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Sherman: Gronoski is very goodPreviously, Seattle Haying Horn, Jeremy Lane, said that the new England Patrioper near Rob Gronkowski did not seem to be so powerful, this statement also caused an uproar. . This week, His teammate Richard Sherman also published its own views on Gronoski, apparently, Sherman knows the power of this opponent.

“I am very excited about this because I really like the status quo of our team,” Rivira said in the statement. “We have achieved some really good achievements and we have the opportunity to achieve more. All in order, we can continue to success now. We can continue to win and we have entered the playoffs 4 times in 5 years.”

To prevent Gronoski, the Hawks need to find a way to limit your opponent to the Red Area. His career has completed a total of 59 games, 46 times it is obtained from the Red Area. The Hawks need to use different players to repeatedly impact Gronoski, and any players may be responsible for staring at this all-around near-end in a certain stage.

Mostart prior to demanded by the team, the team did not meet his requirements. Mostatt’s requirements are very simple, hoping to pay the highest salary of TEVIN COLEMAN, Tower Coleman. Mostarta originally fundamental salary of US $ 25.7 million.

“You have the enthusiasm of the game, the continuous pursuit of excellence, let us have achieved the unprecedented six super bowls, 9 joint champions and 17 partition champions. Due to your performance, you are now recognized For the best players in history, you are a better person. Thank you, Tom, thank you for your new England patriotic contribution, we wish you and your good family continue to succeed. Never have Another Tom-Braddy. “

“Wonderful 20 years, you gave us everything you have. When you come to the team & mdash; & mdash; at the same time, it is also the best draft choice choice & mdash; & mdash; no one will think All of these achievements you have achieved quickly have many significance for the entire region. After the best player in history, you have left New England, but you will always be a part of our family. “

Patriot Board Krafte in Tampawan Thanks Tom BraddyThe patriot boss Robert Krafte (Robert Kraft) and his family on Sunday’s “Tampa Bay Times” on Sunday, the ads of the Tampa Bay, to the recent departure of Tampawan pirates, Nasty Tham Braddy thanks.

According to cheap nfl jerseys from China NetWork reporters, Mostart’s contract year has not increased. However, he won the $ 250,000 signature bonus, which made the incentive bonus that can be reached last season, which is the part that the team is intended to pay. A lot of incentive bonus clauses have been added to the new contract, and these, the total salary is up to 5 million US dollars.

Pirates last season, signed with the champion winning quarterback Jiemei Si – Winston, the champion in the second year of his career has been significantly improved, this season has reported 8 touchdowns, the League of Nations ranks No. 3, the same area after two additional data brushes Matt – Ryan and Drew – Brisbane. In his last season in the face of the Panthers, also has a decent play, came a total of 612 yards, meet for the first time this season I do not know whether the continuation of this performance. Pirates defensive end also have a Stand – defensive tackle Gerald – McCoy, who already fought in the sixth season of league defensive specialist is an expert in terms of pass rush, 28 sacks to lead the defense of the league tackles.

ED: I think that in the past few years, rugby has developed the greatest change in China, which is that this movement has been fully developed in different levels. More and more people participate in this sport, not only have adults, and many children’s youth are involved, but also many universities have a team. I really like this movement when I was young, and I can now do some work to promote this sport, which makes me very proud. I am very happy to see more and more teenagers are playing rugby and gets happiness from it.

Shelman said: “Jeremy gave his own opinion, this is nothing. But in my opinion, Gronoski is very good.” This season, Gronoski took the ball 1124 yards, leading the alliance All near-ends. He completed the total number of reached in the top 5 seasons in the past five seasons, exceeding any close-end strike in the history of the league. Previously, the Hawksman defensive end Michael Bennett said: “Look at his body, it is too outstanding. His open capacity and pass protection ability is equally strong, we all know that he is very good His running ability after the ball is unbeatable, his feelings are equally good. To be honest, I think he is a great player. “

Rivira has achieved 64 wins and 47 losses in the 7 seasons of the handling of the Black Panther. The Black Panther will face the Saint New Orleans in the first round of the playoffs, and they will try to enter the second round of the playoffs in the rancation in the 5th year.

2016 regular season fifth week Monday night game Pirates @ PanthersThe fifth week of the regular season game between the two teams in the National League South to start play Yiqijuechen Carolina Panthers last season, this season, let the fans stunned; and pirate with partitions still not out of the belly of destiny. The first time this season the two teams clash, the duel between two black champion quarterback will become a spectacle.

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