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Manning has previously created a record of his career and his career. In addition, he also became the most valuable player in the league, seven times selected for a while. Previously, this super bowl was victory in his career, and he also became the first quarter of the first quarter of the world to win the super bowl of champions in the history.

Pittsburgh steel man cut the old will safely Sky Morgan – BenteBeijing April 2, Morgan Burnett continued only one season in the days of Pittsburgh. On Monday, the steelman announced that this old will guard.

Legendary quadrupation Watton – Manning is about to declare retirementPeyton Manning will end your career with the championship. After winning the second super bowl of career, Manning’s wonderful career has come to the end.

The first 49 Coordinator enters the master Bill Schwarz leaving positionsRex Ryan, Rex Ryan, after the coach, Bill continued to perform personnel change on the coaching group, and started the first 49 people’s offensive coordinator Greg Roman, and announced the defensive coordinator Jim-Schwa Jim Schwartz left.

Bonnet’s steel people started bad, at the beginning of the season, he suffered groin injury. In the end, he played a total of 364 defensive defenders in 11 games last season, mainly as the line guards in the air-defense paralax, and went to 60 times to destroy the pass.

Roman has been a team’s offensive coordinator in Jim Hubbles 49 people. Schwarz used to serve as the Lion coach, last season in Bill to fight against the wind. But Lian will take over the main team, so you can only choose to leave. Ryan released a statement. “I have a high respect for Jim. In the coaching career, the defensive group he led is always the forefront. So we hope to give him more opportunities to contact other teams. “

Pony does not choose to activate the disabled security to enter the big listUsually, the banner of the banned players will be activated by the team to enter the big list once the end of the ban. Laron Landry, Safety, Laron Landry, was selected, but the team did not activate him.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that Manning, who has been in 18 seasons in the Alliance, will announce retirement on Monday. Manning has previously called on Saturday to inform the horses of the horses, including John Elway, and coach Gary Kubiak.

But the little horse can no longer continue to stay in the team for a longer time without activating Randri. On Tuesday, they had to make a decision, or put him in the list of 53 people (and then cut off 1 player or put the 1 player in the injury reserved list for Landri, so I have to cut him. .

Williams is the first round of speech show in 2019, and it is also a few highlights in the jet that takes only one victory in this season. Although the rookie season is flat, he is already a backbone member in the defensive front line this year. He completed 7 killing, 14 quarter-shock hits, and ranked first in the team.

Jet defensive dish Williams end the season in advance due to neck injury US time Wednesday, the jet defensive cutaway Kunnan – Willian Williams will be added to the injury reserve due to neck injuries, and he has also ended season in advance.

Chuck Pagano confirms that Randrell will not play the Night game of New York Giants on Monday. Due to four consequences of the drug use of Cheap Nfl jerseys before Randre, it will be absent from the fifth game. Pony is allowed to use a lineup quota exemption, they can choose to do not activate the players in the first week of players who do not activate the players to enter 53 people, and this is what they decided.

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