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Statistics to Zero Sherman staged classic corner guard performanceFor the defensive front line, the line guards, the more the characters, the more it means that the player is stronger, but for a corner guard, you can do the opponent’s four-point guard at all, do not dare to him. The direction of the direction will challenge him, is the performance of a top corner guard, usually they even have a chance to copy.

Osville advances 6.4 yards each time this season, ranked third in the qualified ranking quartz. His 59.6% of the transfer rate ranked 22nd (28 people) in three games (28 people) in three games, ranked twenty years in the ball data of 231.7 yards. Texas people’s red zone offensive efficiency is also the lowest, only 14.3% of Red District offensive achieved reachable.

The reason for layoffs is that Coronber has produced a serious oral dispute with the main coach Joe Joe Judge. On Tuesday evening, when Kikunburg team plans to hire Dudoguri Ai Mo, Coronber has expressed the objection.

American Tiger optimistic security Guitus can play the finalsJacksonville American Tiger Safety Wei Dagan Gipson) Since the right foot is injured, it is impossible to determine whether the Federation of the United States is unable to fight the Federation of the Federation, but the team coach Doug – Malone believes that he can play a game against the New England Patriots. .

Given that Meer coached the University of Florida cheap jerseys from china 2005 to 2010, he may be very suitable for Jacksonville America. Ji Tiger coach Doug – Malone (Doug Marrone) has only achieved 12 wins since the 2018 season, and he is still 1 year with the contract of the Jaguji, but it is considered unlikely to stay.

56-year-old Mile used to coach 7 seasons in the Ohio State University, he left the team in December 2018. In the 17 seasons of coaching Ohio State University, Florida University, Utah and Baolin Green State University, Mile band won 187 wins and 32-dimensional warfare and 3 won national champion & mdash; & mdash; led Florida University to get 2 times ( The 2006 season and the 2008 season) and led Ohio State University to achieve 1 time (2014 season).

Most of the time, Green Bay packaging workers quartz, alliance four elite four-point guards Alon Rogers (Aaronrodgers) do not even choose to seek air, the first side of the head of Sherman Jordynelson is also basically arranged in the zone of the sea eagle. Because of this, the audience will be able to play the number of times in the broadcast lens. The opponent’s perseverance does not reflect the powerful strength and deterrence of Shelman. Sherman proved that his strength is called the first corner of the alliance.

In the opener NFL2014 season just ended, the Seahawks head horn guard Sherman shot a classic top cornerback performance. His audience statistics were: 0 times, the opponent passed the ball to his zone, which also means that the number of passes success, the number of propulsions, and the number of times are 0.

Gibson is expected to be an important part of the Rob Gronkowski defensive plan for the proximity of the Rob Gronkowski. If Gibson can’t appear, the American Tiger will have to let the second grade player Jerrod Wilson, who is playing this season, replaces Gibson.

According to informed people, coach Bill O’Brien (Bill O & # 39; Brien) will take over the prevention tactical choice work, which may help Osville’s performance. O’Brien has done this for the new England patriots as an offensive coordinator and the first year of Texas as a coach. George Godsey is responsible for this in the last season and the first three games in the previous season. This season’s Texas Family scored (14.0 points), the minimum of the league, and they currently achieved only 3 times.

NFL team on the former Ohio State University coach Erben Mile intentionallyAccording to informed people, at least 2 NFL teams have contacted the former Ohio State University coach Erben Meyer, I want to know if he is interested in participating in the coach of the coach, and even becomes a new coach.

According to the inner people, Meer did not reject these teams, he is considering whether to go to NFL coaching. He plan to make a decision before the end of the NFL regular season next week, and these teams expect his ideas.

Due to Dudagi Amo, Coronber thought that he was despised. Some news said that Jiaji wants to get more controls that are not familiar with themselves through the hiring of “one of the familiar people”. Di Gui Ai Mo worked at the 2014, 2015 season for the new England patriots, this time, Qi Qi got the opportunity to work with him.

A lot of money, so the team’s coaching staff need to understand whether the new season, this person can bring something to the team. Thursday US time team offensive coordinator Todd – Mount Ken (Todd Monken) to Jackson sent a strong message.

Pirates coach bluntly DeShawn Jackson – come for the moneyThis off-season, Tampa Bay Buccaneers have good signings, all this from signing DeShawn – Jackson (DeSean Jackson) started, although already 30 years old, but Jackson still maintained a league of great depth type wide receiver threat.

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