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[League observation] Why is GM GEO Pollo do so good in 49 people?The regular season came to the last week, the most hot team of the Alliance did not enter the playoffs, but San Francisco “big pineapple and his friend” team. Jimmy-Garobolo became 49 people first, this team’s 11 battle was only a win; after the first hair of the big pineapple, 49 people were 3 wins and 0 losses, and the knife had a strong enemy such as the United States tiger and Titan.

“You can enjoy this honor to make me feel honored,” Brown said in the statement. “(Team Boss) Di Yi (Jimmy Haslam), thank you for respect and love. Your investment in Cleveland is unparalleled. Cleveland Brown fans, I guess I will always be forever and You are together & mdash; & mdash; thank you. “

Mahmus said on Monday that the team is “chasing the dynasty”, and it also considers the team to leave space when he renewed on Tuesday, ensuring that the lineup is strong, and continue to pursue more championships.

They look forward to the new approximately new paper for big pineapples. Although most people in the work think that 49 people will continue to renew after the transaction to Garobolo, but Lynch and Salunan are still inbound. In theory, it should not be so conservative with their sufficient salary space, and only two people still have a doubt in Garobolo.

It is said that Pierre Paul has recovered from January to the surgery. At present, Pierve Paul also needs to be played with the clumsy glove last season. Of course, this also shows his healing skills and we think so fast.

Waterkins said: “Mahms will be the most critical person in the next 10-15 years. This is our argument. We will build a Dynasty. As long as the Chief of Kansas City can keep the players, let them unite We will be a dynasty. “

After the lack of these three people, the passing of the saints will rely more dependent to the Alvin Kamara, the close-end, the Jared Cook, the outer handle Spencers – Smith (Tre & RSQUO; Quan Smith) and Di Antai – Harris.

San Francisco 49 people took over Michael Crabtree, was fined $ 5512 due to the throwing the ball into the auditorium after reachable. The league said that this is to ensure the safety of the audience, worry that the fans have chaosed the rugby.

The alliance announced this week, and the red skin outside is taken.DESEAN JACKSON has always been an opponent that lets the opponent’s headache’s headache, but he also suffered a big loss last week as a “defensive player”. According to official reports nfl Jerseys, Arizona Cardinals pulled because Jackson security guard Rashad – Johnson (Rashad Johnson) after the collar, was fined $ 16,537. At that time, Hongkkin 4-point Guikulk-Cuscus was passed by Johnson, Jackson was lacking defensive experience in the process of chasing, and choosing to prevent the opponent to advance by pulling the illegal site. The move was captured and sentenced a penalty on the spot, and the winning alliance was added to this dangerous action.

Thomas’s absence this season, the reasons of the colors include high ankle joint sprains, violation of discipline, and leg gluten injuries. Carravi performance was excellent in last week, but the ankle was injured in the same game. As a new show, Carrawi completed 8 battles, and the leg tendon 75 yards.

Of course, the control rhythm is or the ball is still to be. Garobolo spherical speed, high precision is also high, he just knows how to pass the best. But the most important thing, but also said that he used his eyes to deceive the defensive group before kicking. This ability often allows the defensive group to completely read the incision intent.

question? In fact, it is actually a little. Since 2014 was selected, Calibolo career had only two first hair. Although his performance in these two games is very good, Matt Castel and Matt-Flin can also be occasionally on the top. They also have given the legendary four-point guards, just as Jimmy-Garobolo. But both are not the four-point guard of the corned stone level.

At present, Emmanuel Sanders is still in the new crown reserve list, which means that the top three of the Saint-Depth lineup will be absent this week. But the three are expected to return in the Sunday match against pirates.

You probably be seen in these games, why 49 people pursue him indistries, and the Patriots have to send him to the country. Only one time the rotation, 49 people won the four-point guard as the core of the team, this is simply robbery! It is true that 49 people in the course must take a big contract to keep the big pineapple, but they are the least lack of salary space, they should not be embarrassed on the big pineapple.

Brown acquired 12312 yards from the total scorpion of the career in 1957 to 1965, with an average of 5.2 yards per shock. His career has been selected to enter a professional bowl every year. Since he retired, there is no Brown player through his 32 jersey.

It is difficult to quantify, and a confident quadruple ratio is not confident. But everyone has this feeling: How many strength do you have when you trust your boss? Or when you have confidence in the boss, how much potential can you inspire? The athletes are also people, you feel that they also feel the same.

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