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Jones is absent training, can it be decided before the game?Atlantian Fematch Eagle, Julio Jones is still worried, this week he absents all the training of the team. This week’s Falcon’s opponent will be the Saints of New Orleans. If you lose the ball, they will determine the playoffs. The fans and teams hope that Jones can catch up with the game, but the team can only do patients now.

If Jones continues to absent this week, the team must rely on Roddy White and Harry Douglas. Although the two were plagued by knees and foot injuries, they still participated in the training of local time on Friday. Falcon said, if there is no accident, the two can be placed on this week.

In fact, the transaction should be completed in the US Time, and the two parties have expressed the time to announce that it is the last home for the Los Angeles Lakers to the Los Angeles Lakers. The last home scene of Kobe Bryant competition.

When Williams would replace McKay’s starting position, Ryan said: “I don’t even want to think about it … Just as I said, I have not made a decision to give up Maiku. “The foot injury usually needs to rest and treat it with cautious, otherwise it will not improve, but Bill is also carefully considered for the tickets for their playoffs. Relax, Bill Fine & Mdash; & mdash; Maiku Yelen will play, but will not play 100%.

Bill running to McKay due to pedicure with a training on ThursdayBill needs more patience to Runwah Shane-McCoy, and the eye-catching Billman war will come in a few days, but McCoojo leaves due to foot pain due on Thursday. Training.

“He feels (foot) is very painful, so we will send him back to rest”, the Bill Teach Rex Ryan said on Thursday. McCoo’s foot pain began to play him Cheap Jerseys From China the preseason. In the first week of Bill 27 more than 14, the foot pain made McCooe feel uncomfortable, in the battle of Indianapolis. He only won 41 yards in 17 times. Ryan hopes that McCay Thursday training will not last until Sunday, Karlos Williams is Buffalo’s current Runaway, and the performance of the first week is very good, but Lien knew that he would need Maikay in the game of the Super Bowl Championship on Sunday.

In the end, Bosa almost certainly signed with lightning. Unable to imagine the short season and participate in next year’s draft. But it is not possible to get close to the consensus because they begin negotiations.

Hai Luohuhu will welcome the 30th birthday at 4.24, and he has selected all star lineups in CFL, and won the 2017 champion with Toronto Golden Golders. He killed 47 times in 55 times last year, and 26 additional shot destinations were 26 times. Sea Luhu can also be competed to abandon the kick, 106 abandoned the kick code 43.1.

In the next two days, the final competition will be confirmed that many people will be cut off, and all players have talked out better performance in the game with the American tiger. Gres got eight times, and a special group of special groups and a copy. Odom also won eight crisps, including a snoring that caused the other party to lose the ball and a five-yard killing.

But some familiar people said that both sides were not close to reach a consensus. Lightning has always adhered to Bosa to accept partial signature bonuses after payment terms and salary offset clauses, according to ESPN, lightning wants to “nearly half” in Boosa 17 million US dollars to release bonus to March next year, and Bosa I hope to get all in 2016. Article Article Art will help light saves a divided money when it is signed with other teams. Bosa insisted that he would not agree to these two terms. Unless a party concession, it is just negotiating and not enough.

The Falcon announced on Friday, and will decide whether to arrange Jones 90 minutes before the start of the game. Jones is injured in the game with Green Bay packaging, and the hips injury leads him to miss the game with the Pittsburgh steelman. The head coach Mike Smith said, looking forward to Jones to come back, but now he has no way to give any accurate statement.

Varet is the first round show in front of the lightning, and has been selected in 2015, and last year and 49 people signed a year short. Due to the influence of knee injury, Vatt only participated in a game, then reimbursed season, he has only played 6 games since 2015.

[Falcon News Courier] Falcon Flat Refields End SeasonThursday night (Beijing time on Friday morning), the Falcon has ended the journey of the journey with a loss, and they lost to the Jackson Will Americas that I visited 13-7 in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Mercedes. Falcon’s starting players are basically the first time I saw the new court, here they ended the preseason with four battles.

The reporter of Fox Sports released this news in the first time. “This is the largest draw before 2012, the two parties will announce the time delay until Thursday morning in the last NBA competition in the memorial. Expressing the respect for this player. “

Grace is one of the four defensive players who have got a copy of the Falcon, which grabs the ball from the side of the fish. Odom is in the battle line to help Natman have completed a copy of a copy with an air.

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