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Spil said: “The management tells me that they will trade McCay, and express my gratitude to me. For the team, I also have the same emotions, will not change due to anything. I will change the future plan. The only thing that can be determined is that I will not stay in Bill. “

The ram 2020 season will limit or not allow the audience to presentLos Angeles Rascar is about to usher in the first season in the new home, Sofi Stadium. However, due to new championships, the Stan Korenke’s 5.5 billion US dollars can restrict the number of viewers.

“Ultimately, it’s not that I can control,” Wentz said. “This is not (decided) by me. I know what I can do. I know I can do better. I never doubted myself, did not lose confidence in their own ability, but a lot of things out of my control within range . “

There is talk that the Hawks in the second round of this year’s draft pick Herz let Wentz lost confidence. Despite last year with the Eagles signed a $ 128 million contract extension, Wentz’s performance this season like a lack of confidence in the players.

The Hertz after playing in the first wave of attack will enhance the performance of the offensive group, but eventually end this wave of offensive fouls. And he completed touchdown pass in the second wave of attack. Followed by the Eagles and punt return touchdowns pulled 7 points. But the Packers made the final touchdown again opened the score difference steals the ball and finished the end of the game suspense. Herz’s performance is clearly Hawks offensive team back to life.

The fifth year of Mario Tag will give him a salary of $ 20.9 million. Titan may let him fulfill this year, then in the next two seasons, if desired, they can use privileged players to ensure that he leaves the team. First, Mario Tag must prove that he can maintain health and grow into a outstanding quarter-off.

“Obviously, from a healthy point of view, in the end of the season, some of the events I hope to have different results, but our participation is in this,” he said. “I think we will find a way to get healthier when we spend a day, but I will not change my training.”

Pedersen Wentz replaced in the third quarter 7 minutes 39 seconds, which is completed in 1 5 kick wave attack led conducted only goal. During this period, Wentz 16 passes six times successfully obtained 79 yards, passing success rate is only 40%, with an average 5.3 yards every pass forward, captured and killed four times.

Given Wentz in the next year will account for nearly $ 35 million in cap space, the Eagles may face a difficult situation. And because coach Pedersen’s job is not secure and the Eagles in the overall worst in the National League East behind the position, the Eagles are likely to make any decisions for the quarterback position.

Compared with its predecessors, Wentz’s performance has been a huge landslide, which is to be attributed to a serious knee injury in 2017 and later a back injury, the team also blamed lack of offensive weapons and offensive line performed poorly. Poor performance of the season Wentz staggering. His passing the lack of stability, bad decision-making ability, leading to 15 passes were steals, is the largest alliance. In addition, he very often in passing the ball too long before being led to sack rival. This season Wentz has been captured and killed 50, also ranked first in the league.

The outside world is guessing the future of this quartz. At the age of 25, he never diligently in the 4 seasons in his career. Mario Tag reiterated its own man’s post, that is, in this year, he is more concerned about his health more than a new contract.

“No, I’m not worried and indecisive man,” Wentz said after the game. “I think ultimately, I can do better. As a team, but in particular as an offensive group, we can show purchases. Always different things will happen in the team, there are a variety of rumors. This is the line . this is part of the reason I joined this line look at the outside world, challenges, adversity, these are all I have to deal with all & mdash;.. & mdash; whether it is good, bad or ugly. “

Eagles quarterback Wentz insists not to lose confidence in the coach candidates not yet been determined startingIn the game against the Green Bay Packers in the third quarter, already 17 points behind the Philadelphia Eagles. Coach Doug – Pedersen (Doug Pederson) choose to let rookie quarterback Jay – Hertz (Jalen Hurts) playing, I hope he can “inspire” the team performance.

Hoyell’s broker told reporters: “Even if someone has a $ 5 million, 6 million replacement contracts, Hoyel will still go back to New England to play. Because they will give him a chance to compete, this is what he wants need.”

According to Cheap Nfl jerseys From china‘s famous reporters, Ian Rapople reported on Saturday, Manzell was punished by the team because I went to the medical center to receive recovery treatment, but the specific fines did not know .

C.J. Spiel: I can’t stay in Bill.Eravo C. J. Buffalo, C. J. Spiller, is almost certainly ended. With the agreement of Bill and Philadelphia Eagle, Schpel is no longer available in the team in the trading of Kiko Alonso and Lesean McCoy.

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