will be great. Obviously you can have a contract in hand and you are always good for this,” Casteo said. “I have confidence. Basically, I just do a good job in the task on the court and then everything will go to the streak. This is my current mentality. As you said, I will be 30. I will not feel panic before getting the second contract. , & Lsquo; I have to make sure that I have a good way to play, what is it? & Rsquo; I will play like I have been playing like I have been going. This is my view of the renewal. “

Pony Zuo Square Castelet: I hope to renew with the teamBeijing July 23, Indiana Polis Pony renewed with multiple players this year, and General Manager Chris Ballard has talked about the freedom of other future before the start of the 2019 season. Players have the possibility of renewal.

Ok, this can’t be missed game is hard to let you look at, but we determine this is an important game in the nantern district. The two teams in the season have a good expectation. The first game of the season defeated Saints at the overtime game 37-134, and the Saint of the game at home game, the main record is only 3 wins burden.

This is a defense war of a foreign card. The chief needs this victory to ensure that the hope of the playoffs still exists. The steel man is currently 5 wins at 3 wins at home, and the average record of the chief is 3 wins and 4 losses.

If the season ends in the 16th week, the crow will be ranked third. If the crow wants to get a chance to get an outer card, in addition to this game, they need to ensure that the 2 games behind will win, and if the Texas can pass this time, then the next 2 games will win. Also look at your luck.

Rams signed former Eagles has no intention care front MathisAfter being laid off last month, the Philadelphia Eagles, Ivan care front – Mathis (Evan Mathis) still no one is interested, he will not look to play for the St. Louis Rams this season.

In September last year, before the Washington team was exchanged on the management and the coach, the team opened a contract with $ 13 million average salary, which was unable to match his value. If Shelf enters the free player market next year, he may get a bigger contract.

If this is their plan, then of course there will be a younger Rams offensive line. Left guard Roger front – Safford (Rodger Saffold) will enter its sixth season, but left tackle Greg – Robinson (Greg Robinson) was about to enter his second season in the last two seasons in total after 10 games played, Barrett – Jones (Barrett Jones) is about the first time as the starting center. After the selection of the four offensive line players in the draft, the Rams could make as a rookie starting right guard and right tackle front.

Although the 28-year-old Sheriff showed loyalty and love for Washington, it was eventually the team still depends on whether the team is willing to give him a suitable contract. If the team is reluctant to make a big contract for Shelff, there is always a team is willing.

One of the players who may get this treatment are the left-off Castonzo, Anthony Castonzo. He is currently coming to the last year of the contract, and this career has been in the past 8 years of starting players hope to continue to be effective for pony.

The Castelet Zozuo was absent from the five games at the beginning of the season, but he performed excellent in the return of the return, helping the pony from winning 9 wins in the next 11 games. He said that this year’s break has changed his training mode to avoid injuries, and he may now play your best performance.

“I am happy to play a year,” Sheriff said. “I said that my ultimate goal is to play the whole career as a Washington team player. I have reached this goal for a year. I am excited about the new season.”

This front line in order to act in harmony might have to spend a little time, this may affect the team since the 2006 season, the opportunity to enter the league’s top 20 in scoring for the first time, but this does not make them worry that the introduction of Mathis .

Before the beginning of this season, in addition to being busy preparing for the new season, he is still preparing a special work & mdash; & mdash; his personal first poem. Lockete explains how many challenges, temptations, and rewards in life through their unique perspective of professional athletes. From reminding young people to pursue their dreams, go to the pleading friend not to end their lives, Rockte’s poems encourage readers to be optimistic even if they face impossible difficulties. As a devout Christian, there is no religious color in the book, Wholesale Jerseys and Rockte also tells his own experience and keeps the sinister before marriage.

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