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Texas people quad-dimensional Maplet season reimbursementTexas officially confirmed the quarter to be a list of injuries due to chest muscles in Mill, RYAN MALLET. This means that Malt regrets that I just got the first time of your career farewell to the 2014 season.

33-year-old Atkins was originally taken by $ 14.7 million this year, with non-guaranteed income to $ 12.2 million. The only salary space that will occupy after cutting him is a signature bonus to this year. This makes it a decision that it is not difficult to cut him.

“We have a game until August, so he has time to fully recover,” Steelers general manager Kevin – Colbert representation. “For any concussion, we know one thing that you have to take the time to fully recover before the re-return to the game. That’s him. He entered the offseason. He was very excited to be back and be able to play. We whether he will observe his condition. in March or April when to return when training “

Previously, the first right striker in the chief last season Laurent Duvernay-Tardif announced that he would not participate in the new season. As long as you can stay healthy, Wholesale Jerseys Osler, one of the highest pay strings, will provide a stable performance for the chief.

NFLPA will pay attention to the quality problem of red leather stadium turfIn Thanksgiving Night Race, the turbid of the Red Pitch is prepared. Therefore, NFLPA decides to intervene in investigation.

For 31-year-old Osmere, join a popular team is the most ideal situation. His last season he was constantly improving the efficacy of New York jet. Due to the 3 games due to shoulder injury, he finally decided that he was cut off at the end of October.

If the cut Green Steelers may be able to save $ 2.625 million of cap space, but it seems the Steelers are willing to try again. They did not think Green’s ability to regress, he just needs to stay healthy.

Osmere joined the Auckland raid in 2016 with a 60 million US dollars in 2016. He was selected in the first year of the raid player career, and he was selected again in 2017. He was traded to the jet after three seasons for the raid.

But things did not develop as expected. Green was injured in the offseason and only participated in six games. He played only gear 140, a total of 18 times to complete the ball 304 yards 1 made touchdowns. His playing time ranked fourth in the team tight end, and he re-injury (concussion) team at the start of the playoffs.

Steelers will retain tight end Cornelius Lada – GreenWhen the Pittsburgh Steelers signed last year with the proximal end of four-year $ 20 million contract Feng Lada Cornelius – when Green (Ladarius Green), they hope he can help the team’s passing attack.

However, NFL believes that there is no problem with the stadium. NFL spokesperson Michael Signora, said: “In the game, NFL rugby running officials did not find any problems with the quality of the stadium. In these two days, we did not receive any complaints about the problem of turf.”

At the same time, the Tiger’s last season’s scorpion defensive ranking alliance is third, which makes them need to make up the strong defensive front. Signing the new Orleans Saint Trey Hendrickson and Cleveland Branda defensive cut off-Ogunjobi indicates that the tiger is aware of the laughter of the lineup, but at the same time their salary The space is also more tight.

Of course, once Atkins completely restores health at the new season, he may return to the previous excellent state. The Tiger will rely on a more young defensive player, I hope they can reach the height of Atkins.

Previously, Pittsburgh steel took over Antonio Brown has just been a contract for a 4-year year salary to reach $ 17 million, which makes him become the highest payroll of the league. Jeffrey will look forward to his next contract price than Brown contracts.

Malet was injured in the pre-tiger’s premathes during this week, and his injuries were confirmed as the right chest muscle. According to NFL sources Ian Libot, Maplet has been hurt before, but his career has gone in the first place in 4 years, he chooses to continue to fight, resulting in deterioration of injuries.

Jeffrey has already signed a contract with a competitive team on Thursday. He said, “Whether it is what the next step is, I am ready. I am looking forward to joining an exemplified need to take hands and can make I have the best opportunity to win the championship team. “

In a few months, Atkins has been considered to be tied up by tiger, there are many reasons why the tiger will do: his current contract, his age and he is difficult to play in the last season. After only one season in 2010, only one season did not have a full stage, Atkins took only 8 games in the last season, I got a snoring.

However, before the 2020 season, Atkins can be described as one of the most dominance of the alliance. He once selected a professional bowl, 3 times a biggest lineup, one selected for the best lineup, and also selected the best lineup in the NFL 2010.

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