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Haiying boss donates to Ebola virus disaster areaOne of Microsoft Franc, Seattle Hawks, Paul Allen, announced that he will donate $ 9 million to the Ebola virus disaster area to help local people and related organizations to fight viruses. These contributions will be determined by the Disease Control and Prevention Center.

It will be disclosed that these contributions will be used in the construction and upgrading of medical equipment in the disaster-striking area, and is used to cultivate staff. At August, Allen family served $ 2.8 million to the US Red Cross, used to upgrade equipment, training staff, and produce related education materials for the disaster-stricken areas such as Libya, Sierra Leone and Guinea. His Foundation has also established a pairing subsidies worth $ 100,000 to motivate those who are fighting against viruses.

Close-end Feng Jordan-Reed announced retirementTuesday, Washington Near Tighs, Jordan Reed announced its own decommissioned decision. The main reasons are not unexpected, and it is related to his career.

Ridders have played a seventy season for Washington, and last season is a member of 49 people. He has a total of 355 bolts, reached 28 times. In the health of health, Ridders can use the speed crimp in the opposition and use the body to make safety sanctification. His best manifestation comes from the 2015 season, the year, the year, completed 87 battles, pushed 952 yards, reached 11 times.

This Green Bay packaging is optimistic about the wholesale nfl jerseys official website to express our best for the Thursday night of the Chicago bear. Because the chest injury did not participate in the game, Cincinnati game was not participated in the game. UNUB has fully participated in the training on Wednesday and his name has not appeared in the injury report.

In Seattle, Allen was well known to everyone’s outstanding contribution to sports and cultural undertakings. But like his old friend Bill Gates (Bill Gates), Allen is also concerned, and has made many charity contributions to medical research and education.

“After each brain is hurt, I will feel better, no sequelae. If there is no symptom, I will definitely continue to play. But now I can accept it, because I know that I am thinking about my family and the child, it is In order to accompany them. “

Reed said to the ESPN reporter: “I am convinced that I will continue to play, but I feel good about my own situation. But I feel the sequelae, and I also seek professional physician help. They don’t support me to continue playing, I also agree “

“We will work hard to get the best and best contract.” Ron Minegar, Executive Vice President and Chief Operation, “We hope that the correct brand is added.” The amount of this contract Will n’t be too small.

Currently, the packageman offensive group is good for half. In the game, they could not effectively swear, and the four-point guards Alon Rogers were killed 6 times, but Jeronimo Alison (Geronimo allison) was born 6 times. 122 yards. External Hand Yidy Nelson completes 2 times. Kobe slowly returns to his original role will greatly help the package.

They were originally signed with Phoenix for 20 years and a contract of $ 7.7 million per year. I just entered the 11th year this year, but the parent company of Phoenix University & Mdash; & mdash; Apollo educational institution & mdash; & mdash; decision to terminate the contract due to the decrease or other reasons for the enrollment rate. Before finding the next sponsor, the gym will still use the Phoenix University Stadium.

This is a huge loss for steel people. Williams almost seamlessly fill the vacancy in Levian-Bell (Le & # 39; Veon Bell). This old will run a 907 yard 11 times in the season. In the 14th week of the game, Williams took the 76 yards 2 times to reach the 76 yards.

It will be difficult to replace Williams to the team’s contribution. Fitzgerald Toussain is considered to be the first, while Jordan Todman will serve as a replacement time. At the seventeenth week, Williams was injured and took 24 yards in Tu Sangte on his appearance. He only had 12 shots in his career before the 17th week.

Quarter – Roethlisberger This season has not broken the number of 300 yards in the season. In the case of Williams lack, if the steel man wants to further in the playoffs, he needs to cross this hurdle.

Kelly is currently the quarterback Nick – Falls (Nick Foles), 2015 in the fourth-round pick and a second-round pick in 2016 to the transaction St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam – Bradford Germany (Sam Bradford) and a fifth-round draft pick in 2015. This transaction allows us believe that Kelly no chance to get a higher draft pick to select Mali Horta, Horta is considered as Mali will be selected in the top ten.

This means that the steel man can not get help from their number one run from the third consecutive playoff: In 2014, Bell’s lack of knee injury in 2014, Bell’s lack of knee injury; in 2011 During the card season, Rarashard Mendenhall was lacking in knee injury.

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