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Six of Supon was banned by the violation of alliance drug abuse policies, he is a three-round show in the package worker in 2014. Soenon has spent a list of injuries in the injury reserve, then staying in the patriot, then come to the lion. In the two seasons of the lions, he played 23 games, gains 23 hugs, 1 killing and once forcing the ball.

In addition to the fifth year of the leader before the lion, Lagno’s current contract will last until the end of the 2026 season. The lion has used three first round signs to strengthen offensive front line: Taylor Decker, 2018, La Gino, Peniei SEWEL1 this year.

According to reports, Lagno’s new annual salary is 13.5 million US dollars, surpassing the five-year contract (annual salary of $ 12.5 million) prior to Corey Linsley. In addition, the contract also includes $ 42 million in guarantee, of which 25.5 million is a full guarantee.

According to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, Williams signed a year contract with 49 people in San Francisco. The remaining teams that Williams expressed interest (not necessarily providing contracts) are jets, lions, Viking and dolphins.

Lagno not only has excellent physical fitness, but also a trusted bullet. His passage coverage is the first to none, and only the other party is allowed to apply quarter cheap jerseys From china 9 times, the score given by the PFF website is second only to Linsley.

In the time after the transaction fails, the defensive champion Seattle Hawks continue to fall, and they also burst into the same district enemies, the record fell to 3 wins and 3 losses. . In such a case, the tension is full of teams, and some Habig players disclosed that the team should pay more attention to the ground attack, and at the top six weeks trying to combine Harva directly to the team’s plan failure. After that, the dressing room is constantly calling to the heart and soul of the Hawie: Ma Shaun – Lynch.

Bradford’s performance was satisfactory. He completed 44 times before the injury, and the 531 yard was taken 2 times and did not be copied. It is undoubtedly a more excellent quarterfish compared to the Mark Sanchez. In the past two lost ears lost 90 points, but the current 4 wins and 7 losses still have the opportunity to hit the champion seat in Guodong.

After two months of steelman, this powerful running guard is going to the super bowl. How did this happen? Will only occur in New England. Bellicho can often sign the players who have given up their opponents and do “turn waste into treasures”.

Although Bradford’s injured shoulders are not the side of the hand, the head coach Qipk Kelly still hopes that the quarter-saving can return to the game after complete recovery. Local time Monday, Kelly said: “If your left shoulder is hurt, you will have a big impact when you are hit. Can he deal with this question? Is this collision to have a long-term impact on him?”

For Bellicho, he may make Shawne Veen, Jonas Gray, or Brandon Bolden as his various types. Wei Dengfang. Suppose Brown has received an indication of the game, he will find that Seattle is much struggling than the Pony.

Bradford returns to eagle training this weekTuesday, Tuesday, Philadelphia Eagle Sanam-Bradford (Sam Bradford) returned to the team training after the lack of 2 consecutive weeks. He had had to fight because of his shoulders, this week, Eagle’s opponent is a new England Patriot, and the team needs Bradford to help at the offensive.

Williams was recruited by Brown in 2014. Last year, Williams was dissatisfied with their ankle injury, and he was conflict with the team, so he was cut off by the team. But the 25-year-old player has a big future this year, and 49 people will hope to add young blood in the second line.

The essence of the steel man put Bronte’s hand to Bellchiko. It is actually that there is very little to BRET’s use after Hello-Bell (Le & # 39; Veon Bell), this season is coming to new Just 12th week before England, only 65 chances. Bronds gave this team’s fresh blood. As a game, there were more than 150 chances of the game in the last season, and one of the three-yard running guards in 5 yards. Bronds came to the patriot after Pittsburgh 4.1. The game number is 4.7 yards.

How do Bill Belichick counterattack? Maybe he will focus on the stars of the ram in the 36th Super Bowl of the Competition Plan on Marshall Faulk. At that time, the Patriot did not pay attention to whether the Faho holds the ball, and always pays attention to attacking him, but the Faier in the 2000 season is a running guard in the front court, and Lin Qi is not this type. It means that Vince Wilfork and his partners will have to win their fierce offensive frontline after winning them. And in dealing with the running guard, Wilfolk can be called the best player in the alliance.

Foster was 29 years old. In the past three seasons, Foster has lacking 19 games in the past three seasons. Due to 4 games last season, many players have similar injuries. If the luck is good, maybe Foster Can return.

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