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This stimulus looks effective, in the first defense of the defensive group back to the field, they succeeded forced the eagle to abandon the kick. But today the performance of the Cowboy offensive group will not be able to lose the game at home at 10:31 at 10:31.

In addition, Washington will also try to retain the right dust Brandon, two weeks ago, career in the fourth time. Considering that the injuries in the left side of this year are not small, the two members, Sheriff and Morgan, which are maintained, will be very critical.

He played a key role in the process of transforming the tiger into the United Union strong team. Before he joined the team in 2003, Tiger had not yet achieved more than 12 consecutive years. After 2 consecutive years of 8 wins and 8 wins, Tigers won 11 wins in 2005 and the United States of America, which allowed them to enter the playoffs since 1990.

He is only 26 years old this year, but it will lock in the list of layoffs and will be signed without helplessness. cheap nfl Jerseys Media People Ian Rapoport reports if there is a team to take him, 6.34 million US dollars (352,000 container income and 282,000 bonuses) will be taken after this season. And his non-container income in 15 season is $ 2950,000.

After the game, the team officially stated that Nielsen’s injury is the four-headed muscles, and the current return time is still uncertain. But in the live broadcast, we can see that Nielsen is ended, and there is no access to the dressing room in the game. Obviously his return time will not have a long time.

It is a huge loss for Nelson’s offensive for packaging workers. In 2015, Sai Nilsen was absent from injury, and after the 2016 season, he returned, completed 97 codes and promoted 1257 yards and 14 reacted.

Bryant is dissatisfied with the defensive group sluggish performanceDallas denim defensive group performance is very bad in today’s last half of the Philadelphia: In the top three offensions of the Eagle, the old Eagle has received a total of 230 yards and has to be accumulated, so that they quickly The score was opened at 17:3.

After the eagle is hit a 31-yard free kick, the Dench’s external connector dez bryant can’t see it. He went to the teammates who had just returned to the replacement, for them. I yell. In fact, Brines can have a lot of things, whether it is scolding or guiding, he has enough qualifications.

I don’t know that Lewis can find a way to lead the tiger further in the playoffs. The team is difficult to copy the excellent state in the previous year, and the tiger offensive group in the season is propelled in the union bottom.

Obviously Vist and Klovil got the trust of the Brown team, and their current 6 wins and 4 will continue to have a big hope to the playoffs. For the Coach Pet Ting and General Manager Famer, a player issues a dissatisfaction through the media means that the risk of being cut off. Tatt is this typical.

Washington and Zhongyong Essue – Luurur Continued for 4 yearsUS Time Saturday, according to ESPN reporters, Washington and Zhongfeng CHASE ROULLIER continued for 4 years, the contract salary of $ 40.5 million, including 19 million US dollars.

After winning 7 wins and 9 losses this season, Lewis was originally considered to be difficult to stay after the second season was missing in the third consecutive season. Before he said that he and the tiger were interested in letting him return but emphasize that both parties must be satisfied with him.

Lewis has a climax in the tiger’s coaching career. Despite the victory from the seasons, he is the most victory of the tiger team. He won a total of 125 wins and 112 losses 3 flat, led the tiger 7 times to enter the playoffs.

Let Lewis’s league foreground may be the performance of the tiger in the end of the season. They defeated the Detroit Lion and Baltimo Crow in the last 2 games, and finally the two teams hope. These two victories helped tigers to end the season and perhaps some extent to let people forget the team’s bleak bureau.

Last year, Zhu Dong completed 9.5 times, creating a new high, and four forcing the ball and 33 quarter-off hits. Only the defensive files involved in Marlon Humphrey and Earl Thomas were more than him. Since 2016, Zhu Dong has completed 28.5 kills, and the Ranking League 31.

Crow coach: Continued Zhu Dong has a high priorityDue to unexpected losing to Titan, the work of Crow coach John Harbaugh-Hubble (John Harbaugh) also changed. From how to prevent Patrick Mahomes, change to how to prevent core players from being lost.

Tat did not avoid the “Running Club” tactics of Kyle Shanahan, who complained off-attack coordinator, admitted that he said that he was very satisfied with the current limited lamina chance to “lying”. He 106 times is between Viste (112 times) and Klovil (78), but Mike Pettine told reporters after Sunday, he told reporters after Sunday. Two new show saw more highlights.

Only ten game Brown team cut off the running 卫 TataThe Cleveland Brown has solved the problems of their three running guards. The team announced on Tuesday that the old Tatt (Ben Tate) was only effective for the Brown team, of which 6 were started.

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