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Pedon Manne broke the history of the history of the history!On October 20th, Beijing time, in the 49th game of Denver Horse, the Wild Mass, the wild horse quarter-point Passon-Manning completed the third game of this game in the second game, that moment, He broke the NFL historic pass for Brett-Fver to reach a record record with 509 passes, and a new legend was born.

In view of the possibility of dolphins, it is possible to obtain the first five-step selection right in the 2020 election, replacing the first quarter-saving decision to make the dolphins in rebuilding can determine if Runs can act in the future. Of course, Runson can use performance to prove that they are in the future of dolphins. After winning the first round of the show last year, he was still an unknown number of geometry after being selected by Arizona.

At last season, he started 13 games. The sharp offensive front line affected his play. Rosen’s success rate was only 55.2% last season, and the 2278 yards were taken for 11 times to 14 times. The passed is copied, led the rickets only 3 victories.

To the current location, Hopkins completed 86 battles and pushed 1169 yards and 10 reachaes, at least he did not use data to prove that he is the best. Of course, his quarter-off is Brian Hoyer, and several other four-point guards are better.

2. Brown Activates near-Term Edge David NJOKU to a big list. Enjoku arrived two games, completed 4 batches, advanced 37 yards, reached once. The wrist injury makes him will be added to the injury reserve list. Robert Jackson is added to the injury reserve list.

Redick was cut off on weekends last weekend, although the main shot of double energy, but his scorpion efficiency is not too high. Career 6 years, Redke is 288 times, advance 1023 yards, reaching 5 times. In terms of catching, 285 times were completed, and 2238 yards were promoted, reaching 14 times. Last season, Redick was almost used by the lions as a ball, and finally reached the point where the defensive side will be retrieved. During the end of the lion, Redick also had a problem of getting off.

In the first two games in the season, the dolphins were taken in a defeated. Rosen only got an opportunity to get in junk time. The first four-point Guifez Patrick passed the success rate of only 50%, got 1 time to reach, 4 times of passing.

4. Falcon signed a list of Ryan Allen, Matt Bosher, was added to the injury reserve list due to the right groin injury. The first round sharper Chris Lindstrom is activated to the big list, and the close-end Padson Mei Merier is sicking.

Safety Gabrill Peppers (rear back) reimbursement, has been added to the injury reserve list. Pepus was traded from Brown to the giants in the sniper season, and Wholesale Jerseys the first battle was played, completed 76 times, forcing the ball forcing the ball, 5 times to destroy the ball, turn off and attack it again. Line Guikris Pis Peace (Knee) is also added to the injury reserve list. Line Weem Martin is activated.

Redke was previously interviewed, and the wild horse finally won the two teams. The wild horse is currently running guards Kutis Modkins 2013-2015 once coached in the lion, and the Redke is an old acquaintance.

Robert Gronoski: Joining pirate is mainly closer to the motherThe world knows Robert Rob Gronowski (Tom Brady). Many people think that Braddy is the reasons for Gulithi to return from retired states and joined Tampawan pirates. But reality is not completely.

At the end of the year, there is also a 3-minute walk from the end, Manning leads the wild offensive group in the 49-person Red District to face the difficult situation of the three-speed 9 yards. If this passed the ball failed, then the birth time of the new record will have to be pushed. . At this time, Manning found the ball to the de Marry Tomas on the right side of the end area, a beautiful rainbow ball, Thomas firmly took the ball! The 509th pass is reached! Manning created history. After this pass is completed, the wild horses have brought congratulations to Manning. The staff of the French Hall of the French Hall of the Football, which was later waiting for a long time, was quickly placed in a bag with a famous LOGO, and this football will be sent to the football Hall of Fame. Cantone (Canton) OHIO) Permanently saved.

“Everyone will ask me, & lsquo; is Tom to let you come to Tampa? & Rsquo; Ok, Of course Tom has played role in Tampa, and there is also a chance to go to Tampa,” Geloski In an interview, it is expressed. “But Tom is like appetizer, there is some reason. I love the weather there, but the main course, the main reason I came to Tampa is like this is just 2 hours from my mother.”

Summary: Giants determined to let Manning first, Pelps alternative reimbursementUS time Saturday, giants officially announced that Daniel Jones will be absent from ankle. This means that the old Eli Manning will be re-become the first quarter of the giant.

After adding dolphins through transactions, Rosen did not win Fitz Patrick in the competition. But now, dolphins have changed their minds. Runson will again cooperate with a bad offensive front line. Although this season has limited time, he has been killed 4 times. He successfully obtained 102 yards 2 times twice this season.

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