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During the University of Zeah, he completed more than 2000 yards of the scorpion record for 3 consecutive seasons, but it seems that his NFL career is not smooth, because this lion is selected in the second round and the fourth round. And a full manager, I hope that the future performance can get a contract for yourself.

There is also a possibility that if Adrian Peterson is tetointed by Minnesota, the giant is likely to sign this old running guard, because Peterson has said that if the troops are interested, it will be his interest. choose.

Jennings will be $ 3 million next season, and the Jennings team can save $ 2.5 million. This layoff decision not only in order to help the team release salary space, but also to make Paul Perkins a potential starting player, he completed 102 yards in the 17th week of the game.

Foster was arrested in Tampa at 11.24, and 49 people are preparing to have a game against the Pirates. The second day was cut by the team the next day, and the red skin immediately claimed him. But after Foster, I was added to the list of exclamation and I can’t participate in the game.

Although it is now guessing that there is no meaning of the leader, it can be considered that the team is four-point guard, the general manager and the boss will become considered. McDaniel does not want to take any time when you have a coach in Denver’s wild horse. When he served as a coach next time, he wanted to touch the team.

Down South Dakota University player signing with the lionAfter three days of waiting, Zach Zennes from South Dakota University did not get the news you were selected, but he received the news he wanted on Saturday.

The person who accused Foster is still his ex-girlfriend, visit this weblink woman said that she was lying for withdrawal. Report pointed out that she is interested in participating in the investigation of Foster. And Foster himself said that the withdrawal is because “witnesses are credible”.

Squash and season reimbursement center Xie Puli has been about one yearBeijing August 25th news is unfortunately tearing the knees in front of the knees, and after reimbursing the season. Sapphire center A.Q. Xie Puli (A.Q. Shipley) promised promises, will be healthy next season. In response, Arizona gave him a chance to continue working.

The US time is Friday, the official announced the upwards of Shepilly for about a year. Xie Puli injured a total of 32 regular sessions, just absent 3 games. After the injury was diagnosed, Xie Puri has begun to say: “Drop the bottom is a chance to replace the bottom.”

Steve Wilks, STEVE WILKS, said: “This is nothing to do with his injury. I and Kemei discuss this spring for a long time, AQ is an important member in the system, and is also a dress. There is something wrong in the room. I think he is still a reliable leader. His people are in & hellip; & hellip; will have a great help to Mason, which is very important. We hope to make a correct decision. “

As long as the boss reaches a similar level of other teams can also create such an atmosphere in the patriot team, which is also the most important thing of McDaniels. The patriot is unavoidable, may make the team interview schedule more complicated, but if there is a proper position, don’t be surprised by McDaniels to participate in a meeting with potential new east.

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