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McCarthy and Thompson will continue to build a team around the four-dimensional Aaron Rodgers, and Rogers’s contract will expire after the 2019 season. The three-person combination makes the packageman have excellent candidates in three most important locations for a successful NFL team. After signing the new contract, they will win the ball together in the foreseeable future.

Since the beginning of the break, both parties will negotiate renewal. But before the renewal coach, wholesale jerseys the team in June and general manager Ted Ton will continue to year. This is the best general manager of the League – one of the coach combinations has led the package to become a promotion in recent years, since the team has never had a season than the season in 2008. Green Bay is currently 5 wins and 3 losses. The second column of north, and their offensive group will be expected to lead them to the playoffs for the sixth consecutive year.

McChazi mutacity package has entered the ninth year, during which he led a super bowl of championship, 4 times in the United States and 6th entered the playoffs. “We are very happy to extend and Mike’s contract,” Ted Thompson “is expressed in the statement. “In the past 9 years, as a superior coach and leader, he brought outstanding stability and excellent results for packators and fans. He is a good coach, we look forward to Mike as our head coach The future. “McCarti obtained 93 victories (regular sessions and playoffs) during the packaging worker, this is the third good record of team history, second only to the legendary trainer Wens-Lombardi (Vince Lombardi) ( 98) and the team founder – Curly Lambeau (212).

But this is a shocking, attacking the front line coach Tom-Kelple, said that Kelple is just the kind of conftriving play, he said: “This is a bad thing. The penalty. Cagpete did not worry about the referee, don’t worry about the referee, you only need to perform it. Now it seems late, and it seems to be stupid, this is what I don’t want to see. But this is a fact. “

Originally fixed (Beijing time) 5 o’clock in the morning of October 13, the love of the vs wild horses will be extended, and the specific time is always determined. The fifth week will be the tweet weeks of the two teams.

Beijing October 19th, Beijing time, Friday, October 19, 8:20, 8:20, this season, the seventh week of the seventh week, kicked off on Thursday night. 1 wins and 5 negative Arizona Redshos were home to the home, and strive to win the first home victory in the season in 2 wins and 4-negative Denver. These two cross-alliance teams are not often encountered, and the two teams have worked 10 times in history, and the rickets only win a win (2010 season); and the two teams have played in the 2014 season, and the wild horses were over 41:20 bird.

Falcon announced before the Kansas City Chief Defense Coordinator Bob Sutton will join the team as a senior assistant coach. He will assist Kilin in the competition strategy, time management, suspend use and playback review.

The NFL referee is DEAN BLANDINO, said Cagpete attacked an impact on the defensive frontline player who lost his defensive ability to the ground and should be sentenced to foul. He said in the league weekly referee video: “This is a foul. A player lost his preparation after flying, you can successfully complete this cover action, but if you stop, you will go to hit the player The head or neck area, that is, unnecessary collision is fouled. After the Cagpet stopped, he collided with the arm and the forearm and the front arm, so it belongs to unnecessary collision fouls. “

League’s referee cancels Harva’s DanceThe Seattle Hawk was in the game of Washington Red Pieces last Monday, Russell Wilson gave Percy-Harvin, because of the strife James – Cagpete ( James carpenter is canceled, causing the Haiying team very dissatisfied. The Alliance Office is very satisfied with this penalty.

Haiying abandoned kickle for playing the ball Sunday, the Seattle Hawks almost dominate the game, and finally they completed the 600 yards of the 600 yaw with 35 more victory, the whole game Hawks completed the 600 yards, and successfully grabbed the homeland advantage.

The Hawks opened the score in the fourth quarter, and the three missing players have led to a lot of pressure in the first three defensive groups. After the game, the fans were launched directly on the Internet “The dead Stephen – Hardeva!”

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