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Carol has clearly said that the old will run to Fred Jackson will continue to play in the three-speed, which makes the front two-two-twist mission by Derrick Coleman (Derrick Coleman). ) And two free players signed by this week, running guards & mdash; & mdash; Bryce Brown and Christine Michael & mdash; & mdash; borrow.

Nike Patriots #88 Martellus Bennett Navy Blue Team Color Super Bowl LI 51 Men's Stitched NFL New Elite Gold Jersey“Navo’s recovery is in good progress,” said Fang Ji to the media. “He is still at least 2 games, and after that, he has to absent a few games. But he recovered well. There is no obstacle during his recovery. Everything is progressing smoothly, he is more advanced than the original recovery schedule. To be fast, we look forward to returning at some time. “

Bad news is: Parris Campbell, Parris Campbell (palm), Accepted Surgical Repair Hand Fracture Run Marlon Mack, Safety Wei Khali – Willis (Brain Shock) And the angle shakil-Taylor (ankle) is determined to be unable to play.

2016 season New York Giants Regular Tourism Retrospective and Playoffs OutlookJanuary a year ago, after the team was only achieved by 6 wins and 10 losses, the Tom bats of Tom Coughlin left the New York Giants. Now, the giant will return to the playoff game after the 5th season after 5 seasons. They will face the National Lianbei District Champion Green Bay Packaging Worker in the middle of the season.

In the replacement line, MICHAEL Wilhoite instead of Bowman’s appearance, and the outer line of Ardong-Smith, 49 people defensive groups can be returned to the 11th week. Can be over-blooded during the winter.

49 people line Wei Baoman regression competition is also “to wait until the day”Navorro Bowman will be able to be eligible after the sixth week of the game, 49 injuries / physical reasons cannot be played, but 49 people defensive coordinator Vik-Fang Ji (VIC FangIO) Confirmed this Best lineup on Tuesday that the line guards returned Cheap nfl jerseys from china the recovery of the knee recurrent surgery. “

However, the team’s coach Ron Ron Rivera is not satisfied with the performance of most players. Before the players end training on the bus, Rivila is very simple to express their own ideas, “those who have the ball are guys It is a person who has got the opportunity, and those who are good have been wasted. When the ball hits your hand, you have to contact it. You have to stop him in front of you, this is what we have not done. Place, so we look very bad. I want to have a great level every day. “

The pony gave up the injured Herlan last month. Helen career fought 25 games, of which three games were first, and Herlan, who was in the second half of the last season and the playoffs played outstanding. In addition, Bill also promoted from the training group to the Cierre Wood into the big list, Anthony Dixon, may form a running guard with these two people.

Haiying coach Carol, admitted that the running guard position has no planAfter running Webs Rawls, due to the injury season, the plan of the Seattle Haying’s position cannot be determined, and the coach carroll, therefore admitted that no one knows before the start of the game. What is the plan?

Compared to the weak offensive group, it is benefited from the rest of the break, the giant defensive group shows the performance of the rule. The big name of the break, defending the Olivier Vernon, defending the Damon Harrison, the Janoris Jenkins, all of which Proof your value. Last season was affected by fireworks accidents, the anti-Pierre-Paul was strongly returned. What is more worth noting is that the second-grade security satellin-Collins is huge, and he has become the only result of more than 100 individuals in history. More than 2 times of killing, more than 5 cases and more than 12 Submailing the ball, even in the discussion of the best defensive players. Steve Spagnuolo demonstrates that as long as the exquisite soldiers will create a powerful defensive group. The giant defensive group of this season lost 17.8 points, and the alliance ranked second. It is the improvement of the strength of the defensive group to make the giant to win a multi-faced game in this season.

“I just try to wait until the game, we can wait,” Carol continued to represent. “All your thoughts are all right. Every idea you may think now is right.” This may mean that the Hawks Coach will make Brown, Michael and Coleman compete in the final game in the final competition.

Bowman starts sprint training last month, but Fang Jio said that the professional bowl player will “quickly” put the hanging in the wrong idea. “Yes. He accepted surgery in February,” Fang Ji said. “It seems that he is not injured last season. His recovery progresses very well, but you still need enough time to recover. He will still have a few weeks to participate in the team training, which makes his legs Recovery and let him feel comfortable when the leg is in the event. “

Rivira’s performance is also evaluated for the performance of Newton’s training: “You can say that he rusted, at least a few pass decision is indeed this, when he passed the ball, we only care about the pass. Now We care about when he can restore the body and return to the stadium, rather than supervising his performance. “

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