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The proximal Dellan Walker has not been able to participate in training because of the ankle injury. Today he finally returned to training. Although it is still restricted, he is also injured last week, completing 5 courses to get 71 yards.

The two men were J.J. Watt (J.J. Watt) (knee) and D’Andre – Hopkins (DeAndre Hopkins) (ankle). Texas people join these two people in the US time on Sunday to be trained for injury. The injury is not heavy, and it will not be absent too long.

Prescott passed the completion rate of 61.8%, currently ranked 28th, the average of the alliance is 65.0%, of which three four-point guards have more than 70%, Drew Brit, Drew Brees, 77.9. % Is head name.

Akman said in the radio: “He needs to improve the accuracy. I have said this in many years. When I evaluated quartz, I first pay attention is that the passage of the ball is, and it is not important. More stronger, The ball is not important, leadership is not important. Put the ball to the local place is the most important. I have seen too many mistakes, sometimes I need to predict it. When two safety guards are responsible for far-reaching, you will To find someone who can catch a game in the middle of the game, this should also be your primary reading task. I feel that he is not good enough for defensive preparation, and it has not effectively utilized the time before the ball or the time of kick. “

Watt is 30 years old, and it has been serious sadness in 2016, which has been brought to the 2017 season. Last year Watt can re-first regular season, he led the Texas Ferry, helping the team to win the partition champion, and let your career will be selected for a while.

Hopkins is 27 years old, and six years of career only missed a game. This loss, the perseverance of him, and his ankle last season has always been a big trouble. However, Hopkins still completed 115 battles, promoted 1572 yards, and selected the best lineup in the second consecutive year.

Miller continued the latest developments hope not the final chicken flying eggAt 4 o’clock in the afternoon on Friday, the deadline using the privilege label is approaching, and also von & middot; Miller and wild horses gradually close to the renewal agreement.

Saint-defensive cutah Ferni is disintegrating with heart disease careerAccording to informed people, the New Orleans Saint Defensive Diagonal Nick Fairley has not participated in the team’s rest period recently. It is reported that his absence is due to the health status of his career.

In March this year, Fernage, a 4-year $ 28 million contract, visited the cardiovascular doctor last month, after that, he did not participate in the training stage training and many teammates lost contact with him, and the insider said Many teammates who are often talking to Farell cannot contact him.

List Summary: Texas people join Watt and Hopkins to join the injury unable training listBeijing July 22, the Texas Camp will begin on Thursday, USA, but the superstar will not be present in the two teams.

Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China Media Ian Rapople reported in NFL Total Access on Thursday night, Feng-Miller and wild horses in the past week a one-year 6-year worth $ 114.5 million contract launched Discussions have made significant progress and considered to be a very possible solution before the deadline on Friday. The latest contracts in Denver include the top 9 months $ 59 million completely guarantee funds and at least $ 70 million overall security income.

Troy-Akman believes that Prescot is necessary to improve accuracyBeijing October 11th Members, Front Cowbi 4-point Deloy-Aikeman’s performance, Dak Prescott, is unsatisfactory, accurate This is especially true.

The latest offer of the Denver Mangma will not only make Feng Miller turn the highest defensive player in the alliance; this will also make his income and pony four-point guards to stay at the same level, here Just refer to the guarantees of funding. Luck was signed last month, he signed a record of 6 years $ 140 million in Indiana, but his affordable part is only 47 million. If the transaction can be achieved on Friday, it will exceed Raq. 12 million.

“Now there is a better opportunity to contribute to this negotiation than doing nothing.” Latport said in NFL NetWork. “With the development of the situation, Feng-Miller’s renewal negotiation has tended to calm, optimistic, it is moving rapidly in the correct direction.”

The negotiation schedule followed by this message starts from last week. Mike Garafolo hinted that the wild horses in the wild horses in order to have a new offer, “” Some of the latest non-guaranteed money, not completely signed a full guarantee guarantee fund. But The sweetness of the pot is not sweet enough to Feng Miller. “

“You know who you take place? I react is, & lsquo; yes, great. & Rsquo; he once behaves, he is great, this is no need to say,” Newton said. “But there is a little: McDaniels coach, you can now use some tactics that I can’t use. You got an excellent player. You have also got an angry person.”

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