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In February 2017, this 4-year-old man got the 5th Super Bowl Trophy, followed by him in March. In December of the same year, Braddy opened a signboard, but the pricing was higher than before, and each product had a price of $ 50. The list is as follows:

In theory, Cole should be a task of impacting four-point guard in this season, and the number of killing of the Pony is only more than 5 soccer teams. The only good news for Pony is that this injury has not happened in second-line defensive that has been detained.

Tom Braddy’s signature is getting more expensive!As the first new England patriot of the Alliance, the four-point guards & mdash; & mdash; Tom Braddy, once again entered the playoff, and retained the home advantage in the second step, and a team is another Success season.

Super prize room

Now, “Everyday NFL” gives you a better opportunity to sign football in Braddy! Let Breddy signature football becomes the most beautiful and classic testimony in your football career!

On the occasion of the super bowl, “Everyday NFL” will open a super bowl of lineup against the super prize room, the super prize room is only awarded, 200 tickets will be admitted, the champion will receive Braddy’s football! ! !

After completing the wild horse, the lightning alert in Denver forced the competition. After the interrupt half an hour, the game continued. After the competition is recovered, the Hawie masters the ball offense. In the next attack, the Haiying’s four-point Wilson has gradually recovered, although there is a turning ball error and is killed once, but the sea eagle still falls into the wild horse. Area. In the second section, there is still 7 minutes and 19 seconds, the Haiying team has completed the second-year runner Christian-Michelle, the Haiying 7: 7 wild horses.

3 people of the Giant Court player group were punishedSunday, Shenglios ram players conducted a whistle attack on Odell Beckham Jr., which directly led to the group of New York giants and ram players, and finally 3 players were sent .

Super TeamIn addition to lineup confrontation will open a super prize room, “Everyday NFL” will also open the team’s super prizes in the super bowl, and participate in the battle of the betting team, choose the Players in Fanter West, the first The name will get the official contest.

After these players, William Hyez, William Hyes and Giants, Presten Preston Parker, and Damontre Moore were fined, which is also this field. The defensive group of the competition is the second time being punished to Baker Him.

The wild horse three army uses the revenge Hawks to win the seasonThe first week of the 2014 season NFL preseason continued to compensate, the last super bowl opponent Seattle Hawks and Danfo Yam have once again closed again. After the Super Bowl of the Haiye, the Horm of Makasama showed a strong fighting spirit in the game. In the end, the three army used Denver Mangma to defeat the defending champion Seattle Hawks at 21:16, and obtained the opening of the season.

When Manzell lies in the court to accept team medical treatment, some fans at home have sent a warm cheer. In this regard, Newton said: “I can say that I feel very sad about this kind of celebration, I think this is meaningless, any player does not want to be injured, because it can ruin a player’s life.”

Note: The rooms are available in the room will be notified separately ~

Ticket Raiders (I don’t tell him about the average person ~):

Does this attractive rewards have no tickets? Do not worry! cheap Jerseys from china now on, keep the ticket to receive tickets every day, one week will receive a total of 23 tickets. In addition, share 5 times daily through the game sharing function, you can also get 10 tickets ~

Originally this should be a ram of 15 yards and then continue the game, but the situation does not end, a part of the giant’s player is beaten together with the ram players, which leads to 2 unnecessary sentences, directly makes the giants fined back 13 Code.

Newton believes that the fans should not cheer because of the other players Calorina Black Panther Siwu Kam Newton believes that the fans cheered in the Cleveland Brown Sanitary Ni-Manzie (Johnny Manziel) is very bad. In the second quarter, Manzel was in the second quarter of the black Leep Kuechly and the collision of Colin Jones, and the leg thread was unfortunately injured. The game, the black panther was overcome with 17:13.

The second section of the competition completed a 10-yard boller once, then ran 6 yards and ran out, and the ram of the ram of Eric, O’Guti, launched Beckham The world and completed their own hugs outside the world. Beckham immediately threw the ball on Octal, after the two started to push.

The defending Champion Hawk shows his tough defense, and the wild horse has had to choose to abandon it. Subsequently, the first attack of the sea eagle also returned, and the attack was once again gave a wild horse. At the beginning of the first quarter, 10 minutes were 39 seconds, Pedon Manning led the offensive group debut. In this series of offensions, Manning showed a good pass. Despite the large number of fouls, this did not mess with Manning’s tactical deployment, and the wild horses quickly advanced to the red area of ​​the sea eagle, and was completed by Ronnie Hillman. Reach. Wild Horse 7: 0 leads. This series of offensions in the wild horse lasted nearly ten minutes, and in the case of several long code conversions, Pedton Manning showed excellent control.

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