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Zuke is a four-wheeled show in the ram in 1969, and then traded to the eagle, and finally came to the Falcon. He is in seven years for falcon, and there is no absence of a game. He has a total of 144 games in his career, and 134 were first.

Since he was selected in the fourth round of the show in 2016, Prescot has continued to start a six4 game. He has never had contradiction with the team and has taken a class of behavior. Last season, he passed his favorite 4902 yards 30 times.

According to multi-party news, Marshall has signed a 2-year 12 million US dollars with a giant identity with a free player. His arrival allows the giants’ external arms more envious, Marshall added the outermost space behind Victor Cruz, and the small Odel Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) does not have to say, St. The slot threat of Sterling Shepard is not to be underestimated.

John Lynch, General Manager of 49, said: “Emanuel is a passionate olive player. He has a strong and favorable heart in his bones to help him become one of the most explosive players of the league. He is present Both showed your precious quality, we care about this. His previous offensive system is similar to us, and it should be quickly adapted. I am very happy to let Sunders joined, expect him to bring the positive impact. “

“He is one of the best young players I have met,” Akman said. “I feel that the two words that sometimes leaders and leaders are abused. These words may not be able to reflect the characteristics of a player after being abused. But this person reflects every character described by these words. His teammate I like to play for him. He has the vitality and charm of me in many people. I think most of the time in the performance and what he has achieved. “

“I know (Deth Boss) Jerry (Jerry Jones) has already talked to him to contract,” Troy Aikman “recently said. “It’s no need to be too hesitial. I am surprised that the two sides have not renewed. I don’t want to imagine what can happen if the cowboy uses a privileged player label or what is the idea of ​​Dick. I just think This will not be the best decision for all parties. In the end, I think this doesn’t meet the biggest benefits of cowboy and it may have a negative effect in my opinion. I hope they can complete the renewal. “

49 people traded to get a wild horseUS time on Tuesday, according to the local media of San Francisco, the wild horse will be selected for two degrees of career bowls Emmanuel Sanders and a five-way trading to 49 people, exchange the other party’s three-wheel signs And five rounds.

If Glaham is your Fantasy player, you may feel painful. In the past four seasons, Glaham has completed 89 times a year, and the 1099 yards were promoted to complete 11.5 reachaes. If the report is true, then his ball will be reduced to 25%.

Obviously, the remaining 25% of Glaham will take the ball, which includes many long-distance 3-speed ball, which is the reason why he will become a Saint star player, he said: “3 file 10 yards, This is the reason I can get a big contract, and it is the reason why I am in a different man. There is also a red area, this is the most efficient area. “

The 31-year-old Langnish has not started a game since the knee in October 2014. He and recently have been cut off the left trunks of the Barndum, and Eugene Monroe may be probably possible before the stage of the July, the stage of the training camp before the beginning of the July. Join the team to find insurance in the offensive front line.

“I have never seen him not to be completely reliable,” Akman said. “I think this is the place where he is loved by the player. When I think more and more players are more concerned about myself, he is an old player. He is a great player who really only cares about winning. This let People are very eye-catching. I love him. I hope he gets his own contract, this is what he should, I believe he will get. “

“I finally returned to health,” said Lang to ESPN. “This is the most healthy and best time I may be 5 or old. My knee returned to health. I have been training, I feel very good and ready to seize the opportunity.”

Sanders has completed the three seasons of the wild horses, and the three seasons of 2014-2016 completed thousands of shots. Although this season is slightly injured, he still completed 30 shots, advanced 367 yards, reached 2 times.

Glaham is explained: “In the past two years, I need to do it to block and go out to find a chance, now I need to block more time, I like this, this is an important part I am here, this It is a 75% of me here, I want to be part of this team. “

Cowboy is an Akman: I hope that Prescot is willing to get a new contract.Dallas Cowbi 4-point G /D-Prescott contract is one of the most concerned topics this year. Prescot has ended the last season of the rookie contract with excellent performance, and now he wants a new contract that meets its own value.

Jimmy-Glaham 75% of the time will be open to LynchWhen the close-up of Seattle Hawks, Jimmy Graham, when the Saint, New Orleans, was the ball. At that time, he didn’t need to open the way. Now, it is now transformed cheap jerseys from China the role of Seyutigraham, and he needs more ways to open.

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