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Tampa Bay Buccaneers hired two full-time female coachBeijing March 21 news in coach Bruce – Arians (Bruce Arians) said earlier this year to hire a full-time coach after the woman, now pirates have officially hired Lori – Loca Manchester (Lori Locust) and Malal -贾瓦迪法尔 (Maral Javadifar) to enter the coaching staff, which made the pirates to become the first team has two female coaches.

Loca Manchester and 贾瓦迪法尔 is Bucs history for the first time to hire a full-time female coach. Locka West as an assistant coach the defensive front, 贾瓦迪法尔 as an assistant strength and conditioning coach.

Davis has also continued the strength of the last season, and he can limit Jones will become the key to this game. Jones has brought more than 100 yards for 2 consecutive games, and there are more than 90 yards in four consecutive games.

Since the singer, Sen Mcvay has been in charge of the ram, the Gaoff band won the record of 24-8, and enter the playoffs twice, and kills the super bowl last year, but unfortunately, it is the ultimately unsouno-strong Tom-Braddy. (Tom Brady) with patriots. This season, the ram is still one of the popularity of everyone.

Locka West previously served as AAF Birmingham Steel strike defensive coach and an internship at the Baltimore Ravens defense team during training camp last year. He also National Indoor Football League, Women’s Football League and semi-professional league and high school served as coach. Prior to his coach, she had played four years of semi-professional women’s league and go to school at Temple University.

Americas, new defensive cututs, Dulaus, still shocked by trading.In 7 minutes, Marcell Dareus has been shocked, unbearable and sad of these words to describe the feelings he traded to Jacksonville America.

Analysis of the Survival of the Regular Tasting 17 – US United StatesIf the playoff starts from the end of the 16th week, the 6 teams in the United States joint district are new England Patriots (12-3), Denver Yam (11-4), Cincinnati Matigue (11-4), Houston Texas (8-7), Kansas City Chief (10-5) and New York Jet (10-5). However, there is still the last week, and there are 2 teams and the opportunity to compete for the season of the game & mdash; & mdash; Pittsburgh Steelman (9-6) and Indianapolis horses (7-8).

“I know that at the highest levels of professional football game to get there for the first time how difficult the opportunity to teach,” Arians said in a statement. “Sometimes, all you need is the right team to give you the opportunity Glazer family and our general manager Jason – Laihe Te (Jason Licht) very supportive of my decision, and I know Los Malal for in my coaching staff is very good supplement. “

“I knew when Lori at Temple University, I have witnessed how she was understanding and passion for the game,” Arians said. “I also respect Malal background in sports training and physiotherapy impressed, I know he can provide valuable help for our physical fitness and training program.”

The patriot is temporarily in the name of the United States, but the wild horse is behind the tiger. Once the patriot last round, the wild horses have the opportunity to chase records, and through the 12th week, winning the advantages of the patriots, grab the chair of the United States, accounting for absolute home advantage.

贾瓦迪法尔 who play basketball at Pace University in New York, he received a doctorate in physical therapy from New York Medical College and Cheap nfl jerseys completed clinical training in sports physiotherapy Virginia Commonwealth University. She was in Seattle and Virginia as a therapist and trainer.

When talking about the opponent this week, Davis said: “Jones can complete anything. His speed is fast, the body is also very strong. He is natural and grotes, nothing is that he can’t be competent.” The falcon is in a bad situation, They lost three games in the past four games, but Jones still showed the strength of the top-level junction of the league. As of this week, he cheded 80 times, and the averaging 114.3 yards will be promoted. It is expected to create a new career after the end of the season.

The Pony in the United States of America is now in Texas in 7 wins and 8, if they take the status of the partitioned names from the Dezhou people, they can enter the playoffs. If in the 17th week of match, the Dezhou people defeated, the pony wins, the records of the two sides were 8 wins and 8 losses. The two teams will fight the battle record this season, who can win depending on the strength of the competition, that is, the team’s team gain in the season. Once the pony and the Texas have become 8 wins and 8 losses, then the following conditions are reached, the horses can have a stable line:

Pony Hakan: Hurio-Jones is natural and grotesque This week, the Indianapolis Pony will pair against the Atlanta Falcon, the team’s most trusted defensive player, and Vontae Davis will be responsible for the Falcon Kurio-Julio Jones. For pony in the United States, any victory will be precious.

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