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Fine review: Carrim Hunter was fined $ 26,739 due to violationBeijing October 8th, the chief of the chief, Karem Hunt, was fined $ 26,739 because of the necessary rude movements. After completing a screen short passed on the chief, Hunter hide, and the head is directly hit by the mask of Justin Simmons. This is a violation to reduce the helmet action, although there is no penalty in the game, but the league coach is thinking that this is a leakage when he looks at the video, because Hunter deliberately puts the helmet position to cause contact.

49 people and offensive front line members and Liama continues about two yearsTuesday, San Francisco announced the completion of the contract with the offensive front line members, Garry Gilliam, renewed for two years.

“Understanding lineups are good for you know the advantages of different players, so you can take advantage of their strengths,” Kelly said. “Work hard to use their advantages and the different alienation advantages they may provide.”

US time is reported on Wednesday, according to Wholesale Nfl Jerseys NetWork reporters, pirates have been consistent with the details of the four-year contract with the first round of Xiutristan – Vilfs (Tristan Wirfs). Wilfs will officially sign up at the training camp, and the total contract salary is $ 16.23 million, which is the full guarantee, including the fifth year option.

Although most of the discussions on the cancellation of the season are also impact on the players, many other fields have also been affected. The referee cannot get training experience in the preseason. The coaches who undertake new tasks like Kelly don’t have the opportunity to exercise before regular season.

In the $ 8 million contract of Liam, the guarantee is close to $ 4 million. After 3 years of Haiying, he was signed with 49 people with free players last year. He participated in 8 games, first of which, then entered the injury reserve by knee injury.

Most people think that due to the unparation of the full training during the cancellation of the preseason, the performance of the players in the season will be dismissed. The same is possible like Kelly.

The steel man is not optimistic about the outside world as in the past, and a large part of the reason is that there are many of their victory from weak teams. “We didn’t expect our opponents directly to surrender when walking out of the player channel,” said Mike Tomlin. “We expect to face a malfight when you walk out of the player channel.”

Vilfs is seen as one of the two strongest two offensive cut offers, but in the election, the fourth selected player is the same. The giant is unexpected to select Andrew Thomas, and Brown has selected Jedrick Wills, Mkai Becton, which is Subsequent. go. Pirates traded a sign to ensure that you can choose Braddy’s protector.

“Obviously, the first time I was responsible for tactical command, although I heard it very basic, all do everything is the first time?” Kelly said in an interview. “So, can face these situations in actual combat, the first time in Kansas City, this will be the first time I am responsible for tactical command in regular season.”

Kelly was responsible for tactical command in the past season, so this year’s first regular season is not his first time to send a single time to the four-point guards Shaun Watson, but it is more than one from him. Year, and this time is in the regular season.

Texas people’s offensive coordinators Kelly will welcome the first battle in the season.In February this year, Houston Texas Coach Bill O’Brien (Bill O & # 39; Brien) announced that the attack coordinator Tim Kelly will take over tactical command.

However, if the steel man wants the 16-game perfect season, they will meet some hard bones. They will face the Baltimore Crow in Thanksgiving Wars. In the next schedule, they will also have three teams that are expected to come into the playoffs in the playoffs in the next schedule. The two of the Indiana Polis Pimers and Cleveland.

This is the first 10 games in the top 10 games in the history of the steel man, and the only team in the last 10 games in the top 10 games in the past. The steel man is the 18th team in the Times in the top 10 teams in the top 10 games in the season. In this 18th team, 10 teams eventually entered the super bowl in the season, and 6 teams won the championship.

“We have to get more scores,” Rosrisberg said. “I know the score, but we abandoned too many times, the performance is not good. From the perspective of offensive group, we are very happy to win the game, but we know that we have to behave better.”

Even if the steel man is not able to dedicate the most top performance, they ensure that each game has been victorious. In this competition, the steel man offensive group is in general, and the first pass of the previous four weeks has been copied.

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