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Burman requested Braddy’s lawyers and NFL to pay a memo to explain their position on August 7th. Burman arranged a meeting on August 12, requiring NFL President Roger, Roger Goodell and Braddy. Bumman encourages the two sides to continue to negotiate to seek possible solutions. In addition to this meeting, Berman also arranged both sides asked again on August 19th. This meeting may be the meeting before the continuation may be Merman to listen to verbal words.

Dallas Morning News reporter Brandon George agreed with this news, it is reported that the cowboy is currently hoping to get a backfree as a team, like Colt McCoy or Cai S-Daniel, such a player, so Griffin and cowboy have nothing likely.

The written report indicates that the player, NFL and Federal Tribunals hope that this matter can be quickly determined. If the case is opened on August 19, Mrman Judge will make a decision in the NFL season. On September 10th, the New England Patriot will be able to understand the situation more clearly before the season of the Stampsburgh Steelman.

He pointed out that Johnson’s competitive level decreased, but his attitude. Kari said: “I know that he is definitely unhappy. But I am not sure what is wrong, but he and the team did some disputes before this season. I know that I know it very well, I also know his career The results and honors. But now it is very clear. “

After completing 100 yard running balls in Section 4 of the New York Giants, Murray became a player who completed 100 yards above the first season in NFL history. Previous records were recorded by Jim Brown’s 6-game 100 yards completed in 1958.

In the letter issued by Breddy, it is called the original plan to request the court to issue a ban, so that Braddy can return to the stadium when it is carried out. However, NFL and Braddy reached a consensus, and they decided to quickly get ruling results in the maximum benefit of each party (including fans).

This news is not accidentally unexpected, and the extent of the hot-fried marketing in the quarter, the brown disappointment is universal. Many fans, media members are predicted that they will enter the playoffs. Champion Baker Mayfield, wholesale Jerseys Exterior Hand Odel Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) and Jarvis Landry, Run Nick Chubb Fight will seem to be full. The defensive group is also able to have a generation, but the cashness of talents is not so easy.

Owl Card: Johnson is no longer the Johnson of the year.Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Houston Texas in the scene on Sunday. Old Will’s Old Will Will Williams claimed that the Trichor’s All-Star External Hand Andre Johnson is no longer the unable to defeat.

Brady and NFL litigation will end before the start of the seasonNFL and NFL players will have a recent differences, but a joint written request released on Friday shows that they have agreed to Tom Brady’s litigation needs to end before the start of the 2015 season.

Since Jimmy Haslem (Jimmy Haslam), only a head of the two years has been bed for two years & mdash; & mdash; Hugh-Jackson (Hue Jackson), but the Brown, who he brought the team, was also a shortcoming. I don’t know if Brown’s tragic destiny is contacted with them too frequently.

According to this written report, the alliance and the play worker will jointly issue a written request, and I hope that the New York Judge Richard Berman can make a ruling on Tom Bradi’s litigation before September 4. Merman quickly agreed to a time schedule, such an arrangement capable of solving Braddy’s lawsuit before the first week.

“Ma Shaun is working closely, and we are now helping & lsquo; beast model & rsquo; wearing the most comfortable underwear,” said company, “Mi’an, people should be free to express freely Irs yourself, Mi’an said they hope that Lin Qi concentrates on preparing for the super bowl, don’t worry too much about the consequences of my unique expression.

Despite this, Mi’an has agreed to donate $ 2000 to the family to the Foundation to compensate Linqi’s recent fines, and there is another donation to compensate Linqi freedom to express their consequences & mdash; & mdash; in the Super Bowl One reachable will be replaced by $ 20,000 (up to $ 10,000).

Underwear companies expressed support for Lynch’s unique way to express their own waySeattle Hawks ran to Masshawn Lynch, if you express fierce on Sunday, you will have some benefits to motivate him, or compensate for his fine .

Now there is only one question, NFL official has notified the Hawo, if Linch continues to do this kind of downward posture, will be fined 15 yards after the reachable. With this warning looks that Lin Qi does not have to continue to do this posture, but whether it will continue to be fined yet.

ESPN reporter learned that if the super bowl is once again fined again, underwear brand has agreed to donate a considerable amount of money to the family-to-fund fund founded by Lynch, a commitment to children Help understand the importance of education, with basic education and cultivate the funds of self-confidence.

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