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2 years agoKFRX is 5 feet of 11 feet, with a weight of 240 pounds, which is very suitable for the Eagle’s defensive system that is currently emphasized in speed and physical contact. Although only 25 years old, KFRX is mature, and the comprehensive strength is excellent. In addition to the anti-parallelism you are good at, his ground defense is also better. In the new season, the eagle retained most of the defensive maintenance, the team hoped to attack the partition champion through the special offensive partitioning under the premise of consolidating defense.

The impact of this shock hand may be manufactured on the field is one of the few people mentioned in the 2015 season. After cooperating with JJ Watt and Wens-Wilfork, if Claiene can be healthy and express in line with the high expectations before the draft, Texas can build a destructive defense. A front line.

Dawson ended the season due to hips injured in the hips injury in Arizona. He has expired in the March of this year to become a free player. He has had some contacts with the team that I want to increase the player, but he is not sure whether it will accept the invitation.

Bear new show mini training camp playing 8 times 8 shots only 2 timesOn May 5th, the Chicago Bear was in the process of looking for Cody Parkey succession, 8 players participated in a three-day new show mini training camp.

Previously, there were rumors that the eagle hopes to trade KFRX, but in the end, I finally decided to keep this line to cover the defensive line in the team. He will work with Demaiko Ryans and Kiko Alonso to slave the town. In addition, old Brad Jones and 3-round Jordan Hicks will also get opportunities.

Lin Qi has always had a habit. When I touched my own crotch or my teammate was completed, this became his celebration, but the Wholesale nfl Jerseys Union didn’t like this action, and warned that he would make a heavy penalty. .

The eagle announced that the line Wenderex will continue to pay for 4 years.Philadelphia eagle announced that the team line Wei Maika Kentricks is a four-year new contract worth $ 29 million. According to reports, there are 16.4 million in the contract with guarantees. After getting 7.25 million annual salary, KFRs also became the inner line guards of the top ten in the league.

Elderly kicker Phil-Dun: Uncertain whether to play a new seasonBeijing July 12th, the old man will play the game. Phil Dawson is now a free player. He is considering whether he still has to continue this state.

Dao Sen was successfully tried 5 times before the injury before the injury, and the 15-year-old tap were all hit. In addition to the red row, he also used 49 people in San Francisco and Cleveland Brown, and his career was 83.8%.

“This is not good enough,” Nagui said. “Now I will only say this: We have been paying attention to the results, the most important thing is that the success rate is 100%, right? But as we see, only 2 shots have been successful, this is not 100%. Ok. I just say so much. “

“Yes, see, on August 17, I think our medical team has already discussed with him, but the key is whether he is ready to return to that day,” O’Brien said to the “Houston Chronicle”. “If his knee feels good, then he will return. We don’t plan to have a very good target time for him next Monday, so, yes, we are going on Monday. Hope. Hope When he arrived, he can return and do something. “

When the backward party attack, you will choose more to go to attack, and most of them are passing the road, on the one hand, the passive offensive efficiency is higher, on the other hand, it can quickly out of the world, stop the game time Down. At this time, the defense is also a tandem. First, it still prevents the advancement, but the defensive center will be biased toward the anti-passage, and as much as possible in the boundary, the faster the time loss is more favorable.

Since the beginning of the 2016 regular season, the number of strokes of the striped Robbie Gould, and the bear team has not found a stable candidate in the playing position. The Golde, who has already added 49 people, is hit the privilege label, but last week he expressed the hope of being traded, otherwise he would not report to the team before the beginning of the new season.

“I haven’t made a decision yet,” Dou Sen said. “Honestly, in the past 7 to 8 years, I will go home every year and consider the status quo of my family and then we will make a decision together. We now in this process again.”

The team coach Matt Nagy requires that 8 people completed a 43-yard shot in front of all players participating in the training camp before the end of training. This is the distance between the last time Paki shooting door of France City Eagle last season.

Clama Bill O’Brien (Bill O & # 39; Brien said that if the Crawni’s physical condition is not prepared, the team is not rushing to let him return to the court. The time for the goal makes him return to Monday.

After the super bowl is reaches, Linqi has no touch At the end of the Sunday, there is a Marshawn Lynch in the end of the Sunday. Is there a tang of MARSHAWN LYNCH? This is the focus of people concerned.

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