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Tengo Valoa became the focus of all the best in the day. In the National Championship of the University of Georgia, he led the team to win the team with the identity of the four defense. Later, he defeated Jalen Hurts to get a first position, and he has achieved a total of 76 times in the last two seasons, and only 9 passes were copied. In the 2018 Hesman award selection, his ticket is ranked second.

“Mr. Elvi (John Elway, General Manager of Wild Hema), asked me to talk. We are very happy, do not do it, so I am very grateful to me. I am really shocked & hellip; & hellip; Of course, it is also very disappointed, no one wants this situation. I know that everyone is working hard, and Mr. Alvi is also the same. He just think this can help the wild horses. & Hellip; & hellip; for me, this is just Another chapter of life, new opportunity, overcoming the opportunity of trouble in life. “

Kynimham last year with the harmonious contract with wild horses for 2 years, the 2019 season will occupy a $ 21 million salary space. If the wild horse chooses to cut Kunnam, they can save $ 11 million salary space, and the other 10 million US dollars will change money.

2020 season unveiled scene prospects: Houston Texas VS Kansas City ChiefIn the epidemic, the 2020 season can still be surprised. As traditionally, the team who won the super bowl of champion last season will open the new season at home. The Chief of Kansas City will meet Houston Texas in front of 16,000 fans. Last season, two teams were over 2 times. The sixth week of the regular season. Texas people were in the last minute, and they were adventurized to harvest to harvest, and there were also seasonal partitioned finals in the case of 0-24. In the case of the next half, they complete the reversal. Will we see the chief to open the door to start the defending journey, or witness the Shame of Texas?

After receiving the buttock surgery, Tengomeloa met with the media to talk about his future, he said, whether it is for staying school or a reference to consider “risks and rewards”. At that time, he said that he would be expected to be “difficult to let go of the opportunity” in the top ten or the first fifteen position.

This is a huge bad news for steel people. On the same day, they lost the reality of winning the United States, the championship in the United States. Now they have to worry about whether they can continue to win in the case of the best running guards in the Alliance.

Teno Valoa is misplaced in the hips in the game of Femini Sicipi State University on November 16. He then immediately accepted the surgery and he had been rehabilitation. The team team did not express the ESPN to the mid-February to recover from mid-February until a certain time is not possible before Spring.

In Tenoloa injured and determined that the NFL TV reporter Ian Rapople interviewed 5 cheap nfl jerseys From China team executives. They said that they still expect Teng Ovaro. In the first round, it is selected in the first sixteen position.

Alabama University quartz 卫 阿 欧欧洛a announced to participate in the draftIt is considered to be a popular player Alabama University 4-purpose 4-purpose 卫 阿 欧 t阿 (Tua Tagovailo) will give up the four seasons and participate in the NFL draft.

NFL official website reporter Ian RapoPort reported that Bell will absence the season of season due to severe tear and other injuries in the inside of the knee and other injuries. Steelman announced on Monday that they have placed Bell in a list of injuries.

Patrick Mahomes, 2017, the election of the 11th, 2018 season MVP, the 2019 season led the chief to get the super bowl of champion and became a super bowl MVP. Deshaun Watson, 2017, the 12th selection of the 12th, two consecutive years led the Texas to win the partition champion and have ranked among the four-point guards. Both people gain a huge renewal contract in this year, and become the highest salary of NFL history. There is no doubt that the two young quadrants will be the most attractive focus of this scene. If the two people are excellent, then we may witness a wonderful fight.

Steelman Offensive Group This season is that it is likely to be one of the best in the alliance, but the injury and ban leader leads to the team unable to play. Now 4 wins and 4 losses they know that they can’t play all the season.

The steel man is very unfortunate that Bell is absent from an important competition. He is absent from the playoffs of the Baltima Crow last season, and is absent from two games in the season due to violation of alliance drug abuse regulations.

Bell’s total promotion code rankings in the last season The second, part of the reason is that he is an incredible ability to be a ball. Last season he was a team of teams in a team attack group of more than 5,000 yards, the second bid of the second game, and his performance is better this season. He has a hospice code before the game.

In the offset period, the chief is shocking to the 10-year huge renewal contract for Mahmems, and the Texas people have shocked through the heavy transactions and took away their stars. Didre – Howardre Hopkins. The main movement of the Hopkins, the German people in the external hand is to sign the old handle, Randall Cobb, and send the second round of draft pick-up transactions to get the external hand Brown Ding – Cook ( Brandin cooks. Hopkins has been a stable synonymous since entering the Alliance, giving him a total of 8602 yards in the 7 seasons for Texas people, with a 5-year number of ball numbers more than 1100 yards. Watson has only 7 gear offensive in his career and does not work with Hopkins. What is the play of an external connections led by Cux, Kubble and Will Fuller? How much influence is Dezhou people pass the attack? The first game in the season may give us an answer.

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