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The NFL Union announced that the famous popular superstar Katie Perry will participate in the performance guests of the 49th super bowl of midfield next February 1st. At the beginning of the Phoenix University of Arizona at the University of Arizona. The Alliance announced this news during the game of the New York Giants, and Peri himself confirmed this news.

Perry has a performance experience of 3 large-scale stage. In the past year, she has 10 songs on TOP40 in the past year. In 2008, Perry launched the album “One of the Boys”, on top of more than 30 music lists in the world, 2012 received US bulletin agents, the most popular popular popular female singer prize. On January 26, 2014, Perry attended the 56th Grammy Music Awards.

Pirates quartz Weston accepts half a month In the 2019 season, the pirate quartz Weijamis Winston created a record of at least 30 times before the ancient reachable copy, but he was actually injured.

DWAYEN HARRIS said: “Odell is just a piece of pizza, we have other players who can play. We will come forward, complete our work, play beautiful football.” Hachm – Nicks (Hakeem Nicks) said: “This is a good opportunity for us, go to breakthrough, find answers.” In addition to Harris and Knicks, Lu Ben Rundle and near-end Will Tye has also been given a hopes.

The bear team last season pavement offensive code number Union 11th, but their rushing code is the sixth countdown in the league, but the rush of the ball is a seventh, why? The reason is that they have a first running speed, the red area eat cake and “steady dog”, the first running guard & mdash; & mdash; Jordan – Howard, the bear break will be effective for three years of first-run Guard Going to the eagle, this will greatly affect the stability of the bear’s pavement attack, and the sword is no cold but it is invincible. However, the lunar racing bear team’s completion of the running guards makes people to destroy the packwork for the unveiling of the road, the three-speed running guard “Human Rock Essence” Tarik Cohen can run, this year’s three rounds David-Montgomery talent and completion of the talents, and the bear team will run the battle guard, which will be similar to Howard style, very famous, but in recent years, the powerful running Week of the Hawks in the sea eagle – Davis.

Last season, Harry suffered a problem of knee injuries. He completed 6.5 quartz to kill, but still in the fifth consecutive year in the list of professional bowls, this old will be 33 years old in November this year.

The data of the above season, the number of roads and reagent of the packageman is the three rounds of the alliance, and the number of anti-running code and reaching number of bear pavement defensive, the number of people in the alliance, due to the two groups of privileges There is not much change in the season, according to the common sense, although the bear team has changed the defensive coordinator, but they will keep the front line of the front line, and the strong needs for a long time to support the anti-run, all-round, very hierarchical anti-running Packaging work road offensive will feel powerful pressure.

The change in packaging workers is cheap jerseys from china the team’s reconstruction: the inside rush has lost Daniels, but Kenny Clark is in the middle of the day, other defensive cuts are also stronger than anti-running; the outer rush is lost to Krei-horse Duus, but the free market signed two talents, but the cattle has a SMG, the first round of the draft conference, and the first round of the selection of the talents and the amazing La Shuneg Gary, the young strong group is more energetic and depth. Anti-transmission part, Kevin Gold enters the third grade, Jayr – Alexander and Jackson enters the second grade, the corner squad will not make a so-called “newcomer error”, the security sake is directly digging from the bear team An – Amos, and pick up Daren Savich, with the first round, and the bachelor talent is overflow. Mike Pet Ting is a young defensive group that is almost zero-fitted, it is possible to unveil the battle in a plate, and it is possible to shock the world in a war. Another group of attention is that two bags of bear waves in the last season, the packaging workers will limit the opponent’s pass offensive to the total 400 yards, this unveiled War Bear team’s main proximity head Petton and main groove Take over Anthony Miller is likely to be absent, and the packaging work has the opportunity to attack the bear team’s cold.

The number of Bakeham’s ball in Bakeham accounts for 26% of the team, and the number of balls accounts for 36%, and the number of reached 41%. For Eli Manning, when Beckham as a pass target, his quarter-saving ball score is 20.9 points higher than that of other players as passing.

Recently, Achi answered a series of questions about Pedon, “Yes, I have been asked about Pedon’s return, but he won’t, he is 40 years old, he obviously knows that NFL is not a 40-year-old world. “This kind of reply is obviously not surprised, and Pedon’s retirement does not have a hesitation like Brett Favre.

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