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The 2015 season is that Gordon has been banned for the third consecutive year due to violation of drug abuse regulations. Although in the 2013 season, he was banned in the first two games, his team number ranking alliance.

Yesterday, there was a news report that it did not pass the drug inspection again. It is detected that there is a component of cannabis and a diluent used to cover the use of cannabis. Gordon’s broker refused to comment on this, and NFL also has not yet commented.

McKoo as the top defense of the alliance, before shortly and the team signed a collection of nearly $ 100 million in a 7-year-old contract. The team leader is so disappointed with the team, and believes that the heart of the coach SMITH is not good.

In the 2014 season, Lynch has created the opponent’s missed 101 times, the data leads the alliance. In the past four years, he won 1612 yards per season, reaching 14 times. Lynch’s performance in the playoffs is also eye-catching, 5 single-game promotion over 100 yards, accumulating 8 times. As the absolute core of the Hawks offensive group, Lin Qi hopes to lead the team to the super bowl of champion. If he can complete this feat, you may have the opportunity to hit the celestial Hall in the future.

“Our team is surprised. We don’t. That’s why we pick him. I think he has grown a good progress. He meets all the requirements. When the wheel arrived, he will be ready. I am satisfied with his current progress, “Shumer said after the game.

Ben Nite told reporters that he believed that Qiao is the best white running guard. “This alliance does not have many white running guards. Now he is the best, he is very good, I know that he did in college. Everything, the 2000 code for 3 consecutive seasons, I don’t know where he is, as long as he is willing, he can do it. He is the kind of player, he has a good body balance, very good Speed and great battles, he is very suitable for the current offensive system. “

[Event Review] touchdowns 13 seconds lost to strong thighs, the Saints 30-28 win TexansBeijing September 10 hearing in the first week of the regular season on Monday night, NFL prepare two night race, the first war is the Houston Texans and New Orleans Saints. Offensive star quarterback DeShawn – Watson (DeShaun Watson) and veteran Drew – Brisbane (Drew Brees) battle worth a visit. A result of the transaction involved the cusp of what Texans can complete the kind of performance, Awaya official website but also one of the things that people focus on.

Wilfolk said: “He looks better and better. After experiencing more critical competitions, he has entered a new realm. This is a great player’s sign, he is the best in the alliance. Run Guard. As long as the ball is in his hands, he can cause killing against the opponent at any time. “

Watson did not give up, the group did not give offense, Hopkins ball forward 38 yards, after Stiles ball forward to complete the end zone 37 yards touchdown. The Houkayimi – Feierbaien (Ka & rsquo; imi Fairbairn) additional points shot does not enter, but the Saints SWAT team was blown offensive foul kicker, giving Texans the opportunity to complete a shot, Houston 28-27 to regain the lead.

It didn’t become a drug inspection that Gordon would have been banned for a consecutive season, but this will not help him return to NFL efforts, and he lasts last December 21, 2014. NFL President Roger – Roger Goodell can make a decision on this matter at any time.

Saints finally sounded the clarion call to fight back, first Tyson – Hill (Taysom Hill) 9 Ma touchdowns, and Marcus – Williams (Marcus Williams) Watson steals the ball. Then there are the Saints scared (off the ball) without risk to advance to the Texans red zone, boast en Terre – Smith (Tre & rsquo; Quan Smith) to complete 14 yards touchdowns. Saints batter against this wave of go-ahead score 24-21, the game for the first time lead.

Pirate defensive group leaders angered team discipline The Tampawan pirates in Tampawan this season have a poor performance. So far only a victory, in the countryside, the hope of this season has been lost early. Repeated failures have also made a dissatisfaction in the pirate team. After the 10th week’s failure, the team defensive group leader Gerard McCoy will expressed the dissatisfaction of the team’s performance. .

Saints quickly fired back, tight end Jared Brisbane respectively connection – Cook (Jared Cook), wide receiver Michael – Thomas (Michael Thomas) to complete the 31 yards, 15 yards forward. But their attack is blocked in the red zone, you can only let kicker, Tennessee – Primorac (Wil Lutz) attempt 32 yards free kick, to rewrite the score 7-3.

In an interview, McCoo said: “Our whole team is not disciplined, people are scattered, maybe the worst team I have stayed.” McCoo has always said that the team is full of confidence, but In the 10th week, the pirates were facing up to 10 fouls in the game of Atlanta Falcon, and they were given to the other more than 70 yards, which allowed McGaki unacceptable.

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