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“The entire preparation process is very good, you can witness, and he can learn Cheap Jerseys From China him in the same meeting room,” Galopolo received an interview with Braddy. “In the rookie season, you can see these is worthless experience. I am very difficult to use language. What you have learned is the doorway in the game. This is a very important part of Tom’s experience. I don’t know if he is (directly I told me, but he has been talking about the door in the game. He talks about the password before the serve, he will say & lsquo; you will need to be in this offense to the second sound after the ball & rsquo; then he will give it out A clear reason. “

“This is not the coach tells you,” he said. “It is the player to master these doorways in the game. This is some small things, all of which are some details, and how to integrate these details is the place that really stands out.”

McCine himself said: “I spent a long time to let myself do this level of performance, now I have a good performance, this team’s offensive system is also very much like, to say that the separation can be less easy. Indeed, my career is not much restless, but in the end, I can get late spring is also good. I can’t say it. “

McCahn relies on excellent performance Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty to sit on the bench, he has surpassed the expectation of the team and fans. If he can start all 16 games this season, the opportunity to get a new contract is not.

What are the teams who have not entered the playoffs?The 2015 regular season ends, and for the 12 teams in the playoffs, the more cruel playoff started. However, for most teams of the league, their resort operations have quietly started. In addition to the team management, the coaching group changes, the fans are most concerned about the 2016 draft conference.

Buckner is also a very good choice on the addition of the defensive front line. He got a high score of +70.0 rating in the university competition this year. And the same as BOSA, Buckner, which can get high-rated buckner in the anti-run (+27.7) and anti-transmission (+42.2) is also a defensive person with a double threat.

Ganobo and Breddy have worked together for 3 seasons, and they have gone in the 17 games, of which he pays the outside world in the 2016 season to pay attention to his strength. Although the New England Patriots Trainer Group has always focused on the details in the game, Garobo pointed out that Braddy told him the importance of these details.

The most suitable choice in the simulation draft is the offense tunsil from the University of Mississippi. Tunsil is a player who has become a great left truncation, and it is also a new show in this year’s draft. He was very eye-catching in the university league this season. After the eighth week, he got the ranking of all college attack cuts seventh (+16.4).

Josh-McCahn intends to play a year in the jetWe all thought that the jet score in the two teams in New York will be worse, and I also think that Eli Manning is not possible to make a replacement. However, the fact is better than the eloquent, since the alliance does not have a trip this year, the 38-year-old old will be Josh McCown, and it seems that it is not a laugh.

In the next five months, we may also hear a class such as “Blind Test” and “Tunsil will perfectly fits Titan”, but I prefer to choose a change The defensive front line player of the competition is not an offensive left. With the continuous evolution of the NFL pass attack, the fast combo attack and uninterrupted persistent attack can indeed make up for the weak disadvantages of the offensive front, so choose a more unique player who has a more unique ability to be more than the past. important. This is why Tunsil may get a high level, but it will not be subject to more attention.

Shetten is about to usher in the sixth NFL season, he has selected professional bowls in the past two years. A total of 113 shots (the third history of the history) were completed last season, and the 1373 yards (the team 4), reached 9 times, the above data is new.

The copy of the copy of Locke is close to the score, and this rookie still needs to reflect. But welcome is that this field he shows that the reading ability and the speed of the shot are very good. Courtland Sutton completed 4 battles, pushed 74 yards, reached 2 times.

Earlier this week, Gordon said that he “is waiting for a lightning call” in ESPN. I still have to wait more time. But at some time God must report to lightning, otherwise his existing contract will last until 2020. He may be fined by the team due to absence training and preseason.

Viking and External Hand Adam – Sundong Continued for 4 years Beijing April 13, US Time is reported on Friday, according to ESPN reporters, Viking has renewed ADAM THIELEN for four years, with a contract salary of $ 64 million. After the inspiring bonus clause, the total salary can be up to 73 million US dollars.

However, it seems that Brradi still kills the quartet team to win the champion, and Garobo is injured and needs to prove that they can play all the potential. Original Garobo was considered to make breakthroughs last season, but the knee crucified torn tear made his 2018 season to reimburse.

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