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Monliff will play a more important role, but he is still facing the competition of playing time in the team. After the old Leji Wayne and Hakiem Nicks, the team introduced a veritable star outside Johnson, dug Du Du Carter cheap jerseys from china the Canadian Rugby League (Duron Carter) ), Also signed Vincent Brown from the free player market. Johnson and Ty Hilton & mdash; & mdash; plus close-end Edwig – Coby Fleener & Mdash; & mdash; has been booked for most of the appearance time, However, last season’s 547-file Monlliwa will gradually increase the opportunity after the end of the rookie season.

If you can use the Wembley Stadium, he may also move the Americas to London. However, Khan has already said that he loves Jacksonville, since he is now not able to buy a Wembley Stadium, the “London America” ​​will not appear recently. The American tiger will still play a game annually.

“If you use a mushroom attack and effectively complete the rush, you can control the game time and let the opponent’s offense is present,” Falti said. “This is what we want to do. If we can control the game, control the competition rhythm and promote score on the ground, this is what we plan to do.”

Brown Coach Talks From the Bezemelo: No one can ignore usAfter Thursday night, the record of Cleveland Brown came to 6 wins and 3 losses. The head of Mike Pettine was surprising. Today, the playoffs is no longer out of play, but Pet Ting still hopes that the team can maintain a good mentality: “People’s response is excessive, everyone began to discuss us, and even Propose some ideas for exaggeration. “

Seattle Hawks run Damamas Rawls not afraidBeijing June 11th THOMAS RAWLS, the Seattle Hawks have the opportunity to become a successful successor, but he has not yet showed that he has become the main force. The persistent commencement of running guards. Results The Eagle signed the EDDIE LACY in this year, they will get the appearance time of the game day through competition.

“If you can put three players in the depth list of lineup, I will see three players as Thomas Rawls, Thomas Rawns and Thomas Rawls,” Rawls said. “I have been competing with myself. I think the whole team has a competitive mentality. We think that as long as people stay competitive, they will eventually be competent, they will eventually succeed.”

In theory, the biggest beneficiaries that Chicago bears becomes more balanced is a Jay Cutler. Relying on Fordi and ground offensive should increase the efficiency of this quadrant and reduce low-level mistakes.

It is sweaty to write in the statement, although the Football Council supports him a little more, but he finally believes that there is too much objection, and it is unlikely to buy it. However, Khan did not have a completely veto of the possibility of trying again.

Although Pert hopes that the low-profile is facing outstanding achievements in the season, he still revealed that he is full of confidence in the playoffs. Pert said: “Why can’t it be us? No one can ignore us.” In the next three weeks, Brown will continue to face Houston Texas, Atlantan Falcon and Buffalo, if you can keep the state, the team is expected to continue to win .

Falti is one of the most neglected runners of NFL. At the same time, he is also one of the race in the NFL that is popular with running guards. Falky should take more ambulance of ambulatory ambiguity than a total of 16.3 times in the season.

For Brown, the battle of the competition seating seats has been started in advance. This season is the first time in the career of Perth’s career, with the identity of the main coach, lack of experience may be one of the concerns. Brown will continue to fierce in the leadership of Pert, or there is an ups and downs, and time will tell us answers.

Monroev next is to perfect your route running technology, but it is worth noting that the Patriots pay more attention to this 21-year-old external connector in the last season. Darrelle Revis will defense him.

“I won’t completely rule out the possibility of re-considering this opportunity at other times, and the FIFA has been unified.” Khan wrote, “can be determined that this scale proposal requires certain cooperation Relationship, this partnership will make our respective members have gathered in the future. “

Matt-Formy: The number of battles is over 100 Africa goalsMatt Forte created a record of NFL running guards at 102 times last season. This Chicago Bear running does not plan to reproduce such performances this season.

The little horse will not fix their pick-up hands into both sides or troughs but ask the players to learn every position. The tactical manual delayed Monrry to get more process, but this height is 6 feet 2 inch (1 meter 88), and the external hand of 220 pounds (100 kg) is played in the eighth week. 73 yards were taken from 113 yards in 7 batches in Pittsburgh Steelman. We saw his explosive force on the thirteenth week, and he got 134 yards 2 times in the face of Washington’s red skin.

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