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Rice has signed a contract in 2011, although he helped the team last season, but he only played 8 games, and because the knees were injured without playing season, in a total of 7 seasons, Rice contributed 242 times. Promote 3,592 yards and won 30 reachaes.

Rice was taken down in the 2007 draft, was taken down by the Viking team, 2009 season and the old putbut Falt Fair, contributed 83 battles, 1312 yards to advance the distance and 8 to help the team Importance of the national contest, such data makes Rice enters the first-class ranks, but the next season he only wounded 6 games, only one season of his last four seasons.

Russel Wilson’s pass pressureThe Pass of Seattle Hawks is ranked 31 in NFL. One of the reasons is that the pressure ratio from Russell Wilson is the highest in the alliance. Wilson has been stressed in 38.5% of the post, causing a murder or Wilson directly exposed under pressure. You are likely to see the four-point guards of the two teams on Sunday, because St. Louis’s quartz, wholesale Jerseys Austin Davis, is ranked by stress by 36.3%. two.

Wilson returned to the new high 48.4% of the season in the last week, and the team lost to Dallas Cowba in 23-30, which was one of the reasons why Wilson could not successfully throw the ball into the ground. Wilson’s 15-yard pass rate is only 39.3%, ranking 21 in NFL and far behind last year 51.5% (League Second).

There is a reporter pointed out: “The Bear Team is now not to report on the requirements of the reporters. They will not tell anyone on the court. If you want to contact the player or the coach you need to submit an application 24 hours ahead.” Obviously Fox is not I hope that the outside world has won the message of any training ground, but he can’t ask the players to give up using their own mobile phones. So this stupid provision still cannot restrict the emergence of news.

Rice announced the retirement news through the Seattle Hawk official website. The main reason is that there are too many injuries. He said: “I have been worried about the past few years is my health. I have fallen countlessly, there are many injuries. I have been overcome, but the injury is always the beginning. “

Xiong team lift season training camp wonderful interview restrictionNFL’s head coach has its own different habits to ensure the privacy of the team, but this time John Fox increases the privacy of the Chicago Bear team again.

Shelman, Bennet is absent from the Hawks TrainingRichard Sherman (back), defensive end Michael Bennett (toe), Substate, Schling (Stephen Schilling) (Knee) Tharold Simon (Knee) entered the list of training in the training on Thursday. The Hawble Coach Pete Carroll did not meet with the reporter on Thursday, so we didn’t know the status of these players before the end of Friday training. If Sherman and Bennet have hurt the game that is not able to play the war, the game, the game, the game, the game, will be difficult to confuse.

Simon previously returned to Micam Maxwell from the knee surgery before the two games, while McAxville had absent two games because the calf muscles were lacking, and they did not participate in training on Thursday. The first time in the past three games for the first game of Max Unger, and Ang, Washington, Washington, Hua Washington, was hurt, but returned to training this week.

Gilmoor is the best defensive player in 2019. He completed 6 copies in last season, 20 times destroyed. At present, his teammates J. C. Jackson (J. C. Jackson) completes 8 CD, Ranking League 2nd, Gilmoor is only completed once.

Colts running back with Nessim – a three-year contract HinesUS time on Friday, according to ESPN correspondent reports, pony and running back Nessim – Hines (Nyheim Hines) will be renewed for three years, the total salary of $ 18.6 million, including $ 12 million in welfare.

Also on Thursday, there is no training, Marklm Smith (groin), defensive cut, Jordan Hill, is also replaced by Jeron Johnson (brain shock ” ). Paving James CarpenTee participated in all training on Thursday after the back of the back, and the Marshawn Lynch was also returned to returning after his haraisal rest day on Wednesday.

US Time Monday, according to NFL NetWork reporters, Gilmoor is torn in the competition. Gilmoor will receive surgery on Tuesday, which is expected to participate in some Patriots seasons training programs.

Hynes career three years ago completed a total of 170 catches, ranked sixth year running back in. He is also a good return man, punt return average at 14.9 yards this time, look at NFL history can be ranked first. Rely on short bursts of speed and agility by Hines were advancing 893 yards rushing, the ball forward 1227 yards, 13 touchdowns.

Hynes is the third to be renewed pony 2018 draft class players, two are former linebacker Darius – Leonard (Darius Leonard) and offensive tackle Braden – Smith (Braden Smith). The same session, selected the best team still played in front retaining Quinton – Nelson (Quenton Nelson), he had hoped after obtaining a record contract.

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