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Davis has bought the Las Vegas raid man website in 1999

Do you think that the raid is relocated from Oakland to Las Vegas is the new idea of ​​Mark Mark Davis? In fact, I have begun this dream early in 1999.

The salary cap space occupied by Adrian Peterson is the highest alliance, reaching $ 14 million. On the second running, Jamaal Charles, Jamaal Charles, only $ 9.05 million. Therefore, the average annual salary of $ 15 million means that the current top running guards will have a significant increase in widespread salary. Even if Bell has proven to be one of the best alliances, it is still unlikely.

Steel people take over Sweeze: self-confidence can become one of the best slots of the alliancePittsburgh Steelman has selected the exterior taken in the fourth consecutive year, but the newcomers will not prevent Ryan Switzer from trying to high expectations for the new season.

Previously, the concerns of the front line seven people have been covered by a series of injuries that have been affiliated with second-line defense, which causes the little horse to sign an old free player who is not interested in other 31 teams.

Andy Abboud, Las Vegas government relations with the vice chairman of the community development told reporters: “When Spring, Davis came here and negotiated with us, you can publish the video we published online. Seeing, and seeing our welfare we promised to the local community, Mark also revealed that he bought the website of Las Vegas raid in 1999. “This is a leading thinking, 1999 Internet Not very popular, Davis thought of this.

It is not surprising that Bell wants to get a contract that reflects its performance. At least, you can regard his latest rag songs as he expressing this hope. Bell, which is a secondary song, including the ray singer, including such a lyrics: “I am the best in the league, even if it is not the closest. I need a $ 15 million contract a year, they know this.”

Since the raid is unable to get a new stadium in Auckland, this urged Davis to move the team. In addition, it is necessary to move the Los Angeles failure, and Davis is bound to keep the team to Las Vegas.

After experiencing the full defeat season of the tragedy, Brown has been selected to become the HBO new season “Tough Training Camp” protagonist team, which will let wholesale Nfl Jerseys fans look at the behind-the-scenes details of the Brown training camp.

Steel man runs Belle to express a payment in rag songsLevian – Bell (Le & # 39; Veon Bell) has always been one of the best running guards in our previous three seasons. In the 35 game, he got 2777 yards in 35 games, and the ball was 1389 yards, and a total of 22 times.

Previous Brown rejected the opportunity to participate in this program. However, after the election, the team was selected for Baker Mayfield and reinforcement, and the team was reintegressed in the future, and they allowed HBO to perform all-round shooting of training camps.

If this is not bad enough, the corner Darius Butler is injured in the anti-pharmaceutical array. Last year, the three-round Xi Jon-Smith (D & # 39; Joun Smith) was in a serious knee injury in the rookie season, and he repeatedly in the recovery process, he could only return to training.

After leaving the head injury, Laremy Tunsil left a grade for the protection of Ryan Tannehill, the protection of Ryan Tannehill due to the head injury. Tiger three times kill Tam Hayell, two of which contributed by Gino Atkins. Every time Tam Hill tries to pass the ball, Atkins will appear in a timely manner and oppressed him.

The number one corner Von Tower – Davis Davis is expected to be absent from 2 to 3 weeks due to the medulla of ankle. As the only professional bowl level player in the pony defensive group, his lack is a big blow. Another first corner guard Patrick Robinson was injured in the inguinal in the previous season.

Earlier in the game, instead of Tang Hill’s left cut Sam-Yang (Sam young) did not stop Michael Johnson, causing Tam Hill to raise his hand because it was pressed, and the ball hit it nearly The helmet of Durham Smythe, played in the direction of Johnson. Johnson did not have a waste of opportunities, he copied the ball and attacked 22 yards, chasing the score to 17 flat.

Dolphins completed the ruling stage in the first half, and established a 17-0 score advantage before the rest of the midfield, but they did not keep the momentum to the second half. The tiger has a 27-point, including two defensive groups to reach, and they did not give opposting opportunities to opponents, and finally 27-17 reverse wins, the record became 4-1, and the dolphins were connected after the three consecutive wins in the opening season. field.

Sweet will usher in the third season for steel people. In the first two seasons, he did not play an important role in the offensive group, but he felt a two-wheeled showpool-Cleep (CHASE CLAYPOOL) The arrival and Zhu Zhu-Schuster, Di Antai Johnson and James Washington not prevent him from get more opportunities this year.

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