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This year, the management selection is a $ 54 million contract with Botes, rather than picking quarterfield in the draft. But Botes’s performance is something disappointing. He is currently pushing 2572 yards, reaching 13 times, being copied 10 times.

“Not yet,” Hayward is asked if there is teammate to discuss the exit. “Everyone I know is trying more about information because they want to return to the stadium. We must be very wise about this. Due to no vaccine, this is not in the epidemic, this is not a decision made in one or two days. We have to ensure that everyone’s players and each family think that playing is safe. “

American tiger will make quadrant Shui Kasler startBeijing November 27, US Time Monday, the American Tiger coach Doug – Malone said at the press conference that will let Cody Kessler served as the first quartz, Blake Bo BLAKE BORTLES is depelled.

The NFL player will guide the player broker earlier this week to ensure that their customers fully understand any risk associated with existing physical conditions and neoguanpi pneumonia, it is recommended that they communicate with the team’s personnel and teamwork. According to the information of the disease control center, people with asthma symptoms have a larger risk after suffering from neoguan pneumonia.

49 people inner 卫 科 万 – Alexander breast muscle torn season reimbursementOn Sunday, 49 people were folded again, and NFL NEWORK reporter Lobport said that the team started the inner line of Weike Wan – Alexander breasts, will be reimbursed in the season.

“As of now, I haven’t thought about it yet,” Hayward said in an interview with NFL TV. “At present, I have been training, trying to prepare, but I have to talk to my family, make sure I have every precautionary measures if I want to return. We have no vaccine. We still have to face a lot of tests. Many measures have to be in place. I have to make a correct decision for my family. I have to make sure I will not harm them and myself. “

The 25-year-old line guards in the lunar season, from the pirate transfer cheap Jerseys from china the pirate transfer from the pirate transfer, in the eight games of this season, he completed 34 times, once forced the opponent to fall 1 copy, another 0.5 times.

However, Malone does not think that Sunday 21-24 lost to Bill is the responsibility of Botes. He said: “The reason for the loss is impossible to come up to one person, everyone is responsible. It is obvious that this also understands me, and will take yourself as the main coach.”

Emirates Safety Beli Broker: Renewal negotiations are difficult to activelyJohn Dorsey, General Manager of Kansas City, described the renewal negotiations between the team and the security Eric Berry on Thursday, “very positive.”

This is a bad year for Williams. First of all, he overweight during the reporting of the Buffalo Bier training camp. After that he was banned. Bill then cut off the player who got a 9-year-old reachable last season. After that he was abandoning the bidding. Finally, the steel man signed him into the team training group. Now he can’t play in the next 10 games.

Rosrisberg does not think that he will absent the game.Si Dicard – Roethlisberger defeated the Auckland raid in Pittsburgh 38-35, the second time after encountering in the middle of the season, this season was leaving the second half. At that time, NFL official website reporter Albert Breer reported that it would be at least for several weeks.

Optimistic people will think that the team usher in the eleventh week is a genitic opportunity and hopes that the four-point guards, Die Jones, can help the steel people to defeat CLEVLANBREN. This may be able to return to the twelfth week or thirteenth week.

Big Ben is more optimistic. He said on Tuesday in the radio show, he did not think that he would absence the next game. “The time of the round week is very good, but I don’t think I will absent the game,” Rosrisberg said. “I will observe the restoration every day … I can walk. I will not run or do something like this, but do things, doing doctors and trainer make me do, such as using ice. Let the soreness disappear and still recover the injury. “

Steelman defensive end House Ward: Need to treat it in the epidemicWhen NFL continues to consider how to deal with the epidemic, many people are discussing how to ensure safety while returning to the stadium.

Despite no one suspected that there is a strong tenacity, the foot spraining takes time to recover, otherwise the injury will continue and continue to affect his performance in this season. Datin may want to return to the competition to help steel people maintain the competition of the seasons, but he is very impossible to get it to be played in the next game.

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