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The contract of Harry will take up a year, will occupy a salary space of 9.4 million US dollars. After cutting him, 1.7 million US dollars became a dead money, and the chief received an additional space of $ 7.7 million.

Falcon makes Fremman to run the starting to run the game with Tevin Coleman. The latter has a total of 941 yards in a total of 11 times this season. In an interview, Fremman said that he was dissatisfied with the sharing time, but the opportunity to get as much as possible.

Rudolph referred to himself to let Smith Schustet participated in the future. “I have to pass the ball to you the best player. This is what you look forward to seeing in a weekly game plan, so I am focused on this,” Lu Dolph said. Zhu Zhu is a team player, so there will be some games. In the game, opponents may focus on him or others have to stand out to complete the attack, and they have done this in Monday night. We have a group of outstanding players “

Before leaving the game, Hogan completed 5 batches and acquired 60 yards. After that, he will receive a nuclear magnetic resonance imaging scan on Monday morning. Next week is the patriotic court, so Hogan has many recovery time.

According to ESPN reporters Adam Schefter, the Chief will cut off Harry. This move does not make people accidentally, there is indication that there is indication that the chief will clean up members of the “elderly, expensive” defensive group.

Broker: Falcon runs 卫 弗弗曼 应 顶 顶The broker of Atlanta Falcon Run Guarda – Fremman Expressed that Fremman should get the salary of the “elite level” and even though the Fremman “is obviously less”, he is a league Ranked the top three running guards.

Steelman quarterville: will focus out to take over SchthziteAfter Antonio Brown left the team, the outer juju smith-schuster knew that he would have more attention in his opponent in this season. Now he also needs to respond to the impact of the team to replace the quartz. The result is his data fell.

Johnson has been hurt in these two weeks, and the two games are used as “bait” to attract defense, and the data is relatively bleak. After a 7-yard ball in the Bider, Johnson’s ankle can only be left again. After the game, the Lion coach Jim Kadville said that he was likely to put Johnson into the inactive list and let him rest for a week.

“Wei Zhentian” is likely to absence the sixth week competitionIn the fifth week, Detroit Lion, in the game of Buffalo, the top of the lion, the top of the lion, and Calvin Johnson, who was injured again, and it was likely to absence the next week.

This season Smith Shustet has completed 4.3 times a game, and the 64.5 yard was obtained. In the last season, he completed 6.9 times a game in average, got 89.1 yards. He was the 4th front of the number of passes in the last season. And this year, his pass is ranked 45th in the alliance.

“But he still proved himself. He is full. He can continue to appear. He can get beautiful data. He is a team player & mdash; & mdash; he does his duty and help the team to enter the super bowl. Although this season has not been I got the name of us to get him, I would like to say that he is the running guard in the top three of the league. He should get the corresponding salary. In the course, the priority is completed. If not? Hey, we have been It was underestimated, but sometimes when you were underestimated, some people finally had a price. “

For steel people, their strengthening of defensive groups is far from being over. They must choose some second-line defensive players in the next few rounds to fill the blank left by the safe sneaked Polamalu and the angle WAYLOR retirement.

After losing two teeth in last week, the fourth quarter of this week was injured in the shoulders. When Tom Brady was passed on, he affected Hayes Pullard, a strong strike from the “Hayes Pullard), which was pullard.

3 years agoNFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport said that if Johnson will be “quite surprised” next week, he said that click the up coming site lion hopes that their heads can play in a 100% state. Kadville said last Friday, said that if the Johnson’s ankle is not obviously improved, they will not be taboo Johnson on the bench, Golden Tate will become the headed number of the team. hand.

Steel people are willing to get outside Basue Bad Depley Before you begin in the election conference, the Pittsburgh Steel Man Team clearly indicated that the players in the external guards were the top priority of their in the election conference, because the year is only 27 Jason Worilds accident. Announce retired. Today, their wishes have been achieved, from Bad Dupree, the University of Kentucky, joined the team with the first round of the No. 22 show.

“In the season, Delwen Tower faced a frustrated situation,” Campbell said. “He has been trying to make himself a three-run guard, but when you pay attention to his appearance, he is more important than the play of other elite running guards.”

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