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The Red Tak US Time Wednesday officially implemented the fifth year contract option. Therefore, Bulannong will earn $ 8.7 million in 2018, even if the injury is no longer, but the rickets still have the power to contract with him.

Fluoret last season is not bad, but the Jigi is currently unified to rebuild a big list. The team has sent Jalen Ramsey, AJ Boye, Nick Foles and Calais Campbell, and walks in the Buddha It seems that it is not unexpected.

Gordon was pronounced on August 27 that will be banned from the banquet of the banner. Under the new regulations, the new regulations for the ban on the banned drugs will be changed to 10 games, which will also be the standard in the future. This star will take over and will return to the game in November. Gordon’s collar number is collected in the season, although the team’s quarter is poor, he still takes 1646 yards recorded by the teamwork history. His theoretical return time will be the game of Atlanta, and his return will also help Brown lack the staging of offensive weapons.

The new provision also clarifies that the team can change the decision before the gambling is decided to choose the four-speed attack. It can change the decision before the referee can start attack. In addition, the new provisions also clarify that if fouls in the previous score attack, then this four gear offens should kick.

The third game, Michael Floyd once again gave Johnson 1 code to the Johnson 1 code, Johnson did not look at the expectations, and won the third Dalsenger of the individual. But the additional points have not been kicked. However, before the end of this section, Carson Palmer sent a reach of John Brown. At the end of the three, the red tones have been leading 20 points.

The fourth game, just started, Sam Bradford sent a copy. The Red Season is directly attacked. However, Bradford will immediately redeevers, and a passage of Jordan Matthews in the air, completing a 78-yard pass to Deta. The red scitch finally used a free ball to score the score of the whole game at 40:17.

America Tiger does not execute the fifth year of running domainUS Time Friday, according to wholesale Nfl Jerseys NetWork reporters report, the Jaguo does not perform the Leonard Fournette, the fifth year contract option. This makes it more important to him in the 2020 season, because the performance of this year will determine his market value.

The red rumming is hurting the eagle, and the national West champion is in advance.Beijing time, December 21, the Philadelphia Hawk ushered in a key game, home against Arizona’s red number. However, the Red Seasonn maintained a leading leading to the eagle from the beginning of the game until the end. The final score is 40:17. The red ramp locked the name of the partition, and the eagle was behind the red skin.

And if a foul occurs in the score attack before gambling, then it will determine the four-speed offensive initiation position. If it is the previous partition (ie, the kick kick of the game / four interfaces) is penalized, then the defensive side can choose to accept the penalty of the offensive party, then this four-speed attack initiated position will be at the offensive Based on the 25 yard basis minus the number of codes that is punished. And if it is a foul, the offensive party can choose to start the four-speed attack in the 25-yard line position of this. Two different offensive initiatives will allow coaches to carefully consider whether to make a decision of gambling kicks with four 15-yard attacks.

If Brown is still competitive in the United States of America, Gordon will have the ability to bring the team into the playoffs. If the team is bad in the next two months, Gordon has the opportunity to cooperate with the first round of the team’s first round of Ki Ni-Manzel to show the fans to the future of the team.

Gordon will be reduced to 10Cleveland Brown will meet the best players in the team in November. NFL officially reported that since the Alliance is about to issue new drug management regulations, Joshgordon’s ban will be lowered from the original all-season ban. In the meeting on the evening of the local time, the player guild has no objection to this decision.

The first quarter, the first quarter of the squadron, who took the lead, smuggling, and completed 1 yard of the squad to David Johnson. The eagle responded to an arbitrary basket score. The first battle, the rickets are slightly led by 7: 3.

Rockets Executive Dion – Buchanon Fifth Year Contract Options The red rock lines were deone bucannon to enter the league for three years and have been a starting player, so the red bird wants him to keep him.

The second game, the rickets began offense from the 10 yaw of the eagle, but she only got an arbitrary ball score. The eagle is equipped with 22 yards of Zach Ertz. But Johnson’s pretty mushroom passed through the heavy screwdriver, a 47-yard reachable. The rickets were again leading again. Subsequently, the red rhert will bring a score of 17:10 into the second half.

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