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In a wild cat, James Robinson, James Robinson, but was hugged by Texas players. The ball was dropped from Robinson in his hand, was obtained by J. J. Watt. After the eight-speed attack, Will Fuller completed a 19-yard run.

Kyler Murray 37 times completed 27 times, promoted 380 yards, completed a mushroom to reach, and met. The flush offensive group promoted the 500 yards, washed a decline in the past. Kenyan Drake and the CHASE EDMONDS each complete a mushroom.

The league’s highest paid running back during the regular season, a total of 1831 yards propulsion get 21 touchdowns. But his few opportunities in the National League finals and the Super Bowl, only to complete the 14 red balls, and in the playoffs, he rushed the ball only 31 times times.

In the past three weeks, Matthew has been struggling with knees. He missed the game on November 19 against Los Angeles lightning, but in the past two games. Matthew also had a regular season because of the preseason of chest fracture. In October, there was an absence of a regular season due to thumb fractures.

Bill Run Wei Mai Cao Yi may absence the next gameBuffalo Biro Runwah McCoy or will absence the next week’s game against the New York giant. Subject to Karlos – Williams Williams is expected to get a first opportunity.

At the last two minutes left, DEREK Carr hosted his pre-rush to complete the 4-speed conversion, and then finished the game time. Carnam has completed 22 times, advanced 347 yards, reached 3 times, and copied it once. The new show, Henry Ruggs, completed 2 batches, promoted 118 yards, including a 72-yard run.

Texas people have been promoted by 486 yards, and the defensive group manufactured and obtained twice. These two times stopped the score of the United States, and the other will lay the foundation for the decision score.

Rams running back Anderson: Geer Li’s injury more serious than expectedBeijing February 21 hearing when the reality does not match the expected, people began to come up with various reasons to explain why. Los Angeles Rams running back Todd on during the playoffs – is one such case of Geer Li (Todd Gurley) of.

After resting for three weeks Geer Li dedication in the conference finals 16 times rushed the ball 115 yards 1 touchdown performance, but then the data has fallen sharply in the two games, which people might guess Geer Li knee You need more rest.

The Bill coach team believes that Williams will have the ability to take the team’s ground attack. In the past 3 weeks, he held 24 times, advancement 187 yards and harvested 3 times. At present, in Bill’s big list, there is only Anthony Dixon and Jerome Felton.

According to the doctor’s diagnosis, the McCao legs are injured, and the situation is not optimistic. NFL official website reporters also reported this news. At the beginning of this season, McCaki was plagued by leg injury, although he insisted on the first three weeks, Wholesale jerseys but his performance could not completely let the team satisfied.

Lawson is the first round show of Bill 2016, and he shredded his ankle in the game on Sunday, and was sent back to the locker room by the cart. This season, he was first sent, contributing 33 times, 4 times, 2 times, defending and once forcing the ball.

This year may belong to the patriot, or may belong to the ram. The smart mating is also a newcomer of the first. Even even the coach of the ram is also the “primary school students” in the coach. The 53rd super bowl, in various senses are new and old.

Kansas want to cry without tears, but they are likely not the biggest loser. On February 3, Beijing time, Los Angeles ram will face patriots in the 53rd super bowl; the two teams have been in the finals of the finals, bringing the first champion ring in Braddy.

The red tones will meet the strong enemy cowgie next Monday night, and they will hopes to keep today’s momentum. The jet will go to Miami to fight dolphins, and it is still not sure that Sam Darnold is still Joe Flacco.

5 super bowls were rare, but there is also a legendary anti-defeat line Charles – Heli in history. Let Braddy’s 5 super bowls look precious, the biggest reason is that he has the opportunity to compete for the sixth super bowl.

At the fourth quarter, there is 11:03, the cowboy has a mistake, Andy Dalton, did not get the ball, and the ball was taken by the giants in the first 17 yard lines of the denim. Shortly, the DEVONTA FREEMAN FREMAR 4 yards have achieved reachable, and the two points are also successful, and the giants 34-31 lead.

Barrett University, a total of 1211, 769 times, completed 769 times, the success rate of passing the ball reached 63.5%, and the 9434 yards were taken 104 times to more than 30 passes were copied. In addition, he also won the ball 656 times to get 3263 yards 43 times.

Geer Li knee this offseason will become a matter of concern. Rams must decide whether they continue to make him confess main tasks still need to punch the ball during which he has been to limit the number of red balls in the season. Rams to answer to this question will determine how they deal with running back position in the offseason.

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