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Sea Eagle coach Carol: dissatisfied with defensive group to get 44 pointsAlthough the ball is not to be one of the problems that limit Buffalobier, this issue is not the final result in the game against the Seattle Hawks.

But such performance is indeed in line with the trend of the Sea Eagle Defense Group. At present, 6 wins and 2 losses have been 34 points in the 2 games lost, but the fields have to get 40.5 points. In other words, if the opponent offensive group status is hot, the offensive group is not in the best state, then the sea eagle will be defeated.

This is the first to participate in the field training since December last year in December last year. Last season he got 694 yards 6 times in 9 games last season, this is the first single season of his life than 960 yards in his career.

I don’t talk about Clark’s field problems. At least he presents a good competitive state on the court. He is very good in all aspects of the game of Dain Buddha Wild Horse. The total score is as high as +6.9. Especially in the anti-run, he can quickly get rid of a variety of ground covers and complete defense, and the anti-run evaluation is +5.6. In terms of rushing, he has an impact four-point guard and twice to cause quartz guards. He is active in the field, and even once in depth to the backfield to pursue the screen attack.

Since Carol Joined the Hawk in 2010, 44 points were the maximum score of the Hawble opponent. Since 2010, Carol’s defensive group has 5 times to get at least 40 points, and the Hawks will lose in these five games.

The new general manager of the lion: I like the candidate of this year’s draft.The Detroit Lion has changed his management and lineup in this year’s break. Despite the new four-point Guareide Garyfrie (Jared Goff), the new general manager of the team still expressed interest in this year’s draft may pick four-point guard.

Bell (scorpion 1105 yard, catching the ball 579 yard) and Brown (99 times a 1509 yard) Help Pittsburgh steel people currently in the United States headed seed, Wholesale Jerseys and the two have achieved 18 times. Breddy (3865 yards of passing), Wenz (quadruple branch 101.9) and Bris (quad-branch scored 104.2) A total of 30 wins and 9 loss of records, a total of 19 shots of 19 The ball is copied.

Perhaps the lion does need more to reinforce other positions, but it also promotes the value of the candidate four-point guard this year and also improved the value of the seventh place in their hands. There are many teams behind the lions lack long-term options in the four-defense position.

“These people did not even work hard today,” Carol talked about Bill’s performance. “We didn’t expect this. We didn’t expect that they will completely give up the pavement attack. We have a subtle plan for how they will have a better way.” We need to make better adjustment. “

Steel man runs Bai Bore to become a professional bowl to get the fans vote the most playersLevian – Bell (Le & # 39; Veon Bell), Tom Brady, Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown), Carson Wentz and Dru Brit (Drew Brees) Become a professional bowl to get the most players in voting.

Although it has been passed through the transaction and it seems that there are other more important considerations in the lions, Holmes seems to indicate that he does not give up the idea of ​​picking quarter-free.

In this competition, Bill Si San Shush-Allen’s passed 415 yards 3 times, helped Bill to defeat the sea eagle at 44-34. His wonderful performance means the poor performance of the Habi Defense Group, which makes the Haiying coach Pitt Carroll.

The first show of Collin’s preseason is very good. He has completed his mission in the court. Although he still improved on the shirt cover (two times to force the other party forced the four-point guard to promote the hand), but overall, he still gave himself a good head, let himself It has a place in this alliance’s best offensive front line.

Inventory season’s first week’s first week’s best three rookiesThe preseason is the closest channel of inspection of new people. Although the sample is too low enough to reflect the true level of these rookies, it is still reflected some advantages and needs to be solved urgently. Let’s take a look at the first round of the first round of the first round of the season?

Rofling is as high as 10 times in the first game, and the first week of the league is first. In the face of these 10 times, Rofling is quite clean every time. His coverage of this game reached +3.0, although letting the other party completed 5 battles, but only 26 yards, and there were two times to destroy the ball, and most of the cases did not have no loss.

“This year, this year is very good, there is a four-point guard in different styles,” Holmes said. “There is actually very complete four-point guard, he can complete offense in the four-dimensional protection network and relying on your legs; there is more than the legs, more creative quadruples; A four-guards may actually complete the attack in the quartz guard website. When you evaluate all the candidates for this year’s candidate four-point guard, all these different styles make the evaluation work is interesting. “

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