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Miami Dolphin Master Adam Gas was Carterler’s offensive coach. He thought that Kutler still had the first strength, he said: “I have a very good experience with him, I don’t feel his bad I saw a hard-trained person tried to do everything to help the team won the victory, he sacrificed his body. For me, he is a professional player, a four-point guard you can pass. When you encounter the third gear attack, you will always choose a bad tactics. This is the reason why he is ill, but he has done a lot of good things, I think he is still worthy of the team. “

Celebrity Tongyu: McCaverry is a powerful version of meChristian McAffrey, Marshall Faulk and Roger Craig’s three people have a achievement: Single seasons are brought into thousands of code, There are no other people in NFL history.

Overview: Pirates and Corner Hamilton sign a yearUS Sunday, according to NFL NetWork reporters, pirates and corners of Antonio-Hamilton signed a year, further increasing the depth of the second line of lineup.

McAfri brought 303 three seasons, the number of blessings in the Fuk career season was 63.9 times, and the number of times the number in the season was 87 times. He also completed the 1000/1000 feat in that year.

Griffin II said: “When I choose a rush, I will do more smarter. I will choose slippery, or run the boundary, but if the situation allows me to catch 70 yards, I will Rushing 70 yards. This is what I learned in these years, I am also very happy (can join the crow). “

The head coach Bruce-Alianz said: “There are five or six armions in this selection. We need to find such quarter-free, have to see if there is no potential, but being attacked The talent of the hind leg is toned. “

Dolphin main coach said Jay Carter still has a first strengthSince the last month by Chicago Xiongxian, Jay Cutler has been looking for a new job, but it seems that at least one team of the team thinks that he is still a Value NFL quarterfield.

Before coming to the Patriot, Dapoer career has worked with the current Alabama coach in Michigan State University, and wholesale Jerseys he entered NFL, and he was in patriots, Brown, Chief and Dolphins. Served as an offensive coordinator.

Black Leopard and Sanitary Lano Hill and defensive Director Kenol – Donadall Donnerson signed, give up the kick hand Matt – Matt Ammendola, Line Wi Daniel – Daniel Bituli and Defense True PJ Johnson (PJ Johnson).

Griffin II will use slippery to protect yourselfRobert Griffin III’s injury history also starts from the 2012 rookie season, after tearing two knee ligaments, he later encountered an ankle, brain shock and left shoulder fracture. Many injuries restricted him, causing him to play 34 games in the 2014-2016 season.

In the past ten years, the red tones are doing good for the old four-point guard (Palmer, Cote-Warner) refreshing, but the rookie eyes are not enough (Matt Leinart] John Skeelton [John Skelton], Ryan Lindley [Ryan Lindley], Loan Thomas]), the transaction level is not awkward (Kevin Kuben [Kevin Kolb]).

Arizona Renary continues to find the future four-point guardThe red rickets are also clear, Carson Palmer’s career is approaching. According to Steve Kem (Steve Keim) according to General Manager of President, Parm also intends to guide a young quadrant, so in the end of the Palmer career, it is necessary to find a successor. .

The first injury in Griffin II was in December 2012, happened to the competition against crows. At that time, Haloti Ngata hit Griffin, causing Griffin part to tear. Griffin was later hurt in the playoffs and hurt the front intersection of the same side of the knees.

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