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“All quarters, his arm is probably the best, complete the very exciting passed.” Floris comments, “but stability, each location requires stability, especially the quarter, especially the same. The competition of the three people in Z, Tu, Josh, but Josh is also a talented player, and is also working hard. “

This renewal allowed the cowboy to take a $ 12 million salary space this year. The original contract to 2023, Lawrence will now spread a lot of $ 15 million in a multi-share of a bonus, which reduces the pressure on the salary cap in the short term.

Sanchez, which came up, was a 52-yard pass, found Marklin, and then a precise 11-yard pass, found a new show, Jordan Matthews, completed Deta. The next round of the Eagle’s offense, Sanchez once again found the outer Josh Huff, but the latter did not be stationed and copied by Texas. The Texas people have a drum, and the quartz gitzpatrick passed the ball to the run Wei Foster, and the latter runs the 56 yards after running. Before the end of the midfield, the eagle completed another shooting, 17: Cheap jerseys 14 temporarily entered the second half.

Hoyel started to fight the appearance of the New Orleans Saint and led the offensive group to fight three waves. He took 82 yards in 7 times, and he took the offensive group in the team’s first wave of attack. Maete is played in the second quarter, and 17 passed 9 times successfully achieved 77 yards. He was completed with Jalen Strong to complement the coordination with the rookie. “I feel that we have implemented the game plan on the court,” Male said.

Rosen said in an interview: “I may change my idea in the future, but now my attention is not the first, but let yourself be better. I was in the first round, the people in the league should I also believe in my ability to a certain extent. When I arrive, I hope to do the best preparation, because they are very rare. The previous two chance I showed that I didn’t make it, nor all people have the third time. Chance.”

“This is just something between me and the coach,” Male said in the locker room. “The two of us talk about this, you should ask me what you are today.” Maete was asked if he had already thrown this. “There is nothing to throw,” he said.

NFL TV reporter Tom Pelissero reported that denim and Demarcus Lawrence renewed for 1 year. This renewal is completely in order to make a salary space, so the contract can be invalidated in this year. Renewal After the denim will turn Lawrence’s 15 million US dollars this year into a signature bonus.

In the third quarter, the two sides did not build trees, but in the third quarter of 4 minutes, Texas had a 39-yard shot not in. And the eagle once again used the quick attack of the signboard, running David Shane En-McRis POLK, only four shocks, time consuming 1 minute 24 seconds, it promoted 70 yards Reach. Eagle 24:14 With 10 points, you entered the last section. The fourth quarter began there have been dramatic theater scene, Fitzpatrick’s pass was Eagles linebacker De Make – Plains (DeMeco Ryans) steals, but the latter turn out to be the Texans to retrieve the ball, and Plains Therefore, the cycloprosis is injured. Fitz Patrick seized the opportunity to complete the pass to Deta, found the deandre hopkins. 24:21 Eagle is temporarily leading. When the eagle has four minutes before the end of the game, Sanchez passed the ball to Marklin, the edge of the end area, completed the reachable, leading 10 points. Finally, Fitz Patrick passed the ball and weak.

Go back to Palmer, although his passing ability resumed 80% and showing a certain speed, a photo published by the reporter can be seen. Stanton said: “Our team’s four-defense issues are very serious now, I have to say that I stand there, but I am not sure if I can play according to the original model.”

Quarterly Malete tries to discover the trainingIt has been officially confirmed as the four-point guardian, the four-point guard of Houston. Ryan Mallett accepts media interviews after the training of training last week.

Stanton will still serve before returning to Parme returnsThe shoulder neurological problem of Carson Palmer seems to be recovered this week, but it is necessary to return to Arizona ‘s Red Spits for him next week, but there are still many good news recently.

Dolphins quartz Swan San Run: Strive to do your best preparationDolphin Quartz, Josh Rosen, returned to the first road, except for the elderly Ryan Fitzpatrick, there is also a high first round of new show A-Tengovaro (TUA Tagovailoa Add.

On Friday, the main coach was asked who would be the first four-point guard against Washington red skin, the head coach replied: “Honestly, this is the first time I have been for the first time for the first time.”

Xiu Luogen – Thomas left a deep impression on his teammates because his arm was very powerful as Larry Fitzgerald, “his pass can change the direction of the wind.” But last week Tomas completes the results of 8 pass 1, but his ability is worthy of recognition.

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