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The raids were DEREK Carr to become the best offensive player of the United States. He gave the 513 yards of the history record in the game in the game game, and the 59th passed 40 success & mdash; & mdash; 4 times, did not pass the passes, led the raid plus overtime 30-24 Beat Tampawan Pirates. At present, Karl passed the ball for 17 times, only 3 passes were copied, and the raid was in the United States of America.

Smith has taken him in the first round of the first round in 2009 in 2009. Among the 6 seasons, Smith came 66 times, of which 57 times were gradually growing into a team an essential player. At present, the tiger has to use the former Green Bay packaging workers, Marshall Newhouse, replaced Smith reimbursement. In the past 3 weeks, his performance is not satisfactory, the team can only arrange a close-end or running guard to assist HOIS to defend against the opponent’s sideways.

This year, a change has been changed. In the first time, an active Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China player has conducted a deep exchange with domestic American rugby fans. James Caber is not the first NFL player who came to China. He has just been here before he has just been here to Pedon Manning, one of the four elite four-point guard. However, this NFL newcomer reads a 26.6 million topic on Weibo with extremely fluent Chinese and affinity, and pressing 2607,000 Manning.

The Tiger Right True will receive surgery and determine the season reimbursementCincinnati loses an important player on the road in the shocking playoffs, the team’s right cut-offs Andre Smith will determine the arm surgery, which means his season has ended in advance. Earlier this season, NBC expert Chris Cris Collinsworth called him as the best right cutoff in the Alliance. With the deepening season, Smith’s performance has fallen, but he still makes great contribution to the team in terms of opening and pass protection.

Dolphins have brought the most troublesome Eastern District team to the patriot in the past few years. They resemble patriot in 2008 to become a partition champion, and they did not sweep their patriots in 2013 to 2015.

A dragon cavalry player who did not want to reveal said: “I just get in touch with this campaign, I can get the NFL player’s guidance, it is absolutely very fortunate, and still in the whole world! James Caber has been very active, I It can be seen from his eyes to his enthusiasm for American football. It is also fortunate to face him when training, and feels too powerful. “

Texas people trades ram outlay CooksUS Time Thursday, according to Houston local reporters reported that Texas will use a 2020 two-wheeled (57) with ram, in exchange for the other side of BRANDIN Cooks and a 2022 four-wheel sign.

Peterson also said that the defensive end of Jaylen Watkins can also be arrested, but Watekins also stated in the injury report could not appear. Ronald Darby will continue to absence the competition due to the ankle injury, safe, Rodney McLuod, is also injured, and this eagle second-line defense is anxious.

At the national association, the bear team runs Jordan – Howard (Jordan Howard) has become the best offensive player. He got 153 yards 26 times, and also completed 49 yards. He completed 1 key to the first half, helping the bear team finally 20-10 to win the Cold Wars to win the Mingnesota Viking.

The eagle safety Weihaham continuously played the record will end Owl coach Doug – Peterson said on Friday, whether it is still to be determined by the Corey Graham, but he may also be confuse the game opponent giant.

After entering the race last season, there are many places that the dolphins make people like. From the powerful plurality of external handles to force Jayi, Jay Ajayi, to a good offensive front line, to a stable defensive front line, and then get an improved second-line defense.

For Caber, this Chinese training camp is also very special. He is particularly optimistic about whether China’s future can produce a NFL-level professional player, and also pointed out some of the shortcomings of domestic football training:

Carolina Black Leopard defensive disappearance is the best defensive player in the National United States. Lotel Leley has been 6 times, 3 kills and once forcing the ball to help the Black Leopard 30-20 overcome Arizona.

There will happen before the dolphins in the twenty-week and fourteenth week. For fans, let us hope that the courage of dolphins will not be exhausted before, and we can see an important game that feels the partition champion attributable to the end of the season.

Cook is the first round of the Saint 2014. He has a five-year battle in the first three years. It will play 42 games, and 32 games are first completed, and the 2861 yard is promoted, reaching 20 times. In 2015, Cook pushed 1138 yards, reached 9 times, leading the team.

However, the players of the Miami dolphins listened to the throne of the Patriots. An example: Dolphin jarvis landry, while the sniper period, the dolphin, said that the dolphins will sweep the patriots in the new season.

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