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Overview of the Division: The Southern Division finally became the Division of the South China team. Although the SC Tigers of the last year quit the league, Guangzhou Second Army protruded to the Southern Division for half a year. Goats and Apaches have not yet been recorded, and the seat is relatively difficult. The two teams in Hong Kong obviously be more advantageous in this competition. The reason is that the Hong Kong team and the Guangzhou team competition will win more, and there is no big name in this competition. But we still want to say that there is a lot of possibilities in this competition, and the performance of other competition teams and the scene of the game will be critical.

Vuitton stayed in 11 seasons in the cowboy. He was selected to be a professional bowl of Tony Romo, but he did not have the opportunity to approach the super bowl, and his teammaster Demarcus Ware is about to complete our own Federation this week.

Bennet ushered in the 2016 season. With the new England Patriots, Tom Brady and the near-end Edge Robsky have greatly improved his attack power. He completed 7 reachaes, and he also won the super bowl of championship. He signed a contract with the packaging in the 2017 season, but he was fired in the middle of the season. Bennet quickly contracted with the patriots, but only 2 games will enter the injury reserve list.

The coach of the United States Tiger is one of the most attractive opportunities. They have a small sign, a number of first-round draft, with patience boss, some young outstanding players, and a large amount of salary space.

Overview of the Division: The next year’s champion team Dockers was divided into the northern part of the North, which made a lot of pressure on the three teams, but we think that Dockers’ road is not obvious than last season, because the opponent is also the same player of. The MUSTANGS spent in the first half of the year, in addition to making a lot of hairdressing with the same city team Pandaman, most of the time is in the cultural livestock. Cyclones and Tridents have been touched to each other, holding a warm-up match in August, Cyclones took a big victory with the tacit understanding of the team. Although the Dockers road is not good, we still look at their high lines.

Wild Horse Safety Wei Justin – Simmoss: It will prove that you should get longSince the date before the deadline and the Denver wild horse, Justin Simmons can only get a one-year privilege label contract.

Simmons is a key member of the wild horses second-line defense. Although the wild horses have not renewed this year, it will be a major event that Simmons can be ahead of the team for a long time next year.

If Meer does not become the final choice for the Jaguji, or he decided to continue to retire, then the American tiger focused on the coach from the attack. The Jigi is expected to represent the intention of the Ryan Day that is about to lend Ohio State University. Wearing will lead the team in the University of Alabama in the NCAA National Championship.

“If the wild horse wants to sign the long, they have already signed with me,” Simmons said. “So the reality is to win the privilege label contract and then fight for a year. It is necessary to face the contract year. In the Wik’s defensive system, there are so many excellent players, I have a good ability to myself and myself. Confidence. In the future, we can only wait and see. This is a business decision for both parties. I will do anything most beneficial to my family. “

As the cheap nfl jerseys from china is unveiled at the home of the sea eagle, the CenturyLink Field starts, the fans of the big love American football finally hoped to come to the 2014-2015 season. For Chinese fans, China’s American Rugby League (hereinafter referred to as AFLC) competition is the upcoming the greatest gospel, this AFLC is divided into 3 divisions, 4 teams in each charter, absolutely City fans send visual meals. Close to 10 Yards, we will count the profile of each unit.

Due to the status of the United States of America No. 2, the patriot did not have a game until January 16. This made Braddy have been restored to ankle, Dolphin Defense Front team Ndamukong Suh’s fierce collision Leading his injury. His injured tremble is very bad for the team, but Braddy has brought more serious injuries. “I feel very sore,” said the Braddy. “But the injury will heal.”

56-year-old Malone led the Jaguchi to the United States championship in the 2017 season. The American Tiger believes that Malone is an outstanding coach that has tried to lead the young lineup to participate in the competition. After Dave Caldwell during the season, they still expressed their support for Malone. But before the seventeenth week, the American tiger had already eaten 14 games, so that the record of Malong band fell to 23 wins and 42 losses. They have locked this year’s championship.

Informed people said that the American tiger has expressed interest in the former Florida University and the Ohio State University Cohand – Meer (Urban Meyer). Meer has already developed a list of coaching teams and tells the circle, and the close-up close to the circle will expect to join the Jaguji.

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