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Nike Patriots #50 Rob Ninkovich Navy Blue Team Color Super Bowl LI 51 Men's Stitched NFL New Elite JerseyBotun did not explain which part of the specific part of the specific parties, and finally the possibility of the beloved hall. But now, the probability of Hamilton County and Tiger consultations is higher.

Tiger venue refuses to pay the day feeThe mood of the US local opposition to the taxpayer’s money to pay the stadium fee has become more and more. In this case, Hamilton County, the Tiger Stadium, has also begun to consider some fees.

Stadman – Bailey: For the offensive group of the ram, Tavon Austin is currently absent from the side cross-ligament, so Beiler’s return is definitely a great favorable. In the second half of the season and in the preseason, Beiler showed extremely high stability. Austin Davis will usher in a reliable helper this week.

According to media reports, tigers and Hamilton County leases, in the last nine years, there is a provision of Hamilton County to pay a specific competition day fee. But Hamilton County is now trying to refuse to pay for this part of $ 2.67 million.

Jerry Jones: Randel has potential to become a top runWho will become the number one running guard of Dallas Cowboy in the new season? Jerry Jones seems to give a hint in the interview on Wednesday. Jones said: “Joseph Randle has this potential. He has proved himself in the performance of the university, which is what we picking him. In the past two years, he played his own role in the team, but He has its strength and become the number one running of the team. “

Viking Boss Zji-Wilf (Zygi Wilf) is still seen, and he expresses the congratulations on the National Union champion at the Super Bowl of the World, and said that he thinks that Viking will have a lot of access. Super bowl of opportunities.

“I think they will clearly become like this.” Todd Portune, Chairman of Hamilton County. “Tiger wants (this part of the money), and we have the support of the prosecutor, indicating that this part of the terms are illegal.”

Orlando – Sandrick: Sandrick will play in the game this week, this will provide the team’s defensive group to provide an urgent explosive force, but just a Ski Digli is still unable to change the cowboy two-wire rocking Status. Last season, Skandrick is the most efficient corner of the team, and his coverage of the slot is excellent.

Due to personal and commercial reasons, Su Mia has completed all sniper training in Miami, and he completed these training adjustments in Portland. But the climate gap between the two places is large, so Nike prepares a special “elite secret” training room to help him adapt to Miami’s humidity. The new technologies of Nike Potlan Headquarters can be continuously adjusted according to Miami’s weather in the training room. Dolphin’s executor evaluation: “Su is not only different, and he is also different in the form of his commitment (training adjustment of the race season).”

Hubble wanted to end the coaching work of this season and spend the players on December 29th, and then make decisions as soon as possible. Another message source indicates that Hubble’s broker Dunn “” Dunnn “has noticed a reality NFL team choice. However, a message source in the University of Michigan said, “If he wants to stay in NFL, who will pay him a year of 8 million US dollars a salary?” This means that the University of Michigan is ready to make up Hobei.

Vilke et al. Will benefit from the new banned provisions.NFL and NFL players have agreed on Wednesday on Wednesday. Although the specific charter has not yet announced that we have learned that there are three players will end the original ban, you can start next week: Denver wild horse walks away from Wes Welker, Dallas Deni Corner Downto Candrek (Orlando Scandrick) and San Louis ram came from Stendman Bailey. Previously, 3 players were unqualified because they were unqualified, they were banned. In the new regulation, the ban on Josh Gordon will also be appropriately adjusted.

The Viking Boss Self-confident team is in the upstream of competition In the past eight days, Minnesota still did not successfully walked out of the shadow of Viking people. Taxi drivers, restaurant owners and sports broadcast hosts are still lamenting that they have not entered the super bowl, and the imagination should belong to this time atmosphere.

Vis Wilke: Pedon Manning is the most reliable trough that is about to return. Wild horses said that Wilke has passed the brain volatile test and can be played in the game. With Wilke Return, Emmanuel Sanders and Demaultius-Thomas will return to the outside, Andre Caldwell becomes a ball. Team taken outside the team. This season, the offense of the wild horse will remain strong, with the outbreak of Julius Thomas and Wilke’s return, the wild horse has reason to defeat Seattle Hawks.

Hubble played in Michigan with unlaborative feelings, he was theremons and heard that family and friends advised him to look back. Hubble’s father Jack-Hubble has an influential to his son. He said he liked and admired Jim Hackett, a master of Michigan University, and the latter met him in the mid-1970s. At that time, he was the school’s defensive guard coach and Hucht served as the center of the school.

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