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Rod Wood, president of the lion, has confirmed that the team will compete for the 822-year-old selection right. Their competitors include Minnesota, Atlanta, Miami and Los Angeles. The Ford Stadium has been hosted a super bowl, and this cold area has no new gymnasium will greatly weaken competitiveness, and the Detroit hopes.

Jackson has accumulated a lot of code, and he was amazingly 59 times, but only 31 times successful, acquired 365 yards. In addition, he also completed 20 shots to get 143 yards. However, he has proposed a total of 508 yards to eventually enveloped by his mistakes. Jackson’s 2 passes were copied after entering score, and his falling ball leads to Titan to get a great offensive position and finally reach the game, ending the suspense. In addition, Jackson also attacked twice a four-speed 1 yard to attack, and Titan used these two chance to complete score.

“I feel that this team has played the best performance that can be played this year,” the crow coach John Hubble (John Harbaugh). “From our current lineup, I think we played a full performance in the season and played the best performance that can be played. We did not show this today. This is disappointing.”

Wenston received an interview: “I am here to win the game, this is not the confrontation between me and Mario, because for me, I plan to win the super bowl next year, so people discuss me How to exceed PEYTON Manning, how to exceed Braddy, I hope to discuss this. “

In terms of challenge competition, the prospects are optimistic. Although Detroit is not like a vast outdoor space as the previous two holders Chicago and Philadelphia. However, Wood said he believes that the Fox Theater and the Ford Stadium will have a good chemical reaction.

Then, the host asked if he had been tired of the four-point guard name before himself, Winston said: “Yes, I know that I need to wait, but I am ready. I am stronger every year. When I completed the performance, it should be the name of my name. The quarter of the names you mentioned, they have won too much things here, I know there are still a lot of places I need to progress. “

Titan got up, let the crow have been drinking. Run Guardrick Henry completed 30 shocks to get 195 yards and 1 passed forward. The four points Wei Lan – Ryan Tannehill only passed 14 times, but it obtained 2 times. The Titan defensive group blocked Jackson once again.

Cape Nick’s protest is to express the complaints of the government and the country still can’t respect the colored people. In the preseason, Kareni chose to be squatting rather than sitting, he tried to express this The tribute to the soldiers.

The Vakaro this season is stable, according to the professional football focuses on the network score, he is the team’s number one security guard, ranked 19th in the alliance. Saints selected his fifth year contract option in April last year, and his contract will expire after the next season.

cheap Nfl Jerseys official website reporter Ian RapoPort reported that the NGNY Vaccaro was referred to as a violation of alliance banned drugs (& mdash; especially Utrade) Prescription drugs for the lack of agony diseases in the treatment of attention) & mdash; & mdash; face 4 games that were banned.

On the other hand, Texas Honor Brian Gaine adheres to the principle of “not talking about contracts in the season”, and Crawni wants to see regardless of the future. But Texas will not let go of him easily, team label contracts are also possible choices.

Texas people are getting free time or delayedLast week, Texas was signing a $ 50 million contract with Benardrick McKinney. In terms of constitution, the next one will go to the line to maridvone – Jadene Clowney. But things are willing to violate, according to Houston Media Reporter John McRan McClain, Claien’s renewal time may still be delayed.

Protestant singing national anthem After the card, the sales volume of the Kynik jersey rose San Francisco 49 people’s four-dimensional Kaikan-Kapen Kaepernick protested that the national anthem was not popular, but his jersey gradually selled.

Claien is a 2014-shaped Yuan Xiu, which will receive $ 12.3 million (the fifth year contract option). His health is always a problem. Last year, he was the first regular season full of full-time, but after receiving arthroscopic surgery in January, he spend the knee in the restoration of his knees.

The crow’s conversation is the first time the number one seed is 6 seeds in the first time since the New England Patriot in the 2010 season. This is also the first in the first playoffs since the New York Giants, since the New York Giants, have been eliminated in the first playoffs.

This is not the first time, the last time Jackson is eliminated in the playoffs. In fact, since the 1999 season, no players who have obtained regular game MVP have won the championship of the season. Jackson’s continuous second playoffs failed to firmly rebounded in the future.

“We are losing to yourself,” 4 points to Malmar Jackson “said. “We committed it, okay, I have made a lot of mistakes. Three mistakes lost the ball, such things should not happen. They have excellent in the game, we started slowly. We have to do more next time. good.”

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