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Crow new show, Teleman is put into the injury reserve listBaltimo Crow New Shops Behind Breshad Perriman will officially absence the remaining competition in the season. The team announced on Tuesday that they have put him in a list of injuries reserves that reimbursed season.

Steel people take over Schthzite responded to Rambi Wei Lamse: I am meOn Friday, Los Angeles Ramsey Jalen Ramsey, in an interview, took the Pittsburgh’s steel people, Juju Smith-Schuster, the front of the steel man took over Antonio – Brown ( Antonio brown compares. He said Smith Shuste is not Brown.

Before serving as the Arizona Railwell Defense Coordinator, Bechu is also the top candidate for Tennessee Titan defensive coordinator position. Bechcher led the Raven Swich Society in the ranks of the League of the League in the field, but the field was ranked 19th.

Rexii first wrote: “You are said that we will complete the first week of the first week of packaging?” HA HA Clinton-Dix wrote on Twitter: “You It is best to tighten your helmet and chinato, bite your teeth. “Raysa replied:” We all know this is not a problem. “

The crow picks the University of Central Florida at the Central Florida University. This very optimistic external connections have not recovered from the knees after the first day of the training camp. In September, the 霹雳 有限 有限 returned to the training & mdash; & mdash; carry the route run and participate in personal training.

Perryman is not the only injury influence in the 2015 level. Chicago Bear First Trips take over Kevin White that failed to debut in this year’s competition. He received surgery in August to treat tibial stress fractures. Indianapolis pony first round show, Phillip Dorsett, is absent in the seventh week of the bloody fracture.

Before the competition of Crownati Tiger in the third week of the crow, Pereman attempted to pick up a long time in the warmth. It looks very painful. He later accepted an expert’s arthrode endoscope examination, and the results showed no new injury.

In this competition, the ram sometimes lets Ram stare against Schthzite, sometimes sent double-guard. In the end, Smith Schustt completed 3 batches to get 44 yards. This is the fourth time in the six games in the season, he fails to catch more than 50 yards.

“This is very different from him in Jacksonville, he can do whatever in the American tiger. And in the ram, he has to follow instructions. He has to listen to (Eric) Wader. This is different. This is a great experience. I hope to have more balls to throw it to us, but when you are staring at the defense, this is hard. “

During the off-season, Lawson focused on the recovery process, but also not be too hasty. In the absence of confirmation hundred percent healthy physical condition, the Tigers and he will not be eager to participate in training camp.

This will be Shu Mer and Bether’s first work. They will work hard to reinvigorate the giant defensive group with excellent players but poor performance. The giant defensive group of this season lost the number of code rankings on the 31st, and the averaging ranking League No. 27. Just two years ago, the giant field lost the code rankings 10th, and the averaging ranking alliance is the second.

Since this season, Chris misses a game to complete 914 yards of flush and seven reacted. And his greatest contribution is to attract the attention of the opposite defensive group, maybe this is why he will have such a speech.

The 39-year-old Bechcher is very fast, and he entered Nfl Jerseys in 2012 to serve as the Horse Outer War of Indianapolis. Then he followed the bruce arians, he was a foreign-guard coach at the beginning of the 3 season’s defensive coordinator.

Revi’s teammates can learn from Evin Grifen, Minnesota, Evin, Griffin, who left Aderian Peterson, Griffin, said: “Unfortunately Leaving our team, but can collide with him on the court, we always say this, because we can’t touch him in the previous training. “

Now that most people will put him in the list of the top running guards, but it seems that Chris feels that this is not enough. Recently, when I was interviewed, Chris said: “I will definitely put myself in the top five running guards, this is my own feeling, I have done a lot of efforts, but people only see the performance on me.” I think they should know more about me. “

Lawson said: “There is a lot to look forward to, but at the same time, the ability to stay healthy has to distinguish the team area I think the most important thing is to keep the team depth & hellip; & hellip; as long as we are not as serious injuries last year. you can wait and see. “

Bengals defensive end Lawson want to return the first week of the regular seasonBeijing July 9 hearing in 2017, the Tigers rookie defensive end Carl – Lawson (Carl Lawson) completed 8.5 sacks, as if the future pillars of the defense. But he suffered a serious knee injury in Week 8 of last season, before right knee cruciate ligament tear.

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