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Bill team defensive end-cap Blalco made a dead drunk driving by the teamThe Buffalo Bull Senior Detective Directive Alan Branch (Alan Branch) was arrested for drunk driving, and after a day, the Bill team lifted the contract with Brackic.

Last Saturday, the police found Bragci in his car vomiting in Chicovawa. The Bill team is then called the Blue Ceramine alcohol content of Level 14, and it is not possible to pass alcohol test (the law requires the wine driving standard 8). Brace is not active in the preseason in the preseason of the Tampa Bay flashing team last Saturday.

Brace has signed a three-year contract in the last season, an old will have an eight-year-old football league experience. However, there is a report that he is not good in the training camp, and it has not been played to the second and third echelon after the physical fitness test.

We all know that the New York Giant and the eagle are the death enemy of Guandong District. This bright light will make the New York fans uncomfortable, but the history of the patriot and giant in the past few years and the New York jet, maybe this is the best result. .

The Red Season is selected in the second round of 2007 Brown. He has played a 4-year 4 years before joining Seattle for two seasons. In 2013, Brace signed a contract with the Bill team and achieved the most dazzling results of career & mdash; & mdash; completed 39 hugs in the 16 games last season.

The red skin started from his own 14 yards at 6:52 in the game, and the efficient offensive group finally found a little rhythm and slowly started forward. Through the 13-stage attack, there were more than 6 points, and the red skin came to the other person 13 yards, and there were 2 disputes and sentences during the period. During the period, there were 2 controversial penalties & mdash; & mdash; 49 people two corner Eric Wright interference balls and Ronnie Lott Pullon foul. At this time, kicking 4 shots in the game was debuted, but he didn’t kick it again this time, 25 yards shot success, only left 40 seconds for the opponent. In the end, the Red Leather team won 24-21, enters the super bowl.

Recently, Miller shared his own story. When his father was stopped, his father stopped him from participating in the fifth grade rugby training, and a smart Miller chose to ask his mother. “Mother let me play, I will sleep on time, help If you have a lawn, let me play. “” My son is playing, but listening to me, this is a secret, don’t let your Dad know. “In the end he is so stealing.

When the child, the father banned Miller secretly participated in the training.Let us imagine that if Denver’s wild horse does not von Miller, if Miller is young, he will be different from his father does not participate in American football, then everything will be different.

New gameplay & middot; new event is online!

1. The new game of the team is online

In order to meet the arrival of the playoffs, “Everyday NFL” will join the new model in your outer card: Team Battle & middot; One dollar quiz!

One dollar quiz, the champion wins, participate in the game, guess the two teams Fantersee, have the opportunity to win the Western Yipu Hawks, the more the number of bets, the higher the probability.

With the game, the eagle defeated the New England Patriots at 41 to 33, the Empire Tower lit up the green lights that belong to the eagle, which is reported that the light has lasteded up to 30 minutes.

The 12 teams entering the playoffs this year are Saints, Rams, Chiefs, Patriot, Bear, Eagles, Cowboy, Hawks, Texas, Pony, Crow, and Lightning. Among them, bear, eagle, cowboy, sea eagle, Texas, pony, crow, lightning will participate in the outer card of January 6th. The specific time is as follows:

January 6th

5:35 AM Indianapolis Pima VS Houston Texas

9:15 AM Seattle Hawks vs Dallas Cowboy

January 7th

2:05 AM Los Angeles Lightning VS Baltimore Crow

5:40 AM Philadelphia Eagle VS Chicago Bear

It may be that the Red Leather team consumes too many people during the national contest, and the super bowl is madly abused by the Los Angeles raid, with 9-38, no evident opponent, failed to defend. Bill Walsh and Joe Gibbs meet 6 meetings in the 1980s, 5 pairs of celebrities at the super bowl. This game was included in “NFL’s greatest game” and named “Forgotten Classics”.

In Cody Parkey, the shooting caused the bear team in the 2018 season and it was unemployed, and the position of the bear play was one of the focus. In the next training, 8 people compete and eventually decreased to 3 people, Naji felt dissatisfaction with everyone.

When Miller always said to his father when there is various scratches after each training, it is caused by yourself over the backyard. In the end Miller, he was discovered by his father, because his team needs to take a champion but the team has only 11 people, he must participate.

Finally, the prince opened. Joe Montana is first wave 5-speed offensive 79 yards, and finally connected Mike Wilson to fight, breaking the scratches; looking back red skin counterattack, but shooting! 49 people quickly organized attacks, and took hands to Freddie Solomon passed Joe Montana passed the ball, directly 76 code, 10 minutes left. Then, the 49-person defensive group forced the Red Leather to abandon the kick, Joe Montana once again successfully connected Mike Wilson, after the backwardness of 3, with less than 7 or Http://Www.Bestfoundstuff.Net/__Media__/Js/Netsoltrademark.Php?D=Wiki.Telebreeze.Com%2Fwiki%2FCats_Canines_And_Cheap_Nfl_Jerseys_From_China more time to recover the score.

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