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Watt said for his injury recovery: “It is obvious that all this takes a long time, we have spent a lot of efforts to come back, but today, I just started, I also expected every day, just like me. I have said before, I am very enjoyable with my teammates. “

Levian – Bell believes that the team is not enough.After the Jigu Sunday 30-9 wins Pittsburgh Steelman, the Barry Church once said that Pittsburgh’s offensive option (20 times, after the trial of 57 times) In our master. “

Nike Patriots #21 Malcolm Butler Red Alternate Super Bowl LI 51 Men's Stitched NFL Elite JerseyDuring the crow efficacy, Taylor was a quarter-saving with a double threat. He has been in the 2012 season, and the pass success rate is close to 60%. Despite this, Manuel will remain the first choice of Bill, but the team hopes to spur his growth through a variety of ways.

Doug Whaley Doug – Wile Whaley said: “Everyone has a chance, we will try to find the first time the team’s quarterfield, this will depend on the training situation.” Some experts said if Bill The coach group is really like Willy, giving all four-dimensional equity competition opportunities, Taylor or will usher in the best opportunity.

In the face of the pre-ranking defensive group, the Falcon completed 491 yards, 38-14 easily won. Julio Jones also achieved a long-lost ball. In the event of the game, the Jones scored a short pass, pushed 45 yards forward, and rushed into the end of Haha Clinton-DIX, and teammates were also Congratulations to Jones.

Bell said: “I feel there is room. Statistics don’t fully reflect the reality, because there are several twins lost the number of codes. But I think we have the effect of the ball. The other party’s mushroom is still very fierce, But this is not important. I think even if they know that we are going to drive the ball, the team’s strength is enough to throw the other party’s strength. “

Bill Manager: Any four-point guard may become awardBuffalobier’s first four-dimensional candidate for the team still did not give a clear answer. Relevant persons revealed that all four-point guards in the team have the opportunity to appear in the new season, which will depend on them. Performance in the rest period. This also means that in addition to EJ Manuel and Matt Cassel, it has been in Baltimore Colli for 4 years. Subtock 4-year-old Taylor, Taylor. Have the opportunity.

In addition, Bill also signed 30-year-old four-point guard Joe-Webb. Weber was cut off on Saturday by Carolina. The chief SEAN MCDERMOTT has served as the Black Panther defensive coordinator, and Brandon Beane, Brandon Beane, was once familiar with Weberman.

The steel man runs Guilijang – Bell (Le & # 39; Veon Bell) seems to have a little agreed with his comments. Bell won 46 yards 15 times in this game, quasi-Ben Roethlisberger, 5. Bell said that he believes that the number of trials of the punch is not enough, the efficient anti-jirt of the Jagujo does not let the team will step.

If Taylor is still unable to appear, this year’s selection of the fifth round of the new show, Nathan Peterman, will start the game against the New York jet. Pittman’s success rate of 54% in the preseason in the preseason, and the quarterfielding points reached 75.6.

JJ Watt Return Houston Texas Training Field Due to the injury Houston Texas people’s JJ Watt (J.Watt) missed almost all season, US Time Wednesday, Watt officially returned to Texas people training camp.

The 28-year-old Watt career completed 76 killing, his return will have great help to the defensive defense of Texas, and he will consume terrible “Jade Walkney” and another defensive endevery. “JADEVEON CLOWNEY) Defense line.

Tyrod Taylor’s head was injured in the head of the Baltima Crow on August 26, still in the brain shock inspection process. The third quarter-point guard TJ-Yez (T. J. Yates) also also in the brain shock inspection process.

De Wante – Adams and the raid people mainly quadrant Drrick-Carl is old. As early as the big period in Fresno, the two are not only a good partner on the court, but also friends in life. When Adams faced the heavenly “parallel goods”, Carl often called him, encouraging him not to be intimidated.

Falcon’s game has a total of 5 times. Matt Ryan 38 passed 26 times, reached 4 times, was copied once. Jones scored 121 yards 7 times, reaching it once, ending on 12 regular sessions without reaching the embarrassment record. Calvin Ridley 6 buses pushed 71 yards, reached once, but the head was injured in the game. Thai-Coleman 13 sho pushes 88 yards, but also completed 5 batches, advanced 68 yards, reached 2 times. Ito Smith (ITO Smith) 10 sho pushes 60 yards, reaching it once. Defensive Diak – Jack Crawford completed 2 kills.

Red-skin four-point Wei Yax-Smith 46 passed 30 times, pushed 306 yards, reached once, copied once. Maurice Harris completed 10 batches and promoted 124 yards. Adrian Peterson 9 shouted push into 11 yards.

Adams born in 1992 were less than 26 years old, even in the professional sports circle, cheap nfl jerseys from china it was a young man. However, after the Did Nielsen left, Adams has become the second long external hand in the packaging warefart. No matter what he is willing, he has to shoulder the responsibility of the leader of the group.

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