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Bill ranked by the team reporter: “This is a matter of course, and the current Bill is not in a hurry to talk about the big contract. But when the renewal time comes, White contract figures may record.”

Bill Executive Corner Weitre Davidius White Fifth AnnouncementUS Time Wednesday, according to ESPN reporters, Bill has enforced the fifth year of Tre & Rsquo; Davious White, his rookie will expire after the end of 2021.

In endorsed Steelers general manager Kevin – Colbert (Kevin Colbert) believe this quarterback – Rose Rees Berg (Ben Roethlisberger) is no doubt the team leaders view at the same time, Ward also need to think Big Ben there are better leader skills.

Sean – Li through the brain shock test will appearDallas denim defensive group is constantly moving. At the same time, the core line sneakers in the bought team, and the core line Swando-Hardo-McLando McClain ended the banner. Will be played in this week.

The beast of the union of the national army in the country: Detroit LionSpeaking of Guoxi North District, talking about the most is the Green Bay packaging and Chicago Bear, Minnesota Weijing is in the reconstruction stage. However, another one in the partition is rarely mentioned. At this time, the Detroit lion quietly rises, and a bloody hurricane is blowing in the alliance.

According to the insider, after Li will participate in the team’s training without reservations after the cerebral shock detection. This week, the opponent of cowboy will be the new England Patriot. If you want to win, they must find ways to restrict Tom Brady. As of this week, the performance of the denim defense group is not satisfactory. In the face of Atlantian Falin and the Saint New Orleans, they can’t stop the continuous attack of the opponent.

Feng Miller: I will go back to the chicken after retiring.Many professional athletes will lose their direction after retiring. But it seems that this is not the case for Von Miller, which is a von miller, because his chicken is already in his brain.

Ramsse added to the ram in the middle of the season. He has had experience with steel people, helping Jacksonville American Tiger in the season of championship. In the 2 game after joining the ram, he won 11 times and forcing the ball.

Rambi Wiramsse: I don’t worry-resistant steel people walking out in Smith SchubuttExtraction Zhu Zhu – Juju Smith-Schuster is currently unsure whether it will play the game. But if he appeared, his opponent didn’t worry about his threat.

Ward is not the first storm for today expressed disappointment Steelers legend, after running back Jerome – Bettis (Jerome Bettis) also made similar remarks. Ward is not the first to question Big leadership of former Steelers player. Now playing for the Denver Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel – Sanders (Emmanuel Sanders) had a similar view.

“I heard all these Pittsburgh Steelers storm off let me down, never before such a thing,” Ward mentioned about running back Leiwei Ang – Bell (Le & # 39; Veon Bell) and wide receiver Antonio – said in Brown (Antonio Brown) News. “This is unfortunate as Leiwei Ang – Bell and Antonio Brown – the two best players next season will not stay in the team but yes, this is the team leader he served as leader, he has done so. . the only thing I think he had to take the initiative to become a better leader not only in his radio program he openly criticized his teammates have to put criticism behind the scenes & mdash;.. & mdash; like the way they treat are & mdash; & mdash; you know we always say that we are brothers & mdash; & mdash; like privately let me know what I can do to improve my performance you do not have to say so publicly so that everyone knows so I think he had to become better. leader. “

In the season’s 8 games, Smith Schustic’s performance has proved Ramsea. He completed 33 battles to get 459 yards 3 times. If you look at this performance from this season, you have to know how to get 111 batches last season. And his performance in this season is far less than the same period of last season.

White is the first year of 2017, now is one of the Cheap nfl jerseys from china top corner. He completed 58 hugs last season, 17 times destroyed, 6 copies, 2 times forced the ball, selected for the best lineup and occupational bowls.

This is not a joke. Miller’s poultry science he was mainly written in Texas University of Technology. He said that he has always maintained a 3,000 square meters of chicken farm, there is approximately 40 chickens, and he still has a chicken tattoo.

“It’s not worthy of him, he is not Antonio Brown,” Jalen Ramsey “said that Schthzite is said. “Now I will face an excessive person, different body, different styles. He can complete the attack. But I will make my own game. I really didn’t feel worried about it.”

Lions defensive nor succeed more so, the whole game of Eli – Manning (Eil Manning) to foot pressure, and caused two possessions conversion. Under the leadership of NDAMUKONG Suh, the lion began a little component from the small role in the National United States. The most concerned that the country is the most concerned that the Hawks, Saints and Packages, and the lions will take a long time to take advantage of people.

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