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On Sunday, the eleven balls were promoted to 123 yards, which also made him a total of 712 yards in the alliance. After the beginning of the regular season, the number of games in six consecutive games is also the most in the superb bowl. He is only a history of Charley Hennigan to Charley Hennigan.

Woods and Kapu pushed 2295 yards and ranked fourth in the league external combination. The top three is Chris Godwin and Mike Evans (2490), Michael Thomas and Jared Cook (2430), Amali – Cooper and Michael Purip (2296).

Kapu said: “I think Robert is the truth. He knows his ability and knows the strength of our external lineup. We have worked hard every day, our goal has always been stimulating all the potential, doing it on the court In addition to promoting, we have to do, there is a cover, understand the attack, these we have done. I think this is our best reason why we have confidently the alliance. “

In the 2019 season, Rovasshers 21 times arbitrarily shot 18 times, 8 times 40 yards of shooting 3, including 2 50 yards above shooting, up to 53 yards. Prior to the University of Marshall, Rovar was once played by the University of Rhode Island.

Cooper – Kapadan team friendwood: We have the best external linePreviously, Robert Woods, Robert Woods, said in an interview that he believes that you and Team Kupp, as well as the entire out of the team, can be listed as the best in the alliance.

Viking outside the hand, Handan is looking for a single gameIn 2002, the famous Hall of the Hall, Marvin Harrison broke the record of the single season, raised from 123 to 143. Sixteen years later, Viking’s external handle Adam – Shetten is expected to advance this record again.

In the six games in the 2018 season, Simlun has completed 58 battles, which is much more than the ball in six games in the six games. If you continue to maintain this momentum, he can Get a total of 154 battles in the season.

Jamison Crowder (Leg Head) and Breshad Perriman (ankle) have been determined to have an end game that cannot be played against Indiana Polis. Chris Hogan only participated in some training because the rib injury was only trained.

The ram is the only team that has two ends that have been completed at least 90 times and advancing at least 1000 yards. Kapp completed 94 shots last year, pushed 1161 yards, reached 10 times, and Woods completed 90 battles, pushed 1134 yards, reached 2 times.

STEPHEN GOSTKOWSKI was reimbursed early seasoning in the hip injury, and was cut in the offset period. I haven’t stayed in the big list before the player playing in Gustoski, and Roasshers made this empty lack.

Of course, he has several games to play. Given the difficulties in Wei Jingshuo’s offensive (although this said, Lar Lar pushed 155 yards on Sunday), and the four-point Wei Kirk Coss, Kirk Cousins ​​continued Interested to feed the ball to Silled.

For players who have only four hundred and eight million of average annual salary, such performance is obviously very prominent. After this contract, Simlun has got a considerable amount of salary increase.

Of course, if you played 200 games, it means you are old. Will you know that you will never run the fastest player who runs on the court next month, especially in the knees before he knees. That is why Wen said that when he had naturally recession as a 30-year-old athlete’s physical function, he is more focused on the spirit of the spirit. “I know that I can’t be like Burto,” WiN said. “I have to pay more attention to research video, observe my opponent and try to find the best way to occupy an advantage. I may now have more than I have been more than I have seen more than I have seen. This is useful. This help I arrived at me. This is how you maintain an advantage, I hope I can continue to maintain an advantage. “

Wien’s way to treat the game may make him more than a few years, and become a small horse player who has reached 225 games, or even 250 games. It is considered that there will be any external league to reach the first Detroit Lion Kick, Jason Hanson, is not very realistic for a team of 327 games. Wi En may not stick to his teammates, play the game of Adam Vinatieri’s active player (278 games, 160 effective new England Patriots, 118 effective pony) . San Francisco 49 people legendary handle Jerry Rice’s 303 non-player appearance record may also be safe.

Milestone Horseshouses are going to play 200 gamesIndianapolis pony classes Leng Ji-Wayne will play on Sunday, the 200th game of his career, all games are played for Http://Cindyevert.Com/__Media__/Js/Netsoltrademark.Php?D=Www.Medflyfish.Com%2Findex.Php%3Faction%3Dprofile%3Bu%3D912763 Pony, which makes him entered a very elite level.

As a small horse player, there are still many times the number of times is the legendary quadrupanic unitas (206) and PEYTON Manning (208). Wi En said that he is very excited to have the opportunity to exceed his old teammates in the second half of this season. “We all know that Pelton is doing everything for this team. Some incredible I can more than him,” Wi-En said. “He stayed here for a long time. He won many games for the team, so he was obviously a kind of honor with Pelton.”

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