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Wild Hemor I left, because the team refused to choose becoming free playersUS Time Thursday, Denver Wild Horse’s left district, Russell Okung, selected to enter the free market, rather than the team continued his 48 million contract.

At present, the general manager Tom Telesco can also copy last year’s election. According to the PFF website, this year’s first round-selected corner Wijusen Villet is currently the second high, and his most cost-effective player is a larger Auckland raid. At the last moment of the team, the passing of the four-point guards of Derek Carr, helping to reverse the final winning.

McCoo will appear in Bill unveilingAlthough Buffalo Birvoy has not healed that his left foot rope injury has not healed, he has been doing a good evening of the Sunday’s stalk of Indianapolis. Prepare.

Folk is a six-round show in 2007, last year 10.9 due to knee injury, injury, injuries, need surgery. Last week, the doctor announced that Folk has returned to health, and it can continue to play, the pirates will not have to stay in the list again. Folk is originally a free player next month.

Every four years can meet the new England Patriots and New York Giants in the regular season because of the previous giants, I am paying attention to the championship in the super bowl. After the opening, the first wave of attack patrigoes will be able to advance from the 20 yards of this party and completed the pass to Tom Brady. However, the giant rapidly slamming score: Siye Yile Manning and External Hand Odel Beckham (Odell Beckham) completed the 87-yard biopsy. The competition then falls into a deadlock, only the individual scores through any basket. Until the end of the first half, Manning completed the second pass to the second pass to the giant 17-10. The latter after the first half will be rewritten in the first wave of attacks into 20-10. However, the status of the patriot rebounded, first 82 orthot and kicks and rebounded to the giant 7 yard line, and finally the Garegare-Bront (LEGARRETTE BLUNT) was reached. After the giants scored once again, the patriot was completed by the near-end Arm Robert Grono, 24-23, and the patriot. The giant will follow the attack, no fruit, the patriot will start to attack the giant 5 yard line, only 5 yards left in the end of the game, the pass of Braddy’s pass was copied, the giant saw the win hope. When they successfully advanced to the Patriot Red Area, Beckham took the leader of Manning, giant 29-24 leaded again. However, after the referee considered, he failed to pick up the ball. Final giants can only rely on playing lead. However, the remaining 1 minute 47 seconds is enough to allow the patriot to advance to a free kick. The 54-picture shooting door of Stephen Gostkowski will make the Patriot 27-26 won and continue to remain unbeaten.

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This year, Jerry Attaochu, Jerry Attaochu, although the leg gluten is surprised, but in the first week of Arizona’s salad, Eitio Killed four points Wei Palmer has produced a drop, and then patted the other party once in the special team. His office war is so lucky, and it can be said that the prospects cannot be underestimated.

Of course, I have to say that I have already exploded the new Xiu Brandon-Oliver. In the past two weeks, the performance of people saw the Taobao ability of the flash, as a new show, he led all the rookies running through this year with a total of 3.3, and ranked 11th in the League.

Jacksonville American Tiger 22-20 Baltimo Crow

Miami Dolphin 20-19 Philadelphia Eagle

Cleveland Brown 9-30 Pittsburgh Steel Man

Chicago Bear 37-13 St. Louis Ram

Dallas Cowboy 6-10 Tampawan Pirates

Carolina Black Leopard 27-10 Tennesi Toy

Minnesota Viking 30-14 Auckland Assault

Green Bay packaging workers who have been two-game losers are sitting in the main stage of the Town. It is only a winning lion. The lion will win in the Lanbao Stadium in the Lanbao Stadium. In 2001, they have lost the bursts of the packages 24. However, after the start of the game, the package was previously shown that the offensive group of the low fans did not have greatly, although they passed any ball shot in the first wave of attack, but this is the only score in the first half. The first half of the front of the lion is equal to the score by any free kick. In the second half, I will take a look at the ball and run, run away from Ameer Abdullah to attack 104 yards to the packaged worker 1 yard line. The last lion quarter-saving Matthew-Stafford, the Brandon Pettigrew is reached. The lion is backbits. After the backward package, the offensive group is still unable to enter the state, but the lion has expanded the lead in the first shot shortly after the beginning of the fourth quarter. Until the game is 10 minutes left, there is no shortage of wonderful attacks, which is unable to score, the offensive group is like a dream, and the four-point Wei Alon Rogers (Aaron Rodgers) leaders a wave of 78 yards to score attack, complete the ball reachable . However, the lion immediately relied on Stafford to complete the second pass to pull the score gap, but the additional division failed to hit the drama scene for the last moment of the game. At this time, the packaged workers behind will have to reach and need to complete 2 points. Rogers successfully passed the ball, but the packaging workers fails 2 points. They are still behind them choose gambling, and they will be magically returned to the ball after a chaos. Rogers advanced the team to a free kick in the last time. But the 52-picture shot of Mason Crosby was blocked by the lion, and the package worker was turned into a dark. Lions 18-16 won.

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